Confederation of States


In 1943 the Federal States of America decided to try to remake the USA (their ultimate goal), the FSA Army launched a surprise attack on the Confederacy and the Republic of California. FSA troops were able to take Missouri and Maryland and Delaware.

War in the East

The CS Army was caught off guard much like the Californian troops were. But the big difference is that the CS Army was a veteran of the Unification Wars (the Confederate's expansionist campaign). After the initial surprise wore off the CS Army attacked the FSA forces at the Battle of Potomac and were able to halt the FSA troops from crossing the river. But in California Idaho and Washington were already over run.
Confederates in DC

Confederate Army liberating DC

The CS Army forced the FSA troops back to their starting point on the Mason-Dixon Line. The CS President ordered the military to push into Pennsylvania. This was when just how weak the FSA Army actually was plainly shown. They were unable to hold the Confederates back who quickly took Philadelphia, Albany, New London, Providence, Boston, and Augusta.

War in the West

The Confederates in the west pushed the Federals out of Missouri and struck up the Mississippi and split the FSA in two.

The Californians were also able to push the Federals out of their homeland. The Californians pushed the Federal Army out of California and hit at Wyoming and Utah. The Californians were able to free those states from 'Federal Tyranny'. The Californians were outmatched along with the Confederacy in one area although, the FSA had an extremely good air force from buying Hawker Hurricanes from Great Britain.

War in the Air

The FS Air Force was able to severely attack the Confederate and Californian Armies. But unfortunately they had very few bomber aircraft and were only able to strafe the enemy. Their air force was severely injured when the Confederates had acquired 88mm anti-aircraft guns from Germany, but they had very few since the supplies needed to be brought over by some of the very few surface craft that Germany possessed. But otherwise the FSA ruled the air. At least for now...

War in Europe

The Great European War(OTL WWII) was securely in Nazi hands. The Battle of Stalingrad was now raging but Hitler now decides to allow the Germans to retreat but it was hopeless. The German Army was trapped and eventually forced to surrender on February 2, 1943. The defeat was devastating for the German war machine as a main army unit had been captured. The defeat was not nearly as bad as in OTL as many Nazi supporters from the Confederation of States had fled to Germany when the FSA had invaded Maryland. These supporters were organized into the Amerikanischen Teilung (American Division). This Amerikanischen Teilung was sent immediately to the Eastern Front where they fought with valor. These fresh troops numbered roughly 15,000 extremely helped the German Army and many more Nazi Supporters fled to Germany when the CS invaded New England. The German Army evacuated the Caucasus and was able to surround the Russian Army at Kursk due to an New England aid to Erich von Manstein convincing him to attack immediately before the Russians could dig in. The result was that most of the Russian Army was surrounded and forced to surrender. This caused the USSR about 2,000,000 men, 5,000 tanks, and almost 3,000 aircraft. The result was a renewed vigor and the Germans being able to advance once more.


The FSA was on the ropes with the CS taking of New England and their main industrial base. The CS Army then was able to take Ohio and Illinois and fast approaching the capital of Chicago. The Californians were taking the Great Plains and the war was almost over.

War in the East

The CS Army moved in on the federal capital of Chicago. They fought bravely and took many casualties. The gallantry that they showed was huge as they fought with rifles and iron cavalry. Often many were killed in the fighting or the horrendous aircraft straffings that occurred day and night. As one Confederate soldier wrote:

This war is wretched beyond comprehension. I see young boys getting killed with everything imaginable. The Federals sometimes even used their own shovels to attack us in hand to hand combat. I saw a kid's skull with a shovel lodged deep into his head and some of the soldiers scoured him for bullets. I guess he doesn't need them anymore. On the third week of fighting I had seen a man killed with a machine gun off a tank. His body was ripped down the middle and his intestines lay on the ground with blood flowing from his body. I saw a man on the twentieth week burning from a flamethrower, he must've been there flailing about for almost a minute before he gave out. His screams still haunt me today. But the aeroplanes are the worst bit. They come screaming in with lights flashing off their wings. These lights turn into deadly bullets that tear out a man's gut, rip a man's arm clean from his body, burn trucks, destroy supplies and nearly anything else that stands in its way.

