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1910 FIFA World Cup
Tournament details
Host country Austria
City Vienna
Dates April 10-April 27
Teams 15 (from 2 confederations)
Venue(s) 1 (host cities: Vienna)
Final positions
Champions Flag of England England
Runners-up Flag of Belgium Belgium
Third place Flag of Argentina (alternative) Argentina
Fourth place Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Austria
Tournament statistics
Matches played 17
Goals scored 59 (3.47 per match)
Flag of France 1906
Flag of England 1914

The 1910 FIFA World Cup was the second FIFA World Cup. It took place in Austria from the 10 to 27 April.

Fifteen teams entered the second World Cup as the tournament became a knockout comeptition instead of the group stage that it was in the previous World Cup. With Uruguay absent because of the civil war, England would take their first title and became the second World Cup champions after defeating Belgium 2-1 in the final.


Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Austria  
19 April
 Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Austria  2
10 April
Replayed: 11 April
   St Patrick's saltire Ireland  1  
 St Patrick's saltire Ireland  1 (1)
24 April
 Flag of France France  1 (0)  
 Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Austria  2
11 April
   Flag of Belgium Belgium  3  
 Flag of Belgium Belgium  5
20 April
Replayed: 21 April
 Flag of Norway Norway  0  
 Flag of Belgium Belgium  0 (5)
12 April
   Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands  0 (1)  
 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands  3
27 April - Vienna
 Flag of Sweden Sweden  1  
 Flag of Belgium Belgium  1
13 April
   Flag of England England  2
 Flag of Scotland Scotland  2
22 April
 Flag of Denmark Denmark  4  
 Flag of Denmark Denmark  1
14 April
   Flag of Argentina (alternative) Argentina  2  
 Flag of Wales Wales  0
25 April
 Flag of Argentina (alternative) Argentina  5  
 Flag of Argentina (alternative) Argentina  0
15 April
   Flag of England England  2   Third place
 Flag of England England  2
21 April  
 Flag of Hungary (1867-1918) Hungary  0  
 Flag of England England  3      
16 April
Replayed: 17 April
   Flag of Switzerland Switzerland  0        
 Flag of the German Empire Germany  2 (2)
 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland  2 (3)  

Round 1

10 April 1910
St Patrick's saltire Ireland 1-1 Flag of France France
Murray Soccerball shade 46' Tousset Soccerball shade 25'

11 April 1910
St Patrick's saltire Ireland 1-0 Flag of France France
Thompson Soccerball shade 75'

11 April 1910
Flag of Belgium Belgium 5-0 Flag of Norway Norway
Six Soccerball shade 46', Soccerball shade 77'
Cambier Soccerball shade 28'
Paternoster Soccerball shade 67'
De Veen Soccerball shade 88'

12 April 1910
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 3-1 Flag of Sweden Sweden
Van der Wolk Soccerball shade 13'89'
Lutjens Soccerball shade 41'
Gustafsson Soccerball shade 65'

13 April 1910
Flag of Scotland Scotland 2-4 Flag of Denmark Denmark
Quinn Soccerball shade 21'
Devine Soccerball shade 60'
Middelboe Soccerball shade 32', Soccerball shade 66'
Nørland Soccerball shade 12'
Nielsen Soccerball shade 42'

14 April 1910
Flag of Wales Wales 0-5 Flag of Argentina (alternative) Argentina
Brown Soccerball shade 13'43'76'
Viale Soccerball shade 1'
Weiss Soccerball shade 71'

15 April 1910
Flag of England England 2-0 Flag of Hungary (1867-1918) Hungary
Hibbert Soccerball shade 24', Soccerball shade 55'

16-4-1910: Germany 2-2 Switzerland (Replay: 3-2 in favor of Switzerland)

Quarter Finals

19-4-1910: Austria 2-1 Ireland
20-4-1910: Belgium 0-0 Netherlands (Replay: 5-1 in favor of Belgium)
21-4-1910: England 3-0 Switzerland
22-4-1910: Denmark 1-2 Argentina

Semi Finals

24-4-1910: Austria 2-3 Belgium
25-4-1910: Argentina 0-2 England


27 April 1910
Flag of Belgium Belgium 1-2 Flag of England England
Cambier Soccerball shade 56' Parkinson Soccerball shade 11'
Bond Soccerball shade 87'


Tournament team rankings

R Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Flag of England England 440091+88
2 Flag of Belgium Belgium 421194+55
Eliminated in the semi finals
3 Flag of Argentina (alternative) Argentina 320173+44
4 Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Austria 21014402
Eliminated in the quarter finals
5 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 211031+23
6 Flag of Denmark Denmark 210154+12
7 St Patrick's saltire Ireland 201123−11
8 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 201125−31
Eliminated in the round of 16
9 Flag of the German Empire Germany 10102201
10 Flag of France France 10101101
11 Flag of Scotland Scotland 100124−20
12 Flag of Sweden Sweden 100113−20
13 Flag of Hungary (1867-1918) Hungary 100102−20
=14 Flag of Norway Norway 100105−50
Flag of Wales Wales 100105−50

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