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1945 Kazakhstan border War.


1945 Urals War.

1945 Timişoara rebellion.
2nd Attacks A German tank helps lay siege to Timişoara town.

August 2, 1945


August 13, 1945


Timişoara Judent (county)


A decisive Românian victory.

Major battles:

Timişoara Judent
Timişoara town.


Flag of Romania România
Reichskriegsflagge38-45 Germany
800px-Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy
Flag of Hungary (1920–1946) Hungary.

Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) USSR
Flag of Romania (1965-1989) Românian Communist rebels
Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslav Partisans.


Flag of Romania President Antonescu of România
Reichskriegsflagge38-45 Marshal Hermann Hoth
Reichskriegsflagge38-45 Adolf Hitler .

Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) General Zhukov
Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) Joseph Stalin
Flag of Romania (1965-1989) Anastasia Mircea Geoană
Flag of SFR Yugoslavia General Josef Tito
Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Dora Drängarna Pejačević.


≈6,600 .

≈5,800 .

Casualties and Losses


≈1,850 (including Flag of Romania (1965-1989) Anastasia Mircea Geoană).


The Soviets and the Românian Communist rebels around Timişoara had gathered for a last stand with help from the Yugoslav Partisans. It was at this point that the Românian and German forces felt they needed to end the Euro-Communist axis once and for all. Whist Germany lay siege to the town with Panzer III tanks, supported by Elefant (German: "elephant") and Grille (German: "cricket") mobile artillery units, Românian forces also entered the town five days into the siege using three borrowed German [Panzer VIII Maus (German: "Mouse") tanks. the rebels’ six Polish designed TP7 tanks now stood a chance, but the rebels would engage the government forces in fierce and bloody hand-to-hand fighting until they surrendered on the 13th. The Soviets and Românian traitors were shown little mercy, while the Yugoslavs were sent in exile to the USA.

Causes of the conflict

Timişoara Judent had become the stronghold of those who had survived the 1944 Românian rebellion. it was there the seeds of a final battle were sewn among the impoverished and manipulated Românian peasant folk.



A decisive Românian victory. There now remained no Communist fighters in all of Europe accept Western Russia. Much to Hitler's delight conceiving himself as the destroyer of Russian Bolshevism. Unlike most of the European countries after the war, Romania did not rise up against Nazi rule and instead helped Germany fight off guerrillas and rebels.

Political outcome

Communism in România had finally collapsed and the Iron Guard remained in charge until formal union with Germany occurred in 2012. Yugoslavia's Partisans were honored for their stubborn fighting in the town and took up the German option of exile in the American states of Idaho and Alaska.

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