What about if Britain became Communist? That's how it will be for me: The Russian Empire will become democratic and Lenin, disenchanted of with what Communism had become and seeing that his comrades of the Communist Party accepted western democracy decided to emigrate to the United Kingdom in 1897 together with all his family and tries to make the revolution there?In 1897 they would have started to make Communist propaganda and they were arrested under the 1848 law of treason with the excuse that "They were promoting republicanism" a euphemism to not say that they didn't condemn him and his whole family because they were making Communist propaganda.

After a court trial, Lenin had no condement but to return home, where he will be detained again for few months by the Okhrana (the Russian political police of the Russian Empire). When he was freed, he searched a place where he can be exiled and to promote Communism. He finds exile in Switzerland.

In 1905, the constitutional monarchy revolution in Russia triumphs and the Russian Empire becomes democratic. so here it is, in 1921, prior to in OTL independence of Ireland, the Communist Party of Britain will won the elections because an advancement in the elections of two years caused by Irish Insurrections, at this time, they still were Irish-Unionists and some districts of Dublin were mostly unionist. The Communist Party has acquired a Force that it had not acquired in any country except Russia (though in a democratic form) in the UK and wins the 1921 elections. Then, a civil war that not affects the people because is fought mostly in battlefields and only between the armies between monarchists and Communists/republicans erupts. Communists win the War with the help of the republicans, which have a group reserved in the National People's Assembly (equivalent to the in OTL Chamber of Commons and the first socialist state in the world , the British Socialist Federal Republic, is founded, a referendum on independence is held on Ireland and unionists win because the promise of self government of Communists that unites both Communists and ex-independents. The country endures until our days and continues to being a superpower. It is the most democratic socialist country in the world, having impartial elections between different candidates and lists in and off the Communist Party. Although there is always a Supreme People's commission that guides the country in a Communist way.

Britain gave independence to all its colonies in 1921. The Commonwealth is still created, though the countries forming part have not to be socialist.


  • PD: Each constituent country (the form of organization of the old UK remains) has its own national anthem apart from the national anthem of the BSFR (I vow to thee my country+the internationale+amhrán na bHfiánn), England maintains the melody of God Save the Queen but substitutes the word "queen" for "country" and replaces all mention to the queen to mentions to socialism and Lenin, plus banning (they were already not sung) all lyrics of the anthem that talked against Scotland. The National anthem is provisional due to proposals of retaking the melody of God Save the Queen but with other lyrics making mentions to Britain, Socialism and Lenin.
  • PD2: The BSFR is second country in the world with highest standard and welfare level, following Norway.

Welcome to the World of a Communist Britain.

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