1946 Hertford Rebellion

1947 Battle of Novosibirsk

September 5, 1944


November 24, 1944


A decisive German Victory, Novosibrisk falls to German Forces


Reichskriegsflagge38-45 Germany
Flag of Romania România
Flag of Hungary (1920–1946) Hungary
Flag of Nazi Norway Norwegen Quizlings
Franceaxisworld Vichy France
US flag with 48 stars by Hellerick USA volunteers,
Danish volunteers.

Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) USSR
Flag of the People's Republic of China Communist China
Flag of the People's Republic of Mongolia (1940-1992) Mongolia
Flag of Sakha Sakha communist malitias
Flag of Buryatia Buryatia communist malitias


Reichskriegsflagge38-45 Marshal Eric Von-Manstine
Flag of Romania General Anton României.

Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) General Reznov Zhukov
Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) General Yuri Konsantinov
Flag of the People's Republic of Mongolia (1940-1992) Möngie Chingi Mairhut
Flag of the People's Republic of Mongolia (1940-1992) Ünen Damdinsüren



≈ 6,500

Casualties and Losses




The Battle of Omsk had unoffically destroyed the Soviet Red Army as a fighting force and with Stalin and most of the Politburo killed. The Soviet-German war seemed at an end, nevertheless the shattered pockets of Soviet soldiers continued a long bitter resistance against the Axis armies. Which led the Germans to the next city Novosibrisk.

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