17 Point Plan
Axis and Allied Cooperation Plan
Type of treaty Peace Plan
Drafted 24 December 1944
May 19, 1945
Zurich, Switzerland
Sealed June 3, 1945
Effective June 8, 1945
Signatories Axis and Allies
Languages English, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

 The 17 Point Plan was an Australian treaty, created to end the Second World War, and bring peace between the Axis and Allied powers.

17 Points

  1. Egypt will be given independence, but Germany will retain the Suez Canal Zone.
  2. Palestine and Syria will be given independence.
  3. France will reclaim most of France
  4. Belgium will be given independence
  5. Denmark will be given independence
  6. Tunisia will be given independence
  7. Madagascar and all surrounding islands will be given independence
  8. Sudan will be given independence
  9. Germany will retain parts of Eastern France and Holland. (This is to protect the Ruhr industrial area.)
  10. Southern Algeria will be given to France
  11. Gibraltar will be given back to Britain.
  12. Holland will remain under occupation.
  13. Italy will pull out of France
  14. Italy will retain Yugoslavia but lose the rest of their conquests.
  15. Italy will withdraw from Sudan.
  16. Alsace and Lorraine will vote on whether they shall be French or German.
  17. Britain will withdraw from Iceland.

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