Welcome to Südamerika. This timeline is based on Fascism in South America during World War II. The main change is that Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay unite against Brazil, Equador, Peru, and Colombia during World War II.


During 1941, many dictators and governments across South America became Axis allies without formally joining the war. However, this all changed when they saw the opportunity.

December 7th

Japan declares war on the United States of America. Shock grips the world when this is announced by President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt.

December 8th

America enters the war. That same day, Vice President of Argentina (1941:Südamerika) Ramón Castillo offers Chile (1941: Südamerika) and Bolivia (1941: Südamerika) with a Fascist union.

December 9th

The responses come back from Bolivia and Chile. They both accept. They concur that the three rulers from each of the country's should form a Presidental triumvirate.

December 10th

The Fascist Union of South America is declared in Buenos Aires, Argentina, proclaimed the new capital.

December 11th

The Fascist Union declares war on the Allies. German dictator Adolf Hitler sends them congratulations on their new state. Brazil opposes the move and mobilizes its army along the Argentinian border. 

December 12th

Brazil reaches out to Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia to form the Free States of South America. By the end of the day, each country's leader accepts.

December 13th

The FSSA is declared in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil, it is agreed, will be the leader of the center-left Union.

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