1942: Trapped In Marseille

In September of 1942, the Nazis launch a surprise seaside invasion of the city of Marseille, France. After racially dividing the city into several neighborhoods, the city is officially declared a territory of Germany. However, not everyone is ready to let the Nazis take it over....


On September 4, 1942, during a somewhat inactive period during WWII, it came to the attention of the SS that the south of France was viable to be captured, and they seized the opportunity.

On September 19, 1942, German u-boats surrounded the waters near the harbour. At the same time, Heinrich Himmler sent Pierre Laval (French PM) this letter, which has been translated from German:


Dear Mr. Laval,

I wish to inform you, with regards to your current priorities, that the city of Marseille is in the process of being occupied. Do not attempt to engage in our forces, for your own sake, as we have utilized all troops in the eastern Mediterranean region adjacent to the area. I do not direct any specific hostility towards you, or any individual in your current administration. We at the Wolf's Lair only wish to expand our domain in the current world, to support our ideals which most likely will be prejudiced by those who do not share them. You may attempt to balance your trust upon your Western Allies, but I cannot guarantee a certain victory. After all, you would be opposing our cause, and we would attempt to persist. Sincerely, Reichsführer Himmler - Rastenburg - 9/15/42

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