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United States Presidential Election, 1956
November 6, 1956
Estes Kefauver1 39 Alf Landon1 220px-Henry-A.-Wallace-Townsend1
Nominee Estes Kefauver Alf Landon Henry Wallace
Party Democratic Republican Progressive
Home state Tennessee Kansas Iowa
Running mate Adlai Stevenson Joseph McCarthy Wayne Morse
Electoral vote 271 158 102
States carried 22+DC 16 10
Popular vote 39.00% 25.95% 33.1%

The United States presidential election was one fought under a grim shadow, as the Soviet Union became more nuclear and expansive in Asia, and in the wake of the McCarthy Commission's 1954 cleaning-house of Communists in the State Department, the voters were on high alert. Democrat Estes Kefauver made a logical argument for peace with the Soviet Union, while President Landon increasingly dug in his heels, and Progressive Henry Wallace argued for full cooperation. Faced with potential nuclear war on one hand and the possibility of a compromised peace on the other, the voters overwhelmingly chose peace, leaving Landon in last place by popular vote and sending Kefauver to the White House.