This is the main page for the first meeting of the Euro-African Union. THE FOLLOWING IS ONLY ALLOWED TO BE VIEWED BY EAU MEMBERS AND OBSERVER STATES. Any states in the EAU can put down any points for discussion.

Algerian Situation

PWA Proposal:

  1. France releases Algeria as two separate states, one for the Arabs and Berbers and another for the Pieds-Noirs.
  2. The Pied-Noir state will join both the European Union and the EAU.
  3. The Arab state will be free to join whatever organization or group it's people feel fit.
  4. The EAU will provide a peace keeping force in Pied-Noir Algeria to maintain peace and security in the region for a short time.


  • Portuguese West Africa
  • The United Kingdom



  • British Diplomacy: We think this a good idea and will help to relieve stress in Algeria. By the way are observers allowed to vote?
  • Yes, but their votes are worth only a third of full member votes.
  • Spain: believes that there should be four states instead of two which should be and Arab state, Pied-Noir state and also a Berber state and a Tuareg state. There should also concessions of land to other states in the area but other than that there is no problem with the PWA proposal.
  • PWA: We believe that the two state solution is sufficient in this case, any further breakups will only lead to more hassle than the situation is worth, as for the concessions I we disagree that such a move would be needed as Algeria has neither shown any aggressive tendencies or ambitions.
  • Spain: Concessions and division will be better since these people have no unity over Algeria, they have unity over their respective cultures.
  • PWA: We remain strongly against any territory concessions, though a Berber state could be supported, most Algerians are a mix of Berbers and Arabs meaning it would be hard to create any ethnic states in the region.
  • Spain: We mean some for minorities like Tarif, Tuareg and Berbers in my country who are from the central Atlas mountains.
  • PWA: It is very unlikely that the minorities that have lived in the Atlas' for centuries would move to a native state.
  • Spain: We should at least do a referendum for independence or joining of Algeria. (Mod will be required)

Decolonization discussion

Stance of White minority states in Africa

Ethiopian Question

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