I wish I were--

This letter to his father back home shows just how horrible the war was. All of the horrors he described were

commonplace throughout the war. Unfortunately this soldier was never able to finish his letter as he was killed by an enemy aircraft half way through and his body was never identified. The Confederate Army took
Tanks in WWII

Confederate Tanks in the streets of Chicago

Chicago on September 22, 1944. This day is still celebrated as Victory Day in the Confederacy and California to this day. Once the Treaty of Paris was signed it officially ended the Great American War.

War in the West

The Californians and Confederates took huge swaths of land as their tanks were perfectly suited to this type of plains. The Confederate and Californian tanks swept across the Great Plains and killed hundreds if not thousands of troops while capturing an equal number. Most of the Federal Armies surrendered on sight as their morale was so badly destroyed. Often this time was called a Walk Over War as all the troops had to do was walk over a hill and entire armies would surrender. When Chicago was finally captured the Californians and Confederates had just broke through the massive fortifications on the Mississippi River.

Treaty of Paris

The Germans agreed to act as a Neutral Mediator and allowed the three nations to assemble in Paris for peace talks the FSA, Confederacy and California agreed to the Treaty of Paris which said:

The conference before the Treaty of Paris

  • Let the FSA exist in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
  • Have the FSA admit it was the aggressor in said war.
  • Have the FSA grant the Republic of California and the Confederation of States full access to the Mississippi river and Ohio River.
  • New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania shall be ceded to the Confederation of States.
  • All states West of the Mississippi shall be ceded to California.
  • The FSA will become a joint protectorate of the Confederation of States and the Republic of California.
  • The Californian Army shall conduct tribunals of war crimes during this time.
  • The FSA will have no military unless the Confederation of States and the Republic of California agree to let it have one.
Fractured States

North America after the Treaty of Paris

War in Europe

The Great European War was firmly in the hands of the Axis Powers. The Russian Army had been quickly surrounded at Kursk the year before and was now on the defence. The German Army was renewed as many New England factory managers were able to build the Tiger tank and Panther tank at an ever increasing speed.
Tigers at Kursk

Tiger Tanks advancing on Moscow

The Nazi menace on October 3, 1944 was able to totally turn around the defeat at Stalingrad and was only 13 miles away from Moscow. The Germans had learned from last year and kept advancing onto Moscow. The city was taken on October 23, 1944 after many days of fierce hand to hand fighting and street to street fighting. The USSR collapsed under the pressure and Stalin was killed by revolutionaries. The Republic of Siberia declared its independence. Under this pressure the USSR unconditionally surrendered as it evacuated hundreds of thousands of civilians to Siberia. This time the Confederation of States acted as a neutral mediator as the Nazis officially drew the border between Siberia and Germany. Now Great Britain was alone in the world.


In 1945 the Confederation of States was able to successfully change its economy from a war time to a peace time economy. The Republic of California was also successful but less so. The FSA's leaders had a stark hatred for both of the nations that now surrounded it. They funded terrorist operations in both of those nations.

War in Europe

The Great European War was practically won for the Nazis as they were now able to attack Great Britain herself. Great Britain realised her hopeless situation and fled to Canada with as many citizens as they could take as the Wehrmacht executed Operation: Sea lion. King George VI asked Parliament to ask for peace with the Germans so that they could save what they had left. On September 13, 1945 Great Britain sued for peace and the Confederation of States once again acted as a neutral mediator in the Treaty of Mobile. The Germans laid out these things:

  • Great Britain shall admit it supported the aggressor of the said war.
  • Great Britain shall give up India and its Middle Eastern colonies to Germany.
  • Great Britain will be given the Isle of Great Britain back.
  • Great Britain will pay war reparations to Germany.
  • Great Britain shall scuttle its entire navy except for the King George V class battleships.

