If you are not part of the European Union you are not allowed to view this meeting under any circumstances.

This is the page for the 2nd meeting of the European Union in the Dawn of War Map Game. All current members of the European Union: Switzerland, the UK, Norway, Italy, and France are invited to the meeting. The meeting is held in Rouen. All members of the EU can vote on issues, discuss and make proposals.

Headquarters II

British Discussion: It has been decided that the permanent headquarters of the European Union will be located in Zurich, Switzerland and a small portion of the HQ will be dedicated to ETA. There will be another building located in London that will host the ETA year round.

Nations Against Communism

British Proposal:

  • In order to ease tensions between the EU & the SDP we will create the Nations Against Communism or the NAC.
  • It will combine the members of the EU and SDP and we will work together in order to rid Greece and French Indochina and any other areas with communism.
  • The EU and SDP will remain separate organisations.

Voting: CLOSED


  • The United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Saudi Arabia & Turkey of the Southern Defense Pact


Observer Comments: 

  • Turkey: Although not being able to vote, we are pleased at an EU effort to mitigate the tensions between them and the SDP. We officially endorse the creation of the NAC.

Outcome: Both the EU & SDP support the idea of the NAC, therefore the proposal is passed.

The Position of the Netherlands

British Proposal:

  • The Netherlands, although a democracy, has recognised the illegitimate Communist Party of Greece and the nation of Malaysia and is supporting the "nations".
  • The Dutch are to be considered an enemy of both the European Union and Nations Against Communism.

Voting: Closed due to time constraints.


  • The United Kingdom
  • Norway


  • Switzerland: We do not think the Dutch should be an enemy of the EU and we hope that the next elected government of the Netherlands is less supportive of Communism.
    • The United Kingdom: I truthfully don't want it to be either but they have crossed the line by supporting the Communist Parties of Greece, Malaysia and French Indochina. If you wish to discuss this any further please do so here.

Observer Comments:

  • Turkey: Although the EU and NAC are against Communism, these groups should not be as puritanical as to exclude democratic nations themselves that support communist nations. After all, the Netherlands is an integral part of western Europe, a beacon of liberal thought and freedom, and deserves to be in the EU despite supporting different factions of a war than their neighbors. For this reason, Turkey asks that current EU members consider this vote carefully and also consider the benefits of Dutch involvement in the EU. Verdict: We, as a non-voting member, endorse Dutch membership in the EU.
    • British Diplomacy: We have repeatedly asked the Netherlands to join the EU multiple times but we have been repeatedly ignored. They should not be included because they are a democracy supporting Communism (a contradiction of their own political principles!) Although there would be very many advantages of having the Dutch be a part of the EU we think it is best if they stay out or, if they do decide to join, they will only be a permanent guest or observer.

Outcome: The proposal is passed.

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