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United States Presidential Election, 1920
November 2, 1920
Alexander Mitchell Palmer 395px-Frank O Lowden portrait
Nominee Alexander Palmer Frank O. Lowden
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Pensylvania Illinois
Running mate John W. Davis Howard Sutherland
Electoral vote 292 239
States carried 26 22
Popular vote 13,480,565 11,803,189
Percentage 50.2% 46.7%
The United States presidential election of 1920 was the 34th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 2, 1920. The Democrats nominated the US Attorney General and conservative Alexander Mitchell Palmer, whilst the Republicans turned to the Illinois Governor Frank Lowden. 

The election was dominated by the aftermath of the World War, and the effects on the nation, as well as more minor events, such as the Red Scare and the labour riots of the late 1910's. Palmer, despite leading for the majority of the race, was attacked by most political groups during the election due to his directing of the Palmer raids against anarchist, socialists and communists during 1919. He campaigned against "internationalism" and the newly formed International Executive, as well as anarchists, who during the election season partook in a wave of bombings that furthered Palmer's own electoral base. 

Winning both the electoral vote and popular votes by both sizeable margins, Palmer defeated Lowden, reaffirming Democratic control of the White House, and bringing about a new era of American conservatism.