This is the abridged history of the 1789: Emperor Washington alternate timeline, stretching from the first Point of Divergence on June 18, 1741 CE to the present day.

18th century

February 22, 1732 (Gregorian calendar) - George Washington is born as the first child to Augustine Washington and his second wife, Mary Ball Washington on their Pope's Creek Estate near what will become Colonial Beach in Westmoreland County, Virginia.

1735 - George and his family move to Little Hunting Creek Plantation (later re-named Mount Vernon)

pre-February 22, 1738 - By this date, George has developed a friendly relationship with his family's large group of slaves.

June 18, 1741 - After watching one of his father's slaves steal a loaf of bread from his [father's] home, George develops a hatred for slaves. Soon after, he begins to show signs of selfishness for the first time.

April 12, 1743 - George's father dies at the age of 48.

1754 - George begins paying lease on the plantation. Soon after, he becomes a curmudgeon, with only a small group of acquaintances.

later that year - George joins the rising conflict that will become the French and Indian War. He begins to show promise in the military.

1761 - After his father's first wife's death, George inherits the plantation and buys new slaves.

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