The 1804 SCP Meeting was a meeting of the SCP in Vienna to discuss the Global Crisis. The meeting discussed Brazilian Crisis, Napoleon's rise to power and the wars in Asia

Invited Parties



The Brazilian Independence Movement




Hannover (under personal union with the UK)

Knights Hospitalier (client state of the UK)

Brazilian Crisis

The Brazilian Crisis is ongoing, each time the balance of Power Shifting. If action isn't taken then it may cause the end of the SCP. (Both belligerents in the Crisis are members).

British proposal:

  • Brazil gets independence
  • Brazil accepts the Portuguese royalty as it's rulers
  • Brazil is a client state of Portugal, allowed to make its own policies except the foreign relations, which are to be decided by Portugal and Brazil together


  • Hannover
  • Knights Hospitalier


Brazil: NO way I'm going to become a monarch, I'm becoming democratic end of story.


  • British dip: We want to see Brazil's proposal.


Austrian Proposal

The Portuguese Monarch is recognised as "King/Queen of Brazil" but has no real power upon the province.

Brazil is democratic.

Brazil is virtually independent but is in the Portuguese Commonwealth.

Portugal must help Brazil.

Both nations must trade.




Better than the British proposal but I still don't like Portugal King or Queen being the King and Queen of Brazil. I offer a different proposal.


Brazilian Proposal

Brazil becomes an American styled government and no queen or king could rule over it.

Brasil is democratic.

Brazil is virtually independent but is still in the Portugeese Commonwealth.

Portugal must help Brazil.

Both nations must trade.

Portugal is welcomed into the SCP.






The War of the Third Coalition

Russian Dip: We should make peace with France just until 1805 campaign season. We all need to reorganize our armies. We will never beat France without better planning and premeditation. Make peace take reasonable terms and we can come up with a careful plan to win the war not just some foolhardy invasion. I want to destroy France just as much but time.

British dip: We agree, as we need to not only focus on France, but also on their ally, the Netherlands.

Capital of the SCP

The SCP currently doesn't have a capital, that should be changed. The Cities that need to be voted on are: Vienna, St Petersburg, Moscow, London, Koenigsberg or Berlin.

  • Brazilian dip: London
  • Pruissia: we as pruissia want a Pruissian city as capital because i am still the founder and leader of SCP
  • British dip: We'd like to poin out that Königsberg, Moscow and St. Petersburg are remote from the rest of the SCP. Also, Berlin is undeveloped and unsuitable for hosting the SCP. Vienna and London are the two most reasonable locations, though Lisbon might be a good location as well.
  • Austrian Dip: I would like to verify is Russia part of the SCP anyway.
  • Russia DIp: I see no reason why we need a capital. All your doing is showing favouritism to one group for no practical benefit,

Application on joining the SCP

Currently any country can join the SCP which may cause problems in future. From now members should apply.

A Pact and selection of Rules

As we are called the SCP we need a pact and selection of rules.

Constitution on Joining

Article I

All nations must coperate in trade deals and must militaristically support each other.

Article II

To join you must apply and be recognised as an official State. Colonies may join but only with recognition by the mother state.

Article III

France and the Netherlands our prohibited from joining.*

Article IV

1% of your economy must go to the SCP.

Article V

Declaring War on an SCP member means your immediate exclusion.

Article VI

There are 5 stages of application: Stage 1: Applying, Stage 2:Signing the Pact, Stage 3: Becoming an observer, Stage 4:Becoming A Special Member, Stage 5: Official Membership *2

Article VII

Any member who betrays the SCP will be excluded and will cope with embargo.

*These may be an exception with the Netherlands if they stop supporting France

*2 It will take about 10 turns to complete the cycle.


  • Brazil
  • UK
  • Hannover
  • Knights Hospitalier



there is now a page for SCP people so if you have ideas for rules contoct vinnyusBE mapping

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