Mod Events: A native rebellion occurs in the Dutch Indies, creating the Empire of Java. Britain appears to have the upper hand in the American Revolutionary War, with Britain taking Charleston.

Morocco: Nation begins to modernize, and the military is built up as an invasion of the Ottomans is prepared for. Sultan Yazid launches a campaign of nationalism, and returning to the local Berber culture and reject many Arabic influences. Meanwhile, a Sufi movement begins to take shape, but it is small and hardly known of. An alliance offer is sent to Spain. Expansion continues down OTL Western Sahara. Funding is sent to the Empire of Java, as a new Muslim state  in Asia would be beneficial to the Muslim World.

Sardinia: A Modernization and Industrialization Program is launched. The government will do their best to boost every aspect of Sardinia, from the military to the economy, from logistics to the home front, and from culture to industrialization, the government will begin to modernize, beginning with a large ship building and army upgrading program. Some 65,000 men are being called up as a national peacetime and wartime Army.

Piedmont-Sardinia could only field 30,000 soldiers during war, let alone peace.

USA: A Constitution is written and 11 new amendments are passed, with ten from OTL and the 11th granting the Freedom of Self Determination (Secession) with the requirements being a 50.1% majority vote by the state's people and at least one-third of Congress. The States approve all 11, and America builds up its army and defeats the British at Saratoga and just outside of Philadelphia, taking back most of the Middle Colonies and a large chunk of the New England ones.

  • Morocco D: We offer funding for the Revolutionaries and guns, if America agrees to a trade deal and alliance after Independence.
  • America Gladly accepts the alliance offer and trade deal, offering plenty of resources and food in return for the weapons. We would love to have some ground forces as well.
  • Morocco D: We will send many soldiers to train your Revolutionaries, but since we do not wish a war with England we cannot aid you in combat.

Didn't the Revolution end in 1776?

No, it started in 1776 and ended in 1783.

Spain: A new wave of expansion starts and some colonizers settle OTL Vancouver and the surrounding bay. While this, the military is built up, and Spain begins to modernize.

  • Morocco D: So about that alliance offer...

Sardinia: An offer is sent to the USA revolutionaries for recognition, some supplies and advisors in exchange for an alliance when they win.

  • Tibet: Every province in the country is expected to have three steel factories, three arms factories, five textile mills or five mining towns, and two fully mechanical factories. The army has been building up for a long time and the king orders an invasion against OTL Kazakhstan. Advancing quickly but due to great defense work from them the country's armed forces could only get one-fourth of the country. Industrializes major cities. Advances the technology and builds many good schools around the country to make education quality better in Tibet.. The crime rate has dropped from 12% to 5% and the unemployed rate for adults (Not including old people, the handicapped, students and housewives) has dropped from 9% to 3%. (Due to many have built their own company (CapitaSocialism) and many big companies have invested in our country). Builds up the army by buying troops. Some old and unused buildings are now being demolished and new buildings are being built.

Portugal : Alliance is made with China, Russia, and Tibet. A request for alliance is sent to Sardinia, Japan, and  USA. New mining towns are established along with two armories and military defense.


USA: The USA captures the southern colonies and liberates all the colonies. American forces then invade the western lands up to the Mississippi.

Mod event: Because of the many military campaigns of USA with little troops (35000 men), the Revolutionary army is overstretched and is beaten at Philadelphia. Thus, Britain regained all land above the State of New York.

That's pretty ridiculous.

Brazil: With the Brazilian Gold Rush seem to be ending, since most of the gold were already taken, inhabitants of the mining regions started complain over the Portuguese authority over Brazil, inspired by the USA. Rebellions start in the main mining cities, with the crown soldiers losing their weapons and forts across the colony. In Rio the rebels promised freedom to the slaves supporting the cause, and that was enough for them to close the port, stopping any loads of gold and tropical products. The main leaders of the several rebellions go to Rio to reach a main point and stand united against the common enemy. The government requests an alliance with the USA, with both nations recognizing each other. The nation also requested help from France.

  • Morocco D: We offer to send funds and send officers to train your troops in return for an exclave in northern Amapa, as well as a trade deal.
  • Brazil D: We cannot simply give you land we are trying to liberate, but we can allow you to have tropical goods at a low price after the war is over.
  • Morocco D: Can I get military access?
  • Brazil D: If you help us in the war, maybe invading homeland Portugal will convince them to liberate us.
  • Morocco D: Perhaps...

Morocco: Continues industrialization and modernization, staying on par with European nations. Colonists are sent to southern Madagascar, and the nation continues expanding into the Western Sahara. Sufism continues to spread, and the government hires many archeologists and historians to delve into the nation's past. The glass industry is built upon (as Morocco is mostly desert). Troops are aligned along the African-Morocco border, an alliance is offered to Spain and France. Nationalism and radical nationalism are on the rise, and more power is given both to aristocrats and the people.

