June 28, 1914

Gavrilo Princip Assassinates Franz Ferdinand on the Appel Quay. He dies hours later.

July 1914

Austria-Hungary gives Serbia the July Ultimatum, Serbia accepts all the terms except term 7, which would allow Germany to enter Serbia and dismantle the Black Hand, the group responsible for assassinating Franz Ferdinand.

July 28, 1914

Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.

July 29, 1914

Russia attacks Germany, forcing France and Great Britain to then declare war on Germany, Austria then declares war on France and Great Britain.

August 2, 1914

Germany executes the Schlieffen Plan. France does not react quickly enough. By August 3rd, Belgium falls to Germany.

Russia launches massive assault on East Prussia.

August 3, 1914

Germans meet no French along the Belgian border. They press on to the Aisne.

August 5, 1914

The Germans reach the Aisne, The Battle of France takes place, France loses, French begin fortifying Paris.

August 6, 1914

10,000 British land, Germans begin march to Paris.

August 7, 1914

Russian advance into Germany is destroyed at Tannenberg, Russians lose 233,000 men, while Germany loses 9,000, in the greatest strategic defence in history (at the time).

Russians dig in on the Eastern front.

Germans are surprised by a British attack at Mons, Germans crush British.

August 8, 1914

Germans regroup, press 15 miles from Paris.

August 12, 1914

Battle of Chaumont takes place, German Army fight the last battle on the Western Front,

August 13, 1914

German Army reaches Paris, France surrenders.

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