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History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

The Sinican Collapse:
The New Colonialism:

1887(1134) Rome began penetrating the Atlanticus side of South Terranova, forming colonies and acquiring plunder to offset Nihonian expansions on the continent’s west coast. Also this year, a disastrous flooding of the Soung’s (one of the Sinican factions) Yellow river killed anywhere from 1-6 million people and devastated crops, weakening the kingdom considerably.

1889(1136) Nihonia began expanding north into the Kamchatka regions while still colonizing the Ulterior Australis islands.

Also this year, the Novgorod Feudal Republic, the most advanced Slavic state (and structured to harness Rome’s republican ideals without losing sole rule), had conquered much of the other Slavs. Muscovy and its allies are not placated, but ties are becoming more peaceful.

1890(1137) The Commonwealth civil war ended in negotiations with a neat, perfectly straight line dividing the north and south into the northern Commonwealth of Terranova and the southern Cuashium Confederation. Roman expansion in north Terranova would halt by 1892(1139) with the last new regions organized into Vendatia and Cadosan province.

Independant Terranova

Also this year, All wooden navy ship production in Rome’s navy stopped in favour of metal hulls. The Nihonians and Terranovans, still with their vast forests, were threatening Rome’s domination of Shipbuilding, this got rid of the problem for now though without more advanced metal working techniques, most of the hulls contained many impurities and rusted easily.

Over the next three years, three serious earthquakes in Syria and Armenia caused over 200 000 deaths.

1892(1139) Moesia Inferior was voted into Senatorialship. Most of tribal eastern Europe has been conquered by the Muskovites.

1893(1140) Rome began colonies in Africa Australis and Ulterior Australis’ largest landmass. Nihonia was already reaching for the island continent’s most northern tip and the Senate made many monetary bonuses for colonists from all over the Empire to settle the new regions.

Also this year more expansions were made in Scandia.

1895(1142) Nihonia reached north Terranova through the Kurisu Strait into Nupiatica.

The Senate had switched over to complete territorial expansion now and all campaigns presented with strategic, economic or political profit guarantees were well funded and manned. Since arms production was now so cheap, and Imperial ships the most advanced ever in the world, invasions were relatively inexpensive anywhere a landing was possible. Consolidation later may be an issue but it ought to be fine.

Yoel Lucilius Polinus explores what he initially calls the Islands of Faces (~Insulae Ductii). Through misunderstandings and Polinus' own slurring and illegible handwriting, the islands became known as Ductum Albula. He discovered a species of giant flightless birds called 'Mari' by the natives. Through the same distortions the Roman world comes to know them as 'Maorai'. Roman sport hunters would find this bird an amusing prey.

1896(1143) The south Terranova provinces of Amazonayas, Panari and Vuditania were formed.

Senatorial1896 1143

The current Emperor is not really important but his name was Fabricus Antonius Cerularius and he’d been in office three years.

The Sinican Collapse:
The New Colonialism (Aeab):

History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

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