Moon Shot

The Confederates now had almost complete dominance over the Space Race as the Fascists had lost their key scientist and they've barely got a man into space. The Confederates quickly advanced in space technology and launched the Mercury Project which launched four men into space at once. They performed the first space walk and were the first to come up with a bathroom to use in zero gravity.

The Fascists, now bitter and determined, launched the Moon Impaktor from Siberia. It took about a week to reach the moon and then it impacted with the surface and destroyed the machine but did make the Fascist have an incredible jump in the Space Race as they were the first to actually make a man-made object touch the moon.

Embarrassed from the defeat, the Confederates one-upped the Fascists and launched a Lunar Impaktor with a turtle inside of it. It successfully slowed down enough before impact to not crush the turtle and it lived for three days before the turtle died when the air ran out and it died in a coma-like state. This also caused the Confederates to have an incredible jump as no they've landed the first living thing on the moon.

Now the race turned into a one-up show as the Fascist circled a monkey from Indochina around the moon before successfully landing it on there where it died after its oxygen ran out. The Confederates then landed two dogs on the moon, the Fascists 14 rats, the Confederates three monkeys (captured from an unknown source), then the Fascists launched a man...

The man's name was Alfred von Himmler, a cousin three times removed from Himmler himself. He successfully orbited the moon three times before attempting to land. His ship on the way down malfunctioned and the ship's engines burst into flame and the ship exploded on the approach instantly killing Alfred and spreading his remains all throughout the cosmos as it is estimated that they left the gravitational sphere of the Earth-Moon system and possibly the Sun's.
Confederates on the Moon

Muhammed O'Donald next to the Confederate flag

The Confederates immediately took this opportunity and launched the Libertad on August 12, 1951 it orbited the Moon twice before setting down on the surface of the moon. Niel Armstrong stepped out of the lander and uttered the words "This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.". He was quickly followed by Muhammed O'Donald, an Irish-Arab. They both explored outside of the cockpit for a little while before unrolling a Confederate flag and placing it on the moon. Man had taken the next great leap in exploration.

The Suez Crisis

On August 13, 1951 the Fascist States closed down the Suez Canal to all trade except within the Fascist States. The result immediately with trade from Great Britain and Sweden having to go all the way around Africa to reach Australia and the Orient.

The Confederation demanded that the canal be re-opened or it would result in war between the two nations. The Fascist States flatly refused.

The Confederation sent in the Confederate Marines they parachuted in and quickly took control of the canal while pretending to be terrorist. The Marines re-opened the canal to let ships through and jammed the controls so they could not be shut and then escaped.

The Fascists immediately responded in the only way a reasonable fascist dictator of half of the world with absolutely no regard to life can. He blew the canal.
A typical nuclear bomb being tested

the Suez Canal being destroyed

The explosion rocked the surrounding neighborhood killing 14 people and injuring 29. The canal toppled in on itself blocking the path for any ships. The nearly demented Hitler then ordered what remained of the canal to be blocked with rocks and stones.

The SS had the job done in under 37 hours and the Suez Canal was no more.

The Fascist-Confederate War

World Map 2

the world map shortly before the Fascist-Confederate War

As a result of the Fascist blowing of the Suez Canal the Confederation of States declared war on the United Fascist States on August 17, 1951. Immediately after the declaration of war the CSAAC launched bombers and fighter planes from the State of Great Britain, the State of Sweden, and the State of Arabia. These planes bombarded the defensive positions of the Fascist and troops began to pour across the border.

A B-52 bombarding the defensive lines of the Fascist on the Balkans Front

War in the Balkans

The CS Army hit the devastated Fascist forces within 13 hours of war being declared. The troops immediately pushed the lines back. Over 1,000 fascists were captured by the army and the line was quickly broken as the Fascists had no bomber to compare to the B-52. After a series of easy wins for the Confederates the first major battle occurred at Skopje where the Fascists lost almost 57% of their troops and almost 79% of their armored vehicles. The Confederates lost only 18% of their troops and only 23% of their tanks. The CS Army continued to meet heavy resistance at the Battle of Sofia, the Battle of Tirana, and the Battle of Bucharest.

