1802: Gold and silver are discovered in western Louisiana Territory and a gold rush begins, boosting the population of the colony.

1803: The United States asks to buy Louisiana from France, and the offer is declined due to the discovery of gold in the colony. France purchases Spain's claim to the Oregon Country for seven million francs and a trade deal. A road from New Orleans to the Pacific Coast is begun by the French.

1804: Louisiana continues to grow as thousands continue to migrate to the colony from around the world, and by the years end Louisiana's population will reach 217,000 people.

1805: The Peace almost shatters in Europe when the British seize a French cargo ship to pick up to British citizens who they say were "kidnapped." War is avoided at the last minute when the United States offers to mediate a peace settlement, which ends in the Treaty of Glasgow, which grants both sides trading privileges and makes the two sides as well as five other signatories (Spain, Prussia, Austria, Russia, and Sweden.), have no more than 100,000 men each. The United States declines joining the signatories as it is considered as non-isolationist.

1806: Louisiana continues to grow by leaps and bounds in population as well as in wealth until the total of imports and exports of the colony is just below one-sixth of France itself.

1807: The United States begins preparations for an attack on Spain's Caribbean colonies, namely Cuba and Puerto Rico as well as some other minor islands. The Franco-American alliance is proclaimed in late December.

1808: The United States continues preparations for an invasion of Cuba and Puerto Rico. France begins planning for an invasion of Spain to set up the Spanish Empire as a French puppet state as Napoleon's brother, Joseph Bonaparte, was forced from the throne soon after the Peace of 1802.

1809: The USA and France both agree to invade Spain and its colonies in 1812. 30,000 French troops are sent to the United States to help train US Forces.


The World In 1808

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