The 1957 Alaskan general election was contested on June 11, 1957 to elect peers to the Duma of Alaska. The ruling government, comprised of Premier Yakov Sighovaryin's Center Party as well as the associated Conservative and Industrial Parties, was retained, with a net loss of seventeen seats for the existing government but winding up with a net gain after the Christian Party elected to join the government a few days after the election per an invitation from Sighovaryin. The 1957 election was the last election in which Sighovaryin would stand, and was contentious following the 1956 Constitutional crisis. It is often regarded as the high point of classical Alaskan conservatism, as the center-right and right-wing parties would break down into squabbles in the 1960s coinciding with the decline of the old political and economic elites of the Alaskan Gulf region during that same period.

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