War in West Europe

In West Europe the CSAAC launched almost 150 B-52 bombers into France and Germany where they

an F-87 Scimitar downing a Me-307 over the Alps

destroyed steel mills in the Rhineland and weapons factories in Brittany. F-87 Scimitars and Me-307 fighters clashed over the skies of West Europe as the aerial warfare intensified. These planes were very well matched and the battle often came out to whom was the better pilot. Often white hot tracers would inadvertently strafe civilians in the streets below and rip people asunder. But most often it was the enemy plane that was ripped to shreds.

War in Asia

The Asian Front was one of the most hotly contested of the war as the mountainous terrains didn't allow for tanks or artillery but the fighting must be done on foot. The Japanese were the de facto rulers of the Tibetan Province along with most of the Asian provinces. Thus many veterans of the Sino-Chinese War were in the fighting along with fresh conscripts and green soldiers. Whilst the Afghani troops were accustomed to fighting because of the turmoil of many war lords in Afghanistan that the Confederacy only moderately dealt with. The CS troops and the Japanese couldn't get a single decisive battle during the entire year of 1951.

United States of South America's Entering of the War

The USSA declared war on the Confederation of States on seeing that the war was an excellent opportunity to expand their South American empire into Central America. The Confederacy was caught off guard and the South Americans over-ran Panama and captured the canal and let u-boats from Germany reach the Pacific Coast of North America.

The USSA then began to push its way up Central America and was greeted at almost every trace of civilization army units waiting there backed up with very angry locals. This caused major problems for the South Americans as it turned into a guerrilla war that they were unaccustomed to fighting. Soon the situation turned into something very similar to OTL Vietnam.

War in Ethiopia

The African Front was pretty much a sitting war as the Egyptian units which comprised almost 92% of the Afrika Korp refused to leave the borders of their country and they were forced to wait for the CS to attack.

War in South Africa

The South Africans launched an attack on the Germans. Along with the CSAAC they pushed deep into the German ranks often killing almost 50% of their men. Soon the German line was broken after nearly 13,000 troops and 257 B-52 bombers decimated their ranks.

War in Liberia

The West Africans had apparently not gotten the memo that a war had started. People still freely crossed the border and often life went on as usual.


The War in the Balkans


The 12th Army retreating from the front line

The Balkan Front was quickly collapsing for the Fascist as the CSAAC constantly pounded their military with high grade explosives while the F-87 Scimitars kept the Me-307 fighters from reaching their targets. The Luftwaffe began building jets at an ever faster rate to combat the B-52 but after the bombing of their main factories in Italy production dropped by almost 60%. Also the Luftwaffe had less and less good pilots as they were being killed at an ever faster rate.

The CS Army captured Sarajevo on February 3, 1952 this completed the encirclement of the 12th Army. After fourteen terrible weeks on May 5, 1952 after repelling five attempts to relieve the encircled Fascist the 12th Army surrendered to the Army of Arabia. The CS Army then continued on its advance towards Berlin and the heart of fascism.

The War in West Europe

The West European Front was under one of the most concentrated bombardments ever recorded in human history. The CSAAC day and night bombed the industrial heart of the nation. But perhaps the worst was the bombing of Hanover. The CSAAC sent 379 B-52 bombers to the city and leveled the city. The destruction look like a low yield nuclear weapon had exploded in the city. The ground was pockmarked with craters and homes were shaken loose from their foundation. Any fires started were put out by the massive concussion waves literally pushing the air out of the city. The CSAAC completely obliterated the heart of the western civilization.

The War in Asia

The Asian Front was an utter slogging match. The mountains and hills stopped any sort of developments from
Operation Enduring Liberty B-52 2001

B-52 over Afghanistan

the 20th century from coming in to the country and it was much like the wars of old with the only real difference being the rifles and the fighting style. The Afghanis and the Japanese fought it in the Himalayas and the Hindukush. The Army of Northern Ethiopia was in India pushing the Japanese and Germans out of the country with monstrous amounts of bombs falling on their heads. The Afghanis did score a major blow against the Japanese in the Battle of Everest where the two armies fought on the base of the great mountain. The 27th Army was forced out of the Nepal area after losing 1/5 of their men.

The War in Africa

The African Front was still pretty much a sitting war although some Sudanese troops went on raids into Ethiopia but otherwise no action occured here.

