This Alternate History takes place in 1943, during World War 2. Aliens receive radio signals coming from Nazi Germany's newly launched space missiles, and they believe that Earth will have enough energy to power the alien race's (the Galaxtors) home plant for many years. What will happen? Go ahead and read the story. NOTE: This is supposed to be ASB, so don't comment or complain that it is.


  • January 23: The Galaxtors are able to transmit radio signals from Earth by Nazi Germany's space missiles and head towards Earth.
  • February 2: The Galaxtors land on Earth in British South Africa. Natives are bewildered by the spaceship and tell British Prime Minister Winston Churchill about it.
  • February 16: Great Britain sends explorers to explore the area, but when the explorers arrived, there were no natives.
  • February 19: The explorers return to Great Britain saying there was nothing. Winston Churchill believes the natives were imagining it.
  • February 21: Millions claim to see spaceships, so many that Nazi Germany, Italy, Great Britain, U.S.A., U.S.S.R., and Japan declare a ceasefire.
  • February 28: Soldiers in South Africa describe seeing aliens claiming land and settlements in South Africa.
  • March 1: Winston Churchill receives a phonograph message from the leader of the Galaxtors, saying, "Prepare for your world to end".
  • March 3: Great Britain loses all contact from South Africa.
  • March 5: The Galaxtors are able to conquer all of Africa, The World declares an Emergency Meeting.
  • March 8: Great Britain declares war on the Galaxtors.
  • March 9: Vichy France and Arabia declare war on the Galaxtors.
  • March 11: Nazi Germany, Italy, Japan, Turkey, and Persia declare war on the Galaxtors
  • March 12-18: All countries declare war on the Galaxtors

    During March 1943


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