1929: Calvin Coolidge is sworn in as the 31st President of the United States

1930: Congress passes the "Economic Deregulation act", which peels back several regulations of the Roosevelt, Lafolette, and Smith presidencies.

1931: Despite a booming economy, Coolidge acknowledges that he will not be seeking a second term as president.

1932: With growing crime from Prohibition, Coolidge's popularity has dipped significantly, particularly in heavily urban states such as Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois. In addition, the loss of jobs for grain farmers has caused his popularity to drop in the midwest. In the election, the Progressive Party nominates Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the Conservative party nominates Harry Byrd from Virginia (who was never endorsed by the pro-civil rights President Coolidge) Roosevelt wins the election by a landslide and sets up a Progressive coalition of northeastern Urban and western Agricultural areas, while Byrd decisively wins in former confederate states.

1933: 2 weeks before Roosevelt's inauguration, the economy crashes. Roosevelt, upon taking office, responds through public works projects and regulatory legislation. Roosevelt also repeals prohibition, believing the repeal will create jobs in the midwest and lower crime in urban areas.

1934: Roosevelt suspends the gold standard, to the ire of conservatives.

1935: The economy is still weak, but has improved since Roosevelt has taken office

1936: Roosevelt is enthusiastically renominated by the Progressive National convention with Henry Wallace being nominated as Vice President. The Conservative party nominates Herbert Hoover, who has a moderate image, with Kansas Governor Alf Landon being nominated as Vice President.  Hoover and Landon lose by a landslide, winning only Maine, Vermont, and Pennsylvania.

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