Economic Revival in America

After the Great American War many people feared that the economy would re-collapse into an economic depression. The Republic of California made sure this didn't happen by hiring many laborers that had left the army into the National Civilian Engineering Corp (NCEC). The NCEC built many roads and building along with reforesting many areas that had been chopped down for timber. The NCEC members were paid about $1.78 an hour (roughly $19.66 in 2010).

The Confederation of States fixed the problem by letting the free market do its thing. Right after the war the number of unemployed sky rocketed. The economy looked as though it were going to tank but soon many factories were hiring these people back and the economy righted itself. Many Confederate Economist were seen as almost communist as they had suggested that the government higher all these people. But in the end all was well.

Relisation of the Holocaust

In April (the exact date is still top secret) the spy known only as Seal Six disguised himself as an SS inspector. He went into Auschwitz and was horrified by what he saw and he took many pictures saying that they were for the Nazi High Command to see how the Final Solution was going. Afterwards, he sent the pictures back via the CSS Providence Plantation, a U Class Submarine. The CSS Providence Plantations arrived in New York harbor in March (again the date is unknown) and unloaded what seemed to be torpedoes for a regular 'checkup' but they were actually carrying pictures in the hollowed out torpedoes.

The pictures arrived the President Smith's desk and he immediately signed for the pictures to be released to the public. It arrived in most papers the following day and almost 1000 were made physically sick by the pictures. Within a week the entire nation was calling for the liberation of these peoples.
Holocaust 2

one of the Holocaust pictures taken by Seal Six

The CS Ambassador to Germany demanded that the Nazis stop the "Wretched atrocities and works of Satan himself..." The Nazis might be able to win a war with the Confederacy but within the same week the Republic of California called for the prisoners to be released. Nazi Germany would almost certainly collapse from the pressure of the two armies together, but then it became a certainty when Great Britain threatened war once more. Even neutral Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Turkey were calling for the prisoners to be released.

Knowing that a war with all of those forces against them would be the utter end of the Reich even the now almost incompetent Hitler knew to back off. He signed the Deportation Act which basically deported all the Jews from Europe and created a Jewish state called Israel in their historic homeland. Hitler also released the Tolerance Act which released all of the 'sub-humans' from the concentration camps and allowed them to repopulate their homelands but they had to swear allegiance to Germany and swear that they would not interfere with German colonization of their homelands and if asked will leave the area.

The Confederacy sent every ship they could muster to Europe along with most nations even Japan, Germany's ally, sent ships. By the December of that year due to massive efforts the Jewish Republic of Israel was created and was populated by almost 136,000 Jews. Also by the end of the year most of Europe's Jews were gone and almost a million non-Aryans (mostly Jews, Poles and Gypsies) lived in the City of New Bethlehem on the Virginian coast.

German Colonization

The 'Aryan' race began to populate many areas of Poland and the Ukraine. Often Polish peoples were forced out along with many Gypsy families and Ukrainians who moved to Poland after their liberation. They were given an area in the Baltic and in the Belarus where Aryan colonization wouldn't occur. This didn't apply to Aryans
Nazi Poland

flag of Nowa Polska-Ukraina

who were already there so many 'sub-humans' moved into areas that had a very large hatred for non-Aryans. Many Poles were beaten and often local law enforcement would not even prosecute the cases.

This area of land was commonly called the Nowa Polska-Ukraina or New Poland-Ukraine.

The Confederation of States urged many Polish, Gypsy, and Ukrainian to come over to the Confederacy but many wished to stay near their homeland. Although many Gypsies did leave for the Confederacy to search for adventure or to simply start anew. The City of New Romania was established along the Maine coast line near the Canadian border by the government for the settlement of Gypsy immigrants.


