The 18th Five-Year Plan is the current Five-Year Plan for the Soviet Economy.


Withstanding the effects of the 2008 Recession, the Soviet Government began efforts to focus on the formation of Science and Space Exploration Committees to surpass the United States. Zyuganov had pitched the idea of Ministries in order to help ease the government's role in Authorizing and Planning studies. 


  • Reconstruction of Abandoned Factories across the Soviet Union
  • Expulsion of Most Western Companies
  • Increase in Price Control
  • Increase in the Minimum Wage
  • Reinforcing the Ban of Private Firms, Ownership (except for Small Farms, Small Businesses, "Pleasure Food", and any other provisions of the Zyuganov reforms)
  • Increase in Public Works
  • Creation of the Ministry of Science and Environmental Research
  • Creation of the Ministry of Data to oversee the Soviet Version of the Internet
  • Bans on Social Media sites across the 15 SSR's
  • Encourage the creation of "Russian Smartphones" in the M.S.E.R. and M.O.D.A.

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