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United States Presidential Election 1952
November 4, 1952
Turnout 61,769,147
HaroldStassenOfficialOil Kefauver
Nominee Harold Stassen Estes Kefauver
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Minnesota Tennessee
Running mate Earl Warren Hebert O'Conor
Electoral vote 405 176
States carried 32 16
Percentage 52.1% 46.2%
In year 1952, Dwight Eisenhower, a war hero, decides not to run for president. In a close primary battle, Harold Stassen manages to win the Republican nomination and handily win the general election. Meanwhile, this change in the primaries causes Kefauver to beat Stevenson. Many attribute his victory due to Kefauver's southern roots, and his choosing of O'Conor, who was from border state Maryland, as reasons for no state outside of the South voting for him.