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1948 Presidential Election (Republican Century)

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United States presidential election, 1948
November 2, 1948
Thomas E. Dewey Harry S. Truman Thurmond
Nominee Thomas E. Dewey Harry S. Truman Storm Thurmond
Party Republican Democratic Dixiecrat
Home state New York Missouri South Carolina
Running mate Earl Warren Alben W. Barkley Fielding L. Wright
Electoral vote 267 225 39
States carried 19 25 4
Popular vote 25,020,585 21,150,051 1,175,930
Percentage 51.13% 43.49% 2.4%
1948 Republican Presidential Election
Presidential election results map. Red denotes states won by Dewey/Warren (19), Blue denotes those won by Truman/Barkley (25), Orange denotes those won by Thurmond/Wright.
President before election
Harry S. Truman
Elected President
Thomas E. Dewey

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