The Arab Revolution

The Arab Revolution in the German Colony of Arabia began with a simple man named Mohammad Omar who was a stout anti-German. He had fought in WWI under Lawrence of Arabia and decided that the time had come for his people to rise up and create an independent state.

Mohammad Omar traveled to Baghdad, Mecca and Kuwait. He spoke of the Arab people being liberated from the bonds of oppression and German control. Soon he had a large following of people all throughout the Arab world and on his specified day they rebelled against the Nazi government. Mecca, the Colony of Arabia, declared its independence as the الجمهورية العربية or the Republic of Arabia. The Arab rebels caught the Germans off guard and quickly ousted most of the Germans in the region and to make sure they had nothing to come back to they burned the oil fields. German Panzers desperately race across the desert to try to save the last oil but few ever made and their fuel often ran out in the middle of the desert. The result was that the Germans parachuted men into the revolting colony. But the Arabs had expected this and often swarmed the parachutist as soon as they hit the ground.

Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-554-0872-35 2C Tunesien 2C Panzer VI 28Tiger I 29

A Tiger tank that ran out of fuel in middle of nowhere after getting lost in a dust storm, found in 1993 next to three skeletons

Within 3 months the Germans realised that without their precious fuel it was worthless and sent an ambassador to the republic and asked that the in exchange for independence the Germans would be allowed to rebuild the oil fields and use the oil. President Mohammad Omar agreed to the deal and the Republic of Arabia was officially established.


They had tatters of oil fields, barely an economy, and many people who wished to take control of their lands had the means and motivation. So all was back to normal. The new Republic of Arabia soon came into a border dispute with Israel o'er Syria. The Israelis claimed that it had been in the German charter for Israel while the Arabs disagreed. The result was soon out of the government's hands as many Muslim mosques called for a Jihad against the Jewish Republic of Israel. Many Muslims invaded Israel but where armed with mediocre weaponry at best, and at worst some were armed with kitchen knives even! The Israeli Army quickly beat the would-be Jihadist into submission with modern Supermarine Spitfires that attacked the Arabs hard and fast along with the Matilda tank. The Arabs were run over, bombed, strafed, and gunned down until they finally gave up the fight and the mosques called the Jihad a failure.


Nuclear Bomb


The Kaiser Bombe

The first nuclear weapon was tested by Germany on February 3, 1947. Confederate spies were heavily in the Berlin Project which created the first nuclear weapon. As a result of having almost the entire formula of how to build an atomic weapon the Confederacy surprised the Germans by only a few months later both the Confederation and the Republic of California who worked on the project to build an atomic weapon detonated one almost twice as big as the Germans on August 5, 1947.

Germano-Siberian War

Terrified by the prospect of having a true competitor on the world stage Germany launched a military offensive into Siberia which had formerly been heavily pro-Nazi. The German War Machine cut through enemy ranks like a scythe. All of the former USSR was finally in their hands on December 30, 1947 when Siberia capitulated to Germany. Now that Germany had great stocks of supplies they could easily build more atomic weapons which they promptly began doing.


Mongol-Germano War

After making quick gains in Siberia the Germans invaded Mongolia giving near no reason for the invasion
Berlin Airshow 2008

An Me-262 landing in a base in Siberia during the Mongol-Germano War

except for the expansion of Aryan land. The panzer tanks raced across the desert and captured the Mongolian capitol within 3 weeks. The Luftwaffe buzzed over the Mongolian skies in the new Me-262 fighter jets. The primitive Mongol army was quickly over whelmed by the awesome fire power of the Germans and in no time they were destroyed by the German's massive fire power. On February 3, 1948 the Mongolian government capitulated and Mongolia was absorbed into the Greater German Reich.

