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  • October 21 - The British fleet under the command of Horatio Nelson is defeated by the French at the Battle of Trafalgar.
  • November 2 - News of the defeat reaches London, King George III is so shocked that he suffers a fatal heart attack.
  • December 2 - The Russo-Austrian Army is defeated by Napoleon at the Battle of Austerlitz.
  • December 4 - The Peace of Pressburg is signed, leading to the collapse and eventual annexation of Austria.


  • July 12 - The Confederation of the Rhine is formed by numerous German states.
  • July 14 - Prussia declares war on France, and sends an military to stop the formation of the CoR.
  • July 18 - Battle of Frankfurt occurs, sending Prussian forces into retreat, with the French army on there tail.
  • August 13 - Napoleon's forces capture Berlin and the Prussian Empire signs the Treaty of Berlin, leading to its dissolution and annexed by the French Empire.
  • November 28 - The French army enters Warsaw, bringing down the last remnants of the old Europe.







  • July 21: President James Madison declares war on the British Crown, and orders the assemble of the militia.
  • August 2: American militia begins to assemble to march onto York, most of which are from New York and Pennsylvania.

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