The War in South Africa

The South Africans continued to push the Germans deep into Africa. They chased them into the Congo where many of the Germans died from disease and other jungle-esque deaths. The whole thing was very peculiar and one officer even wrote back home "This is perhaps the strangest war I've ever heard of. It is as though it is a strange game of catch me if you can mixed with bullets and tanks, I don't think I've fired more then two bullets and one was at a noisy cat..."

The War in Liberia

The news in Liberia must be quite slow as life it seems hasn't changed since the wars started. There aren't even a build up of troops or really any since of war at all in this area.

The War in America

The South Americans are now forced to fight a guerrilla war as the jungle gave them no leeway. The people hide
Embera indians

some of the local peoples coming home after ambushing a group of South American soldiers

in the brush and pop out long enough to shoot then scurry away. This could happen almost 100 times on a march that the whole sides of a road would suddenly start cracking with gunfire then total silence as the bodies drop to the ground. Soon the South Americans are greeted with the Army of Mexico and the Army of Southern Texas which were quickly followed by the CSAAC. The South Americans were pushed back to their defensive lines around the Panama Canal where bombers nor artillery could be used for fear of destroying the canal. Soon it turned into a repeat of the Great War (OTL WWI).

Development of the AK-52

The AK-52 was created by the great gun designer Kalashnikov. He was an emigrant from Russia shortly after
Arsenal SLR105 Ban Style, Wooden

the AK-52

the Great European War. He designed the weapon after seeing how inefficient the semi-automatic weapons were. So he lay down the designs and gave it to the CS Army. The immediately ran with the weapon and began mass producing it as it only cost roughly $22 to produce and was nearly indestructible. The Automatic Kalashnikov was born. Its designs were quickly given to many other factories in the Confederacy and soon the weapon was in mass production in nearly every part of the Confederation of States. From Canada to Arabia the weapon was widely produced.


Fascist rifle developments

The Fascist soon got their hands on the designs of the AK-52 after they found one on the body of a dead Afghani after a raid. The Fascist adopted its design and created a variant of the weapon which they called the StG-53 but it was practically an AK-52.

War in the Balkans

The Army of Arabia continued on into Central Europe and fought the 3rd Army at Sarajevo. The battle turned into an absolute blood bath as the Luftwaffe was just barely able to keep the CSAAC from getting its B-52 bombers from reaching their target. The two armies clashed for 7 days before the 3rd Army was forced to retreat back into Germany. The 3rd Army did win a strategic victory though as the Army of Arabia was forced to hold back at Sarajevo for its re-enforcements and to regroup.

War in Asia

The Army of Northern Ethiopia finally captured New Delhi and surrounded the Japanese inside of a very large circle. The Confederates then began to tighten the noose around the Japanese and made the circle smaller and smaller until most of the Japanese were dead and the surviving officers ordered a bonzai charge and all of the Japanese soldiers were killed. The Army of Afghanistan was organized during this time and t
Operation Downfall

Confederate invasion of Japan

he now organized Afghanis were able to push deep into Tibet killing off many Japanese in the meanwhile. Some people believe war crimes were committed during this time by the officers who ordered the Japanese prisoners of war be left behind in Tibet, chained to their barracks.

In the Far East the Army of Australia landed in Japan after a massive barrage from B-52 bombers devastated Japan. The Australians quickly took land and became embroiled with street to street fighting but after a few months Tokyo was within sights but only after such vicious fighting that the many troops had developed psychological problems and many had died. But fortunately morale was still high.

War in West Europe

The Army of Southern England and the Army of Wales invaded the UFS by landing ships at the devastated Normandy beach. The troops

Welsh troops about to land in Normandy

bravely fought against the onslaught of armoured vehicles which had hidden so they wouldn't be bombed. The Tiger tanks and King Tiger tanks hit the two armies soon after they began to push inland and began to push them back to the shore. The armies though were able to keep the Fascist from pushing them off of main land Europe, but they were unable to advance until the CSAAC destroyed most of the tanks and they pushed into France and fanned out immediately. They took Caen and the rest of Brittany before moving into the heart of France were the battered Fascist barely gave a fight and they liberated Paris on November 2, 1953.