The War of 1948

After the two German wars of expansion the Confederation of States and the Republic of California realised the Germans were going to invade America soon. They both realised that a hold in the FSA would provide a good

Confederate troops crossing the Ohio River

industrial base and a spring-board for the eventual invasion of Canada. The two nations tried to annex the FSA on February 28, 1948. The Confederation pushed up from the Ohio and the Californians over the Mississippi. The two armies quickly beat back the untrained and under equipped army and they both found themselves in a race for Chicago. General George Patton and General MacArthur's armies met in Chicago on March 2, 1948. The two armies slammed into each other prompting the two nations to declare war on each other.

General Patton was able to surround MacArthur's army on April 10 the Californian Army was completely surrounded and they were pounded by artillery rounds and eventually they shattered and Patton destroyed the Californians on March 23. MacArthur was killed in the fighting.

The Confederates launched hundreds of bombers over California which quickly destroyed the light infantry on the Western Front. The Confederates then launched their deadly Tiger Tanks on the Californians who had specialized in fast light armour that was quickly destroyed by the 88mm shells. By July the Confederates had pushed into Arizona in the South and North Dakota in the North.

The Confederate Army Air Corp launched Operation: Hornet on July 30. Long range bombers struck deep into California on May 30 to send a clear message that says "We will get you.". But on July 31 was perhaps the most deadly. The Californian President was giving his State of the Republic speech when a 27 kiloton nuclear bomb hit Sacramento, Las Angeles, Seattle, Olympia, and Las Vegas killing all of the major generals and all of the Congressmen. The Confederate Army then struck deep into California and reached Las Vegas on June 3. The Confederate North Army pushed into Idaho by June 5. The remnants of the Californian government sued for peace and the Second Treaty of Mobile was signed and all of the former United States now was under the control of a single government for the first time in 13 years.


The Canadian and Mexican War

After the unification of America under a single banner against the Confederation of States launched a major propaganda campaign that turned many of the Californian partisans away from their radical views. In others though it was just a symbol of an government that was out to get them and they stayed in the Great Plains and fought a guerrilla war against the Confederation. But otherwise the Californians had been quickly and easily subdued. By January 18 the last major protests against Confederate rule ended under mysterious circumstances.

The Confederation built up their army once more. They built their newest Lion tank which had a 90mm rifled
Panzerkampfwagen V Panther II

Lion Tank

cannon but was built much like a main battle tank. They could hit a target out to 2500 yards with deadly accuracy and the turret was mechanized so that it was only a simple lever to turn the turret or to raise and lower the gun.

Soon the regular army was nearly 1,000,000 strong with an untold amount in militia groups from almost every city. The President gave the order to launch Operation: Blitzkrieg.

The CSAAC (Confederation of States Army Air Corp) launched its attack on March 9, 1949. Me-262s and Stuka-JB ('JB' is for Jet Bomber) bombers zoomed over the dry Mexican skies and the cold Canadian skies. The CSAAC bombed Quebec and Toronto and British Columbia along with Mexico city, Ciudad Juarez, Sonora, and many other cities deep in the countries. Then the CS Army launched an invasion that caused New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to fall within hours and from Michigan the pushed into Ontario. In the South they pushed into Mexico.

War in the North

The CSAAC provided close air support to the CS Army. With the fast Lion Tanks an
Reichstag after the allied bombing of Berlin

The Canadian Parliament building after the CSAAC bombing of the city

d slower yet extremely tough King Tiger tanks pushing deep into Canada the situation already seemed hopeless. The CSAAC had already destroyed most of the RAF on the ground and the skies belonged to the Confederates. Soon the CS Army pushed over the St. Lawrence River and quickly captured Quebec and Toronto with frightening speed.

The CSAAC hit the Canadian Prime Minister's convoy leaving Ottawa on March 12 only thirteen hours after Quebec fell. Most of the Canadian army surrendered once news had reached them of the Prime Minister's death. Soon the CS Army had captured all of Canada besides the North West Territories and the Yukon. Quickly those fell under the relentless onslaught and the CS Army retook the annexed Alaska where they were treated as heroes. On April 5, 1949 Canada surrendered to the Confederation of States and was annexed shortly after.

