1880 DanubianFederationEqualsFlag 1885
The Danubian Election of 1884
Turnout 94%
Maurras-Lilic Lukas Banik Pic Fo E Krej
Nominee Jovan Lilic Lukáš Banik Edvard Krejčí
Party Danubian Patriotic Union Radical Union of the Federation Federal Democratic Party
Alliance CU CU
Home state Illyria Slovakia Bohemia
Running mate Francesco de Palma Francesco de Palma Alexandros Petrakis
Popular vote 7,571,779 5,156,497 1,605,390
Percentage 53% 36% 11%
Skala Jr
Nominee Johan Skala Jr.
Party New Martial & Security League

Home state Bohemia
Running mate None
Popular vote 0
Percentage 0%
President before election
Jovan Lilic
Danubian Patriotic Union
Jovan Lilic
Danubian Patriotic Union

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