War in Ethiopia

The Afrika Korp was disbanded for its inability to move forward and the Armee des Sudan was created out of Sudanese peoples who surged into Ethiopia. The Army of South Ethiopia was not surprised and was able to hold the line for 243 hours before the Luftwaffe broke the thinly stretch CSAAC in Ethiopia and began to bombard the line which broke under the devastation. The Armee des Sudan chased the Confederates to Addis Ababa where the Army of South Ethiopia made a stand for better or for worse...

War in South Africa

The Army of South Africa chased the Fascist deep into the Congo where many on both sides died from jungle diseases and other jungle hazards like angry natives, animals, random falling planes, slippery rocks, and of course the ever popular bullet.

War in Liberia

The Liberians still haven't gotten the message about the whole giant world spanning war yet, so yeah, nothing
Desert Herder

COME ON!!! Look at a newspaper or something there's a war! Huh. Fine do what you want and herd your stupid sheep.

happens here.

War in America

The Army of Southern Texas surges over the Panama Canal and forces the South Americans back into South America proper where the liberate Columbia and they swing east and liberate Venezuela and the Guianas. The Army of Mexico swings west and liberates Paraguay and runs down the coast and liberate Chile.

Russian Revolution

The death of the Fascist empire was at hand. The peoples of Russia rose up against their occupiers and ousted the German governor of Siberia and Muscovy. The Russian people re-united their land and destroyed the Fascist menace in their lands. The Republic of Russia was declared as the old single party ideals of their grandfathers were swept away and a multiparty system was put in place. A constitution resembling the Confederation was made and the first national elections provided the first President was elected from the Communist Party and the first Senate was elected with 66% being Communist, 33% being Capitalist, and 1% being Isolationist.

Chinese Revolution

The Chinese under Japanese rule revolted and killed their Japanese generalissimo. They threw off their chains of defeat and put on a new suit of republican ideals. They created the United States of China with many of the democratic ideals of the Russian revolution. The first Prime Minister of China was elected from the Nationalist Party. The first senate was elected with 50% Communist Party, 48% Nationalist, 0.5% Democrat, 0.5% Republican, and 1% Capitalist.


End Game

The Fascist were desperate. The Asian front was rolling in on itself after the relentless attacks from the vicious Afghanis, the invasion of Japan and the fall of Tokyo, and the vital India was over run. The Army of Arabia was now backed up by the Army of Turkey and about to roll into Germany proper. The Army of Southern England and the Army of Wales had liberated Paris and was now barking at Berlin's door. The war in the air had been all but lost when the CSAAC destroyed the last training school in all of Europe. The Chinese and Russians re-established themselves as entities and were repelling their former Fascist rulers with remarkable ease. The West Afrika Korp has been lost and no one in that area even known of a war. In Ethiopia the Confederates have repelled the army from Addis Ababa and launched a counter invasion of Sudan. Their only ally, the USSA, was in its death throes after the CSAAC launched a similar bombing campaign that Europe suffered and to top all of this off it experienced four coups and was a dead state. All was lost.

The Fascists turned to their now entirely degenerate Hitler but he was far from any sort of ruling capability and was mostly a babbling fool. Himmler mostly ran the operation as Hitler pretty much listened to everything he said anyway. Himmler (using Hitler) organized a burnt Earth strategy. One of the largest differences between this burnt Earth strategy and normal burnt Earth strategies is that this called for an entirely burnt Earth.

The Fascists launched the V-8 rockets that they still had under control (Siberia, Italy, Germany, Low Lands, Africa) and launched the nuclear weapons at the Confederation of States to the high population areas and

New York swallowed by nuclear flame

military. The Confederation saw the missiles incoming and launched a retaliatory strike against what remained of the Fascists using both the B-52 bombers and the Helios missiles.


One hour, twenty five minutes, fifty seven seconds after the first launch the V-8 struck New York City destroying the most populous city on Earth. In a few seconds Mobile will be hit, then Atlanta, then Richmond, then from the CS Berlin, Amsterdam, Luxembourg City, Venice.

What hath God wrought?

The list goes on through many cities. 452 cities that were totally destroyed, 77 of the best ports in the world obliterated, 29 prime farmlands devastated, 13 historic cities forever lost to nuclear flame, four seconds added to every day of the Earth, three super powers destroyed, two men ultimately responsible, one planet eternally changed and scarred through nuclear holocaust, zero lives spared changed utterly and forever...

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