The British were called upon earnestly by the Canadians but after seeing the massive armies of the Confederates decided to remain neutral but did send over meager supplies.

War in the South

The Confederates in Mexico had if possible an easier time at destroying the nation then Canada. The CS Army when they invaded were seen as the Mexican poor as liberators and people who would give them food which often times soldiers gave them food out of pure shock of how poor they were. But the middle class gave a feeble resistance before realising it was over and laid down their arms.

The CSAAC had free reign over the skies as the non-existent Mexican air force was dispatched with about 1.000 round of ammunition. Soon the CS Army reached Mexico City and the government surrendered to the Confederates. A treaty wasn't even signed and Mexico was annexed on March 19, 1949 only ten days after the initial invasion.

Mexican guerrillas continued to fight the Confederate forces though. They were often untrained and caught soon after an engagement began and were often killed on the spot for treason.

Treaty of Berlin and the Treaty of Richmond

The Treaty of Berlin was signed by Germany, Italy, Spain, Vichy France, Japan, and Portugal. The Treaty of Berlin unified Europe into the United Fascist States. Its effect was one of the farthest reaching of nearly any treaty, but it was still dwarfed by the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Berlin also forced the British to give up the rest of their colonies besides Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the little enclaves in side of the colony (Lesotho, and Swaziland)

The Treaty of Richmond was signed by the Confederation of States, the Confederation of the Caribbean, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Kingdom of Sweden, Republic of Ethiopia, Republic of Liberia, the Republic of Arabia, the Republic of Turkey, the Kingdom of Persia, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and the Republic of Central America. They all agreed to enter a personal union (a more dignified term for annexed) with the Confederation of States for protection against the UFSE and the United States of South America.

World Map 2

map of the world after the Treaty of Richmond and the Treaty of Berlin


Egyptian Revolt

The Egyptian Revolt began because of a single Fascist Army Officer. The officer was heavily drunk after a long night of drinking. He tried to make it back to his car but stumbled and fell on his face, not realising he tripped he thought someone had pushed him. So he stood up and went to the nearest person who happened to be a local Imam walking home from the Mosque. The officer grabbed the Imam and beat him half to death and left him on the street.

The next day residents came out and saw the Imam on the street and he told what had happened. The Cairoans were furious and stormed the Fascist Officer's Quarters and beat all of the officers in there. Soon the army was called in and things quickly escalated. After a few hours the whole city was engulfed in rebellious fire.

The Fascist Army rolled in tanks the next day and began rolling over people. After barely 29 hours the revolt was over and after hearing why it happened the German Army banned drinking in the Egypt Province.

The Space Race

The Space Race began when the Fascist States declared that they would reach the moon by the end of the decade. This prompted the Confederacy to declare that they would beat the Fascist to the moon. This started the Space Race.

The Confederates almost immediately took the lead and launched John F. Kennedy, a fighter pilot, into space on May 2, 1950. He circled the Earth five times before falling back to Earth. He was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida and landed in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Fascists finally get their first man in space after three faulty starts on August 12, 1950 he only orbits the Earth once and is almost killed in the trip back down and land in the East Siberian Sea and almost dies of hypothermia but is picked up by the FSS Siberia.

The Confederates have already surpassed the Fascists by this time and have launched a two man vehicle into space which orbited around the Earth for 37 hours before falling back to Earth in the Gulf of Mexico. The Confederates launch a permanent satellite as well called الحرية or in English: Liberty. The الحرية was the most advanced machine ever designed at that point and was one of the largest technological feats done by man.

The Fascists tried to get ahead of the Confederates but failed miserably as their satellite exploded on the launch pad killing five key scientist. The Fascist hopes were in the drain by the end of the first year. The Confederates now have an open door to the moon.

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