China: Emperor Kangxi, after reading about the Voyages of Cheng He, takes an interest in the world beyond China. Kangxi finds European missionaries in China and hears from them tales of European cities and an interesting concept named "Colonization". Thus, Kangxi starts building a fleet for departure next year that will set up a colony in Madagascar and sail to Europe to learn about these foreign people. The government starts building plans to stop the corruption and establishes "scouts" that will tell the Central Government about the newest "true" information all through the empire. 

  • Morocco: Since I also have a colony in Madagascar, how about I get the southern side and you get the northern?
  • Sardinia: The modernization is going well. Sardinian weaponry, manufactured by its own factories, are now on par with other European weapons. It has great quality artillery, and its cavalry has been upgraded. There are now 65,000 men in the army divided into infantry and cavalry. with 2,000 artillery pieces of all kinds. Logistics has also been improved while the navy is starting to get trained and modernized, nothing like the Brits, but still efficient and organized. A small air force of balloons is starting to be constructed. Mobilization is called up.
  • Tibet: Every province in the country is expected to have four steel factories, four arms factories, six textile mills or six mining towns, and three fully mechanical factories. The invasion of Kazakhstan is now advancing its climax when Tibetan troops enter Astana. Advancing quickly but due to great defense work from them the countries arm force could only get one-half of the country even though already having Astana. Industrializes major cities. Advances the technology and builds more good schools around the country to make education quality better in Tibet.. The crime rate has dropped from 5% to 2% and the unemployed rate for adults (Not including old people, the handicapped, students and housewives) has dropped from 3% to 1.2%. Builds up the army by buying troops. Some more old and unused buildings are now being demolished and new buildings are still being built.


Great Britain (GB)- Industrialization commences. The process of attempting to industrialize all of Britain begins, starting with the agricultural and textile businesses. The government begins to give tax breaks to industrialized companies. Investors are clamoring for new markets, and, as a response, Prime Minister William Petty Fitz-Maurice unveils a plan to build up the Royal Navy and gain access to new foreign ports.

Morocco: The nation expands further into Western Sahara, and the Madagascar colony expands. The navy begins blockading mainland Portugal, demanding that they give Brazil sovereignty, and sends another squadron laden with soldiers taken from the fortified Ottoman-Moroccan border are sent to Angola. Large glass factories are built, utilizing massive furnaces. As archeology and historians begin to uncover more things, and the government promotes nationalism, the local religion begins to resurface in small villages. A trade offer is sent to England and China.

Sardinia: The economy is booming and the state's modernization process is going faster than expected. A lot of jobs and industries are being created and shops are being made, giving taxes to the government. The army, navy, artillery, and are now modern equipped, competently led, and well-trained and disciplined. The Navy controls a portion of the Mediterranean. The Artillery is modernized, and the Army is led by young and competent officers.

Air force? What are you smoking? Even if you had one there is no way it would be the most powerful in Europe.

Sorry. I'll remove it, but largest doesn't mean best. Airships?

Hot air balloons won't even be around for another decade.


Brazil: The Moroccan officers reach Rio and start training the Militia Emergency Corps, created by the Rio Conference. The declaration of Independence is signed and sent to Lisbon to be recognized by the Portuguese authorities. The supporters of independence are trying to spread the word over the cities, while most of the nobility is refusing to accept independence since almost all the slaves are being freed, and so most of the plantations were looted and a lot of gold were given to the new government. Planing to keep the nation united after the independence, the Rio Conference decided to make Brazil a constitutional monarchy, searching for suitable monarchs across Europe. Merchant ships were assumed by the government, which put some cannons to make a navy against the Portuguese.

  • Morocco D: You're not looking for any in Northwest Africa? :(

Spain: Seeing the events in Brazil it offers to aid if they give the territories of northern and eastern Amazonia to Spain. The colony on Vancouver Island expands and sailors from Nueva Granada reach The Hawaiian islands claiming it for Spain; colonies expand.

  • Scroll up and read Morocco's proposal to Brazil.
  • Morocco: If you intervene I call dibs on Mozambique.
  • Morocco is like Belgium for Portugal, Spain is stronger and capable of aiding the Brazilians.
  • If you're going to insult me could you at least spell correctly and capitalize?
  • Sorry, but it's a fact, Portuguese Technology is currently more than enough to crush Morocco's army.
  • LOL, nope. It's only 1782, so there isn't too much of a gap OTL, and Morocco has been modernizing these past few years, and you're still not using correct grammar and capitalization.
  • Portugal can and could have crushed Morocco. It just didn't have a reason to take desert territory when it had great plantations in Brazil and a slavery powered empire.
  • Not only are you not capitalizing nation names, but you are capitalizing random words. I also disagree with your statement, though I admit in a war Portugal would win I don't think it would be by a large margin.
  • It would be, at least, enough to occupy Morocco for a few years or decades.
  • For the love of Satan: capitalize. Also, "at least" is two words, and Morocco has one "r" and two "c"s
  • Brazil: Again, we can't simply give land were are trying to liberate, but we can make the same offer made to Morocco.

