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United States Presidential Election, 1960
November 8, 1960
HenryCabotLodge Estes Kefauver1 220px-Henry-A.-Wallace-Townsend1
Nominee Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. Estes Kefauver Henry Wallace
Party Republican Democratic Progressive
Home state Massachusetts Tennessee Iowa
Running mate Margaret Chase Smith Adlai Stevenson William O. Douglas
Electoral vote 290 183 67
States carried 26 18+DC 6
Popular vote 50.36% 32.74% 16.90%

The United States presidential election of 1960 took place while relations with the Soviet Union began to normalize, but the economy began to stagnate. Moderate Republican Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., made a compelling case against President Kefauver's reelection, while Henry Wallace managed to expand his core of voters. Lodge was elected with a plurality of the popular vote, and in a historic fashion, too, since his running mate, Margaret Chase Smith, was both the first woman nominated to a major party ticket and the first female Vice President.