Spread of Communism (Cuba, China, Greece)

Egypt War


Saudi Plan

In order to get ourselves closer to an autarky, Saudi Arabia proposes the following plan:

  • Make an SDP stock exchange, based in Sao Paulo but with branches in Johannesburg, Riyadh, Singapura, Istanbul, Mexico City, Madrid, and Delhi.
  • The Stock exchange will allow trading of only companies which sell exclusively to the SDP.
  • The SDP will levy a corporate tax of 7.5% on companies. This tax will double if the company is headquartered in a non-SDP country, and all SDP-only companies will be exempt. 
  • The SDP will levy a 5% tariff on all imports from non-SDP nations.
  • The money made by the SDP will go into industrialization, military, foreign aid, and economic projects, and will be administered by the SDP government.
  • The SDP will try to improve industrial output, with the first year's worth of money from the corporate tax going to industrialization projects so that we will have enough industrial output so that we can be self-sufficient.

Decolonization in Africa

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