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United States Presidential Election, 1940
November 5, 1940
250px-Col Charles Lindbergh-1 220px-FDR in 1933
Nominee Charles Lindbergh Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Party Republican Democratic
Home state New Jersey New York
Running mate Alf Landon Henry Wallace
Electoral vote 282 149
States carried 32 16+DC
Popular vote 54.79% 45.21%

The United States presidential election of 1940 was an unusually fraught one, as the country recovered from the Great Depression and still, somewhat uneasily, faced the specter of war. Increasingly concerned that incumbent Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt would lead the country to war, voters turned to other alternatives, particularly isolationist hero Charles Lindbergh, also a conservative Republican. Although having never held elected office, Lindbergh accepted his candidacy, essentially clearing the field. In November, Lindbergh defeated Roosevelt by almost 10%.