In 1962, an all out nuclear war between the USSR, China and the USA had destroyed the world and the global economy. However, not all was lost. New powers emerge in this Global struggle for survival, such as Cambodia, Australia,New Rome and Taiwan. Can mankind prevent itself from repeating the same mistakes? Or will mankind fall in a big crunch and repeat history?

The New Roman Empire

Months after the devastation, the Republic of Virginia was declared. It was a racist apartheid state, and a revolt occurred. Within months, Richmond was seized. Unfortunately, a more extreme group of rebels with a different cause emerged. The Legion. They had seized 90 percent of Virginia over the next few months, so the Republic of Bethesda sent in 500 troops to help defend Richmond. Virginian troops then attacked Legion held Williamsburg, but a shocking mass slaughter of 10,000 Virginian troops occurred. The Legion quickly took Richmond as their capital, and then Bethesda fell. The Newly declared Rome then began to reverse engineer M47 Patton Tanks, and a new power was formed. Former Virginian and Bethesdan officials were crucified, and many more states would soon fall.

The Confederacy Reborn

A year after the devastation, another racist state was formed in Texas. The Reborn Confederate Republic. It has since annexed what was left of California, and has reverse engineered Army Jeeps, and M26 Pershing tanks, under the new name Jefferson Davis tanks.Due to the harsh life post war, slavery has been reinstated. It plans to conquer Mexico and South America and Create a "Tropical Republic". However, South American survivor states are ready to resist Confederate imperialism.

Kingdom of Ciudad Juarez

Two years after the war a man Diego Martinez declared a Kingdom. He lorded over 250,000 People. He quickly drafted an army of 50,000 infantry to fight off the coming Confederate invasion. The Confederates had built up a mechanized force of 25,000, and were preparing to use air support from reverse engineered F86 Sabres and T28 fighter- bombers.

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