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United States Presidential Election, 1952
November 4, 1952
39 Alf Landon 220px-William Averell Harriman 220px-Henry-A.-Wallace-Townsend
Nominee Alf Landon Averell Harriman Henry Wallace
Party Republican Democratic Progressive
Home state Kansas New York Iowa
Running mate Joseph McCarthy John Sparkman Glen H. Taylor
Electoral vote 286 241 4
States carried 27 20+DC 1
Popular vote 46.09% 26.78% 27.13%

The United States presidential election of 1952 featured the first significant third party run of many, in addition to President Lindbergh's stepping down and acceding the nomination to his Vice President, Alf Landon. Henry Wallace's surprisingly strong Progressive Party showing split the liberal vote with Averell Harriman's Democratic Party campaign, leaving the already popular Landon an easy path to victory, despite his doubling down on anti-Communism (and by proxy at this point, pro-Germanism) with the selection of Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy as his running mate.