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This is a detailed timeline chronicling the events from 1798 to 1800 in The Viscount Has Fallen.

French Dominance in Egypt and Europe (1798 - )

Bonaparte vs Bey (08/5/1798 - xx/xx/1798)​

Due to the French victory at Aboukir Bay, General Napoleon Bonaparte and his Army of the Orient (----) would be able to receive supplies and reinforcements from France without interference from the Royal Navy. The destruction of the British fleet in the area also relieved some of the pressure felt by the Coriscian, who also had to deal with Murad Bey in Upper Egypt and his brother, Ibrahim, in the Sinai.

In Constantinople, Sultan Selim III reconsidered a planned ground offensive against the entrenched French, angering many of his closest advisors and top military commanders. He knew that without any proper naval support from the Royal Navy - any ground offensive against General Bonaparte would result in defeat. Instead, the Sultan sent a diplomatic mission to Paris to discuss with the French Directory about a possible ceasefire between the French Republic and the Ottoman Empire.

This would result in the signing of the Treaty of Marsielle on September 21. 

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