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1931: Meteorite Strikes (A Glowing Sky)

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Meteorite Stryjski

Date: 15th March, 1931

Location: Park Stryjski, Lviv, Second Polish Republic

Diameter: Estimated 5 meters

Deaths/Injuries: Roughly 200 deaths and 185 injuries

Notes: The name comes from the park it hit 'Park Stryjski'

Meteorite Druga

Date: 15th March, 1931

Location: An isloated road outside Lviv, Second Polish Republic

Diameter: Estimated 1.5 meter

Deaths/Injuries: 2 deaths and 1 injury

Notes: The name comes the polish word for 'second' as this is the worldwide excepted second meteorite strike in the 'Meteorite Phase'. The deaths and injury were two cars driving along a road.

Meteorite Tian

Date: 6th April, 1931

Location: Tian Shan Mountains, Central Asia

Diameter: Estimated 12 meters

Deaths/Injuries: Estimated 0

Notes: The name comes from the mountains the meteorite crashed in.

Meteorite Lamb

Date: 2nd May, 1931

Location: New York, United States of America

Diameter: 12 meters

Deaths/Injuries: 37,500

Notes: The meteorite hit the Empire State Building a day after it was built which caused to topple over and collapse. The name came from the person who created the Empire State Building.

Meteorite Reichstag

Date: 18th June, 1931

Location: Berlin, Wiemar Republic

Diameter: Estimated 4.3 meters

Deaths/Injuries: Roughly 6,000 deaths and 18,000 injuries

Notes: The name comes from the building it hit: the Reichstag.

Meteorite Pasifik

Date: 21st June, 1931

Location: Pacific Ocean, Near Indonesia

Diameter: 26 meters

Deaths/Injuries: 12, 2 injured

Notes: The name comes from the Indonesian word of Pacific. The deaths and injuries were from a fishing boat.

Meteorite Cook

Date: 3rd July, 1931

Location: Cook Islands, South Pacific

Diameter: 15 meters.

Deaths/Injuries: Estimated 12,000 deaths

Notes: The name comes from the name of the islands. This killed majority of people on the Rarotonga island. This would also lead the New Zealand commonwealth.

Meteorite Mayflower

Date: 15th November, 1931

Location: Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts, United States

Diameter: 25 meters

Deaths/Injuries: Estimated 30,000

Notes: The name comes from the Pilgrim ship, the Mayflower. The meteorite hit the bay causes mass flooding

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