The 1957 Election was the first held following the Act of Union between Britain and France.

The Campaign was a tough one and several parties, both British and French had split over the issue of the Union. The Election was determined by first past the post.

Contesting Parties

The Parties contesting were as follows:

Pro Union

  • (British) Conservative Party- Sir Alec Douglas Home
  • (French) Socialist Party- Guy Mollet
  • (British) Pro Union National Party- Harold MacMillan
  • (British) Liberal Party- Clement Davies
  • (French) National Centre- none

Anti Union

  • (French) Communist Party- Maurice Thorez
  • (French) Republican Party- Charles de Gaulle
  • (British) Anti Union Nationals
  • (British) Independent Conservatives


The results were as follows: Votes/Seats

  • Conservative- 21%- 178
  • National- 15%- 100
  • Republican Party- 12%- 90
  • Communist- 11%- 78
  • National Centre- 11%- 71
  • Socialist- 10%- 74
  • Anti Union Nationals- 6.5%- 10
  • Liberal- 5.8%- 26
  • Ant Union Conservatives- 1.5%- 1
  • Other- 6.2%- 12


The election led to Sir Alec Douglas Home being appointed Prime Minister in a coalition involving the Conservative, National Centre and Socialist Parties.

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