Invasion of Southern Nunavut
Part of the lead-up to World War II
Date 14 May 1933 - 26 May 1933
Location Southern Nunavut
Result ISC victory
  • Southern Nunavut annexed to the ISC
  • Deterioration of Nunavut-Lower Canada relations
Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada)Imperial State of Canada Flag of NunavutNunavut
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada)Jean Vigneault

Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada)Marcel Chartrand

Flag of NunavutPaul Aggluq
8,000 400
Casualties and losses
13 77

The Invasion of Southern Nunavut was a surprise ground invasion of the Southern part of Nunavut by forces of the Imperial State of Canada. ISC forces overwhelmed Nunavut's forces, leading to an easy victory.

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