Imperial Spanish Antarctic Expedition Map (Textured)

Manolo's route over King Alfonso Land

The 1913 Spanish Antarctic Expedition was the first Imperial Expedition onto the continent of Antarctica by Spanish explorers. Led by Gaspar Manolo, an officer hailing from the Spanish navy, the main objective of the expedition was to lay a claim a portion of the continent, and an extensive geologic survey of the landscape.

Taking place over a 2 year period between September 19, 1913 and October 4, 1915, Gaspar led one exploration team west in the summer of 1914, claiming a large swath of land for the Spanish Empire, and naming it King Alfonso Land, after King Alfonso XIII.

The expedition itself allowed Spain to have a true presence on the continent, and begun a series of expeditions that would last well into the 1930's.

El Correo Antarctic Epedition (1915)

A Spanish newspaper announcing Manolo's return to civilization

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