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As the Chinese Civil War continues, India plunges into civil war also after large-scale anti-British protests turn violent. However, this time one group is the clear winner - the group with the support of the population, the Indian Communists. The new People's Republic of India quickly inserts itself into the Soviet sphere. The opposition is won over by passionate rhetoric against "those Western traitors." The situation in Europe is not much better, with much of Western Europe reduced to ruin. The USSR observes the carnage.


The Chinese Civil War rages on, with many casualties, both military and civilian. There is no end in sight. Allied leaders propose a peace treaty, but both sides quickly reject it. With the widespread devastation caused by WWII, there is nothing anyone can do. The USSR begins supplying aid to the Communists in an attempt to spread its influence. The Allies notice, but say nothing. However, everyone remembers how well Chamberlain's policy of appeasement worked out.


As the Soviet Union lends more and more support to the Communists, the tide slowly starts to turn. Somehow avoiding the violence of WWII, the Red Army wants to fight. The USSR begins to send in troops also, similar to the Spanish Civil War. The US is almost wiped out and unable to provide any aid to Asia or Europe, which have been severely damaged. Allied-occupied areas in Europe protest, but still get very little aid from the US. An idea forms in Stalin's mind.


What has seemed like an interminable war just a few years before had now become a shooting gallery, The Nationalists are in retreat, faced with the massive Red Army. The nationalists are finally pushed off the mainland onto Taiwan, creating a government-in-exile of the ROC, similar to OTL. Both claim each others' land. In Europe, the lack of US aid has created a situation that Stalin aims to take advantage of. Many people have been left homeless by the bombing, including atomic bombing, and other effects of war. Many have no food or clothing. Basically, much of Europe is in ruins, and the U.S. can't/doesn't help, due to lack of supplies and much more isolationism. Stalin sees this, and begins to create and fund Communist Parties in all of the European countries. They begin gaining popularity, slowly but steadily, by promising people a society where all can share the benefits of a few.

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