The European Front

The EA armies (German, Austrian, French, Italian, British, Greek, Serbian, Turkish, and Bulgarian-Romanian rebels) were ready to march on New Year's Day. The strong army crossed into Bulgaria, and fought off the few resisting Bulgarian troops. By the end of the month, only the coastal areas and Sofia were still under Soviet control. The EA troops attacked the north, and pounded on Sofia from all sides. The few Soviet troops left inside resisted bravely, until the last man. Everyday, German Fokkers and French artillery pounded the city and destroyed most of its buildings. The Bulgarian puppet-government held on until the end of February. By this time, most civilians in the city had had enough of the occupation and siege. On March 1st 1924, Sofia revolted and threw the Soviet forces out. Stalin was able to cross into Romania and back into Russia, where he would organize yet another attack. On March 5th 1924, the Socialist Republic of Bulgaria's government fell and with it came the EA soldiers. The head of the SRB government, Russian general Ivan Vassiliev was killed by the rebels. Meanwhile in western Russia, the EA troops there were able to break the Soviet lines in Smolensk, and crush a worker's rebellion, supported by Trotsky. The road to Moscow was cleared, but the EA Northern troops were forced to wait for the Southern troops to arrive. The Soviet troops in Romanian having fled with Stalin, only the weak puppet-state troops were left to defend themselves. However, Romanian Patriotic Guerrilla troops marched through the country and the capital, killing every defender on the way. By the end of May, Romania and Moldova were cleared of Soviet troops. Stalin having retreated to the Volga, the EA troops were able to easily take Ukraine by mid-June and meet with Stalin's forces on the Volga by the end of June. The Battle of the Volga began on July 4th 1924. Stalin's decimated army was no match for the huge EA forces. His few forces were marched over by the German army. The French Imperial Guard fought with determination, fighting the grandsons of the Russian soldiers of 1812. By July 7th 1924, Stalin and most of his army laid dead on the banks of the Great Volga. The small Red Navy had surrendered with the remaining Red Army. The EA troops, aided by the newly-captured Red riverboats, marched upstream towards Moscow. The Kaiser's army reached the gates of Moscow on July 23rd 1924, and the Northern EA Army reached Moscow the following day. The rest of the Southern Army arrived by August 1st. Only Moscow still resisted to the EA troops. The siege of Moscow began on August 1st 1924. The EA troops were surprised to meet no resistance by the Soviet forces. The reason behind the lack of defense was that Romanov rebels had joined the few Moscow rebels, and had killed Trotsky and made his army surrender. The Romanov troops raised the white flag and surrendered the city. Their leader, Tsarevich Alexis contacted the EA troops are offered them the Soviet surrender.

The Asian Front

The rapidity of events in China surprised the EA soldiers. When the Franco-German troops reached Shanghai, the Japanese were gone and instead the Chinese Nationalist troops occupied the city. Maoist forces in Yunnan surrendered by late January, and the Maoist strongholds finally fell in March 1924. By April 1st, Thailand and the Maoist forces were out of the Big 5 Alliance (Big 3). Manchukuo surrendered on May 17th, and Korea was liberated by August 1924. Only mainland Japan held on. The EA troops, unwilling to invade the mainland offered Japan very clement peace terms. The military refused, but under the Emperor's and the people's pressure, the Prime Minister resigned and the Army accepted to surrender. An EA plane touched down in Tokyo on September 2nd to accept Japan's surrender. On September 3rd 1924, the world celebrated the end of the war. The rulers of the victorious powers were acclaimed in their respective capitals, and governments-in-exile were restored in their countries.

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