The Invasion of Poland

In 1939, Germany invades Poland, just like in real life. However, the split occurs when France and Britain once again decide to stay neutral. The Invasion of Poland goes very well. However, border disputes begin between Germany and the USSR.

The War of Four Sides

Realizing that Germany is a threat, France invades Belgium. Spain, taking the opportunity the France is away, invades France. Meanwhile, Britain, shocked at this fact, declares war on France. However, Spain also declares war on Britain, making Britain a fourth side in this conflict, surprise-attacking Gibraltar. With the fall of Gibraltar, Britain withdraws from the war.

Meanwhile, France quickly takes Belgium, then turning their full attention to Spain. In the Battle of Barcelona, the French win a desicive victory. The Portuguese join in the war, and Spain is forced to surrender to France.

In the Treaty of Berlin, France gets Belgium and Catalonia. Portugal gets Galacia.

The Second Spanish Civil War, Part 1

With Franco defeated, many Spanish citizens begin an anarchy, and the Republicans return. This begins the Second Spanish Civil War. However, the Second Spanish Civil War is often forgotten, due to a much larger conflict...

The Russo-German War, Part 1

With the surprising French victory in the War of Four Sides, and Britain now severely protecting The Netherlands and Switzerland due to the loss of Belgium, stepping up military activity and building military bases in those two countries, Hitler and his government decide that they cannot go west. However, to the east is the USSR. Ever since the successful Invasion of Poland, the Germans and the Russians were bickering. But Germany knew that it couldn't face the USSR alone. Calling upon Japan, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, rebels within Russia and Italy, it signed the Anti-Comitern Alliance

The Second Spanish Civil War, Part 2

In the Battle of Zaragoza, the rebels took all of northeastern Spain, from Zaragoza to the Pyrenees. Franco summoned a very new, better army, hopefully to defeat these rebels once and for all. However, the Spanish Republic was founded, with Zaragoza as the capitol.

The Russo-German War, Part 2

Following the establishment of the Anti-Comitern Pact, the USSR sent an ultimatum to Germany, demanding it disband the Alliance. However, with Germany's refusal, the Russians declared war. The Soviet Union began a huge offensive on Germany. And with Russian Winter, the Russians were really succeeding. On January 1, 1940, the Russians held all of German Poland.

Meanwhile, Germany recognized that it needed to conquer elseware. French and German delegates met in Luzembourg. Germany accepted the following terms: Germany would help France conquer Luxembourg, and in return France would not declare war on Germany for the Russo-German War.

Luxembourg fell easily, and it was added to French conquests. Meanwhile, in the Treaty of Amsterdam, France promised not to conquer anything else. It was happy with it's territories.

Meanwhile, Germany was not. The Russians were pressing on them to the east. If they managed to defeat Britain, catching it off guard, then that would improve the very low morale.

The Germans declared war on Switzerland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Naturally, Britain declared war. In the Anti-German Pact, Britain, the Soviet Union, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland formed an alliance to ward off the Anti-Comiterns.

Germany blitzkrieged through The Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark. They began unleashing bombs upon all of London. Britain, caught off guard, was forced to exit the war, ceding British South Africa and British South America to Germany. It had been humilitated. With the quick fall of the British. the Germans blizkrieged through Norway and Sweden. They landed in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, ready to push on into the USSR. However, they stopped there. They began to plan what to do next. Meanwhile, Italian troops landed in Estonia. Even Japan planned to get involved.

The Spanish Civil War, Part 3

While the Nazis were planning in eastern Europe,

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