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1961 Alaskan general election (Napoleon's World)

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The 1961 general election was held on April 20, 1961 in Alaska to elect peers to the Duma. The ruling Conservative-Industrial-Center coalition hemmorhaged seats to the Liberal-Socialist-Progress coalition, but managed to hold power with a combined 211 seats. The hardest-hit party was Center, which lost 14 of 29 seats. Many Center party members formed the Moderate Party or defected to the Liberals during the next four years, making the hold of the Conservatives even more tenuous. However, with the help of members of the 23-seat non-aligned Christian Party, the Duma reaffirmed Kirill Osopek as Premier (he had assumed power the year before) and the Conservatives would continue to hold power until 1965, when their coalition fragmented.

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