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1953 APNAT Exercise (Dawn of War Map Game)

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Welcome to the 1953 Asia-Pacific Naval and Air Tactics (APNAT) Exercise. This is a maritime exercise and we invite all Asia-Pacific Nations to participate. We also invite non-Pacific observers and participants to join. The first APNAT will be held by the Republic of Malaya. 

Host Country 

  • Singapura, Republic of Malaya

Participating Navies and Air Forces

  • Malay Republic Navy
  • Malay Republic Coast Guard
  • Malay Republic Air Force
  • British Sarawak Navy
  • British Sarawak Coast Guard
  • British Sarawak Air Force
  • British Myanmar Navy
  • British Myanmar Coast Guard
  • British Myanmar Air Force
  • Korean Air Force
  • Korean Navy
  • US Pacific Navy
  • US Western Air Force
  • USSR Pacific Navy
  • USSR Pacific Coast Guard
  • USSR Eastern Air Force
  • Bulgarian Naval Force (one small detachment)
  • Australian Commonwealth Navy
  • Australian Commonwealth Coast Guard
  • Australian Commonwealth Air Force
  • Norwegian Naval Force (small amount)
  • Norwegian Air Force
  • Romanian Navy (two detachments)
  • Dutch Navy
  • Dutch Air force
  • Dutch Coast Guard
  • Indian Navy
  • Indian Air Force.

Observing Navies and Air Forces

  • The United Kingdom
  • British West Africa

1955 APNAT Exercise Host Country Bids

  • Manila, Philippines

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