Europe: Summer of Nation-2

Irish civil war

Part of the Sinn Fein party has not accepted the agreement with Britain, demanding full independence, and formed the Fianna Fáil party, headed by Eamon de Valera. Also, the agreement did not recognize the Irish Republican Army and Irish socialists proclaimed in Limerick Socialist Irish Republic in 1920. Although already in 1920, supporters of the truce with the support of British troops captured Limerick, and by 1923 all centers of resistance had been suppressed, the communists and radical nationalists continued guerrilla warfare and terrorist attacks against Irish government and her British allies until in 1926 armistice was concluded.

Ukrainian war

In 1920-1921, Ukrainian nationalists, led by Simon Petlyura and Michael Hruschevsky revolt that engulfed most of the Ukraine. They proclaimed Ukrainian People's Republic. Poland taking advantage of situation and attacked Russia, while majority of Russian army was engaged in suppression of peasant revolts. As a result, at the Battle of Kharkov and the Battle of the Minsk combined Polish-Ukrainian forces defeated the Russian army. Only the Poles in the Smolensk area halted. After that, Russia, Ukraine and Poland signed a Treaty of Bucharest. For him, Russia recognized the independence of Ukraine and give Belarus to Poland, Also, Poland annexed former Austrian Galicia and West Ukraine.

Nationalists Russia

The military and rightists announced the defeat of the war in the Ukrainian "national disgrace" and organized a military coup. Liberal and Socialist parties were banned. Came to power far right- Octobrists and Black Hundredists. President of Russia became Alexander Guchkov, Russia became a nationalists states. In 1921 were suppressed by the last centres of resistance to extreme left-Bolshevik uprising in Kronstadt and peasant uprising in Tambov province. Since the beginning of the Volga famine (1921-1923), peasant revolts ended, however, Russia had to ask West for food aid

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