The 1967 Igor Golovko Address to the Peers of the Duma, known colloquially in Alaska as The Rant, is an infamous speech delivered on September 17, 1967 by Igor Golovko, in which Golovko, then serving as Minister of Industry, delivered a four-hour and twenty-three minute rant, and was unable to be forced from the floor as he was delivering an official and formal Address to the Peers. The rant contained expletives, insults, racial and sexual epithets, slurs and other curses as Golovko grilled and roasted his colleagues, of both parties but primarily from his own Conservative Party, and then he dived into various bureaucratic posts and cultural figures, although he refrained from criticizing the Tsar (Lèse majesté being forbidden to peers of the Duma) and he also reserved critique of the Orthodox Patriarchy.

In response to his "address," he was held in contempt of the Duma and censured, being banned from addressing the Duma for the remainder of it's term. A motion to expel him from the Duma completely was defeated by a wide margin, but he was immediately removed from his post as the Minister of Industry in Kirill Osopek's Cabinet and was never given a position above the backbenches ever again. Golovko, who had enjoyed arguably one of the most illustrious careers in for a peer of the Duma in history without serving as Premier, was effectively blackballed and only barely survived the 1969 election, and died in 1973.

Historians have debated the reasoning behind the outburst. Golovko had been known to be hotheaded but pragmatic, and while he had deep political rivalries with both Premier Osopek and then-President of the Duma Roman Rozalenko, he was not known to harbor many personal grudges. However, by 1967 Golovko was known to have both a severe drinking habit but also addictions to morphine and possibly cocaine as well, explaining his erratic behavior, and his failure to become Premier had weighed upon him. Nevertheless, few episodes in Alaskan history were as politically damaging and completely avoidable as the infamous Golovko Address.

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