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1876 Presidential Elections (A Federation of Equals)

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1872 DanubianFederationEqualsFlag 1880
The Danubian Election of 1876
Turnout 63%
428px-William McKinley by Courtney Art Studio, 1896 Larivière - Adolphe Niel (détail) Jakopin
Nominee Aetios Spiros Nicolò Donato Charles Jakopin
Party Radical Union of the Federation Danubian Patriotic Union All-Danubian Conservative Party
Alliance FDP

Home state Crete Cisalpina Slovenia
Running mate None None None
Popular vote 10,727,792 4,597,994 0
Percentage 70% 30%
President before election
Aetios Spiros
Radical Union of the Federation
Aetios Spiros
Radical Union of the Federation

The Candidates

National Reform Union
Nominee: Aetios Spiros

  • Pro-Military
  • Secularism
  • Interventionism
  • Free-trade
  • Full Citizenship

Danubian Patriotic Union
Nominee: Nicolò Donato

  • Pro-Military
  • Pluralism
  • Interventionism
  • Free Trade
  • Limited Citizenship

All-Danubian Conservative Party
Nominee: Charles Jakopin

  • Pro-Military
  • Secularism
  • Interventionism
  • Free Trade
  • Full-Citizenship

The Results

The elections of 1876 were a mess. For the first time in Federal history since it became mandatory to place nominees for the Vice-Presidency on the ballot, not one major party announced their candidate’s running mate in advance of election. Worse, no party published a manifesto outlining their policies beyond the briefest and vaguest of words, between which there was little difference in the four main candidate’s views; such was the similarity that two candidates dropped out to endorse their rivals, leaving just the President and his DPU opponent, Donato, in the race - the press hardly stirred. On the day, Spiros held his office, taking 70% of the vote, in the process becoming the first President to be legally barred from running again; yet, his victory was merely thanks to his success at not losing – if politicians were apathetic towards the voters, the voters positively hated their overlords.

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