The 1877 Suva Conference is a conference for the Honolulu Pact, called for by Hawai'i. Its main purpose is to formally settle the Cook Islands dispute, although the colonial future of the Pacific may also be discussed amongst members of the Pact. Discussions shall begin in 1877.5.

Invited Nations

  • Hawai'i
  • Siam
  • Bora Bora
  • Japan
  • Samoa (MOD)
  • Fiji (MOD) (host nation)


  • Hawaii: Discussions have begun. Japan and Bora Bora, please post your proposals to divide the Cook Islands. ~Orange
  • Siam: I did want to join, I just didn't have the chance to post before the turn was over. -Yellowcat5
    • Hawaii: Join the pact? Or attend the conferece? ~Orange
    • Siam: Both if possible. -Yellowcat5
  • Samoa (MOD): We demand Rarotonga's independence. ~Wrto12
  • Fiji (MOD): We demand Rarotonga's independence. ~Wrto12
  • Hawaii: Just a notice, the Cook Islands were never a sovereign nation. The only government it was ever under was Rarotonga, which was unified with Bora Bora years ago; correct me if I am wrong. Revision: Rarotonga willingly joined. ~Orange
  • Cook
    Bora Bora:
    That is correct. As for the Cook islands I propose this... ~ Kaiser
  • Korea: We would like to join the conference and claim a piece of the islands.
  • Bora Bora: With what claims?
  • Japan: I believe Korea does not need to have any discussion in the cook islands dispute considering it is a small dispute. I will be happy with keeping a zone for naval control so i don't have to worry about Guano exports not reaching mainland Japan and the island of Mangaia for a naval base to defend my Guano mines.
  • Bora Bora: So we retain control of the islands while Japan gets Guano mines, a naval base on Mangaia, and open naval borders in this area. I can agree to this.
  • Hawai'i: In the case that Japan and Bora Bora agree to the negotiated proposal, we can declare the dispute settled.