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Emperor Alamgir I declared war on the declining Safavid Empire to recapture Kandahar.


End of the Hindustani-Safavid War. Kandahar falls back under Hindustani control.


The Hotaki Empire rebels against Hindustani control over Kandahar and looks to the Safavids for annexation.


The Hotaki Empire conquers the Safavid Empire. Beginning of a period of anarchy in Persia.


Beginning of Nader Shah's rise to power within the Hotaki Empire.


Nadir Shah conquers the Hotaki Empire, beginning the Afsharid Empire.


Nadir Shah attempts to invade Hindustan. He fails because of their investment into strength and they are powerful and is stopped at Srinagar.


Ottoman-Persian War. The Ottomans, after years of over expansionism, are weak and Persia successfully conquers land as far as Egypt by 1740.


Hindustani assassins murder Nader Shah.


Persia falls into chaos. By this point, Hindustan is weak and European influence begins to creep on them.


Battle of Plasi. Hindustani forces are defeated in a long battle with England. France loses their influence as England is now the only nation that is allowed to trade with Hindustan. Industrial Revolution begins.


Involvement with Hindustan weakens England. France begins a conquest of the Deccan, vassal using most of it.


English attacks on Île Royale fail.


Russo-Turkish War begins. The Russians have a large advantage.


Great European War begins. New France invaded by Britain.


Russo-Turkish War ends. Russia gains Crimea.


Second Treaty of Aix-La-Chappelle. New France east of the Ottawa River seceded to Britain, while France is assured dominance over the Deccan.


British North America declares independence. French troops support the British as ships from New and old France block the British fleet from having a major role in the American Revolution. There are more Patriots than OTL due to more taxation after the more powerful France fought with Britain.


Louis XVI is overthrown by the more liberal Louis XVII in the French Revolution.


All of British North America excluding the West Indies and Nova Scotia is given to the "United States of America." The war was longer than OTL due to their capture of Louisiana.

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