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United States Presidential Election, 1944
November 7, 1944
250px-Col Charles Lindbergh-1 220px-James F. Byrnes cph.3c32232
Nominee Charles Lindbergh James F. Byrnes
Party Republican Democratic
Home state New Jersey South Carolina
Running mate Alf Landon Harry S Truman
Electoral vote 312 219
States carried 32 16+DC
Popular vote 52.34% 47.66%

The United States presidential election of 1944 proved to be more competitive for the incumbent President Lindbergh than the previous election. Lindbergh's signing of the 1938 Non-Aggression Accord with Germany had proven to be less popular than he'd expected, and after the Pearl Harbor attacks in late 1941, the president had been forced to engage in limited military action with Japan only. Several Democrats jumped into the race to succeed him, with somewhat conservative Southerner James F. Byrnes winning out. Byrnes tacked to the left in the general election, arguing in favor of working with the Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany. Still unwilling to go to war, however, the voters reelected President Lindbergh by a comfortable margin.