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1944 Battle Of Aachen


The 1944 Sochi Raid

1944 Battle For Vianden Castle
Luxembourg World War I labelled Luxembourg.

November 15, 1944


November 19, 1944


Vianden (Luxembourg), and adjacent areas of the river Our


A Luxembourger defensive victory

Major battles:

Vianden (Luxembourg) and adjacent areas of the river Our


Reichskriegsflagge38-45 Germany

Luxembourg.flag Luxembourg resistance
US flag with 48 stars by Hellerick USA
Flag of Belgium Belgium


Reichskriegsflagge38-45 Erich Brandenberger

Luxembourg.flag Luxembourg resistance Victor Abens
Luxembourg.flag Luxembourg resistance Jos Kieffer




Casualties and Losses




It started when some Luxembourgish militia members spotted a German patrol between Wiesen and Bettel and decided to strike. 5 lost ATL American G.I.s and a Belgian Army interpreter would also join in the OTL defense of the castle on the 16th.

At the end Germans attacked the town with 250 soldiers of the Waffen-SS. They fire on the town of Vianden and later Vianden Castle with grenade launchers before launching a full out infantry attack. When the Germans launched the The 1944-45 Battle of the Bulge, the castle was retaken.

Causes of the conflict

After Luxembourg had been liberated by United States Forces in September 1944, German troops pulled back and took up new defensive positions along the border rivers Moselle, Sauer and Our.


The Waffen-SS. After bombing the town and the castle with grenade launchers the German soldiers began to attack the castle itself which was defended and fortified by 4 members of the Luxembourgish militia.


A Luxembourger defensive victory.

Political outcome

The Western allies consolidated there gains and began to consider a short term truce with Germany and its Allies.

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