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1910: The Great War

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Welcome! This POD concentrates on if German troops fire on a rioting crowd in a Russian city right on the German-Russian Border leading to a world-wide war.

List of nations


  • 1910 May 5th, German Troops fire into Russian Rioters in a city right on the German-Russian border. Russia is infuriated
  • 1910 May 7th, Russia demands Germany explains why its troops provoked the peace between the two nations. Germany gives no response
  • 1910 May 8th, Russia declares war on Germany. Austria-Hungary and France declare neutrality
  • 1910 May 13th, Britain sides with Russia. Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Austria Hungary sign the Eurasia neutrality pact
  • 1910 May 18th, Germany invades Britain in an surprise attack. The largest British fleet in Europe is trapped by the German navy in Manchester.
  • 1910 May 20th, British troops counterattack and the Germans begin to dig in.

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