China: Emperor Kangxi agrees with Morocco's proposal and starts settling Chinese Madagascar. The fleet pasts the cape of Good Hope and arrives in Morocco, learning about desert agricultural. Then, it arrives in Ottoman Empire, Austria, Papal States, Sardinia and Naples-Sicily and learns about their respective technology. Then, it arrives in Spain, learning more about colonization and exploration. It then departures Spain and arrives in France, where the ambassadors learn about Western Art and Cultural. Finally, it land in Prussia, Russia and England, learning respectively their mechanical technology, Tundra farming, and navy, scientific innovation and the first pumping steam engine. Then, the navy splits, with one going back to China and the other going to the Americas. The "scouts" were a success, and 146 corrupt officials were discovered, tried and executed. 

Sardinia D: An offer for an Alliance is sent to Spain and the US revolutionaries.

Prussia: The King of Prussia declares war on England to aid the revolutionaries in the USA. With steady population growth, the army of Prussians are ready to invade. Further more, the growth of crops and food is rising in a fast rate, feeding all of Prussia and helping an even faster population growth. Also, the amount of people giving birth is three per second, and the rapid expansion of Prussia is putting fear into surrounding countries.

  • 'Tibet:' Every province in the country is expected to have five steel factories, five arms factories, seven textile mills or seven mining towns, and four fully mechanical factories. the invasion of Kazakhstan is now advancing to its ending three-fourths of the country even though already having Astana. Industrializes major cities. Advances the technology and builds more good schools around the country to make education quality better in Tibet.. The crime rate has dropped from 2% to 1.1% and the unemployed rate for adults (Not including old people, the handicapped, students and housewives) has dropped from 1.2% to 0.4%. Builds up the army by buying troops. Some more old and unused buildings are now being demolished and new buildings are still being built even though some have been built already.

Prussia : With the growth of population in Prussia, industrial towns are established. Four mining towns are built in East Prussia along with two weaponry forges and six mills. Colony of Prussians invade Netherlands and Belgium, and expand land size. Also, an offer for alliance is sent to Spain.


Morocco: The nation expands more to the Western Sahara, and more into Madagascar. Soldiers land in the Portuguese Angolan colonies, seizing all major towns. The squadron of lesser strength (due to resistance and leaving soldiers to occupy) is en route to Mozambique. Textile manufacturing begins in Morocco align with large lead and silver mining and the glass industry flourishes. Sufism is more predominant with the Sultan himself converting. An alliance offer is sent to Spain in case of future war with the Ottomans. Nationalism continues, with local religions being merged with Sufism. Morocco demands that Portugal give the Mozambique colony to Morocco and grant Brazil independence (RNG please).

Brazil: The militia units are quickly trained in some of the jungles, learning the field of battle if any battle starts raging over. The Rio Conference officialized that any slave that joins the cause to liberate Brazil will be free and hired as a soldier after the war. Some gold filled churches in the mining regions were looted and the gold was delivered to the central authority in Rio. Some "navy" ships start patrolling the coast, to know any Portuguese attempt of reconquer. All of the colonies agree with the independence and representatives of then all approves Rio as capital and the Constitutional Monarchy. The congress wants to offer the crown to a French royal family member, so they can try to annex French Guiana, and so sent a letter to France. The congress also ordered the starting of training with cannons, so the militia have full training and be prepared. Some Portuguese colonial troops still resists in the North, but the resistance is little, and most of then already are rebelling the Portuguese officers, trying to join the independence war.

Sardinia: The Sardinian units are beginning to get specialized in their tactics. New Contingency Plans are also created for mass- mobilization, the Alps, Counter-offensives, and the creation of a set of new defensive lines. The Army and Navy have also been modernized and are continuing to get stronger. The generals and officers are also being reeducated so that they would learn better tactics. An alliance offer has also been sent to France and Russia, requesting Russia to send General Suvurov to inspect and give tips to modernize the Sardinian Army.

GB: Lord North is unseated in the General election. The British people are tired of war, and the government recognizes (much to George III's annoyance) that America no longer wishes to be part of the British Empire and grants them independence. British troops are withdrawn from the USA. Industrialization continues.

Spain: The colonists on Vancouver continue expanding the Colony now referred to as Nueva Extremadura. While this, the Brazilians are told that the requested land is No Man's Land without any ruler at all. Explorers begin mapping the northern coast of the New Holland landmass and organization of Spanish America begins.

China: Continues settling Chinese Madagascar. The first part of the fleet returns to China and starts great reforms of industrialisation and military modernization. The second fleet lands in the Americas, learning democracy from the American revolutionaries. Also, it learns jungle farming from South America. In China, steel mills are starting to be made, and the lands in South East Asia and Russia that were deemed useless were now discovered to be valuable. The army is mobilized to attack South East Asia. 

I'll be off for a few days, not that I'm quitting. Alexlee8991 (talk) 05:27, February 27, 2013 (UTC)

I'll take over Co Head Mod. Qihengng (talk) 09:39, February 27, 2013 (UTC)

Prussia : The Prussian population is beginning to grow and are becoming allies with France, Russia and China. Furthermore, the Prussians have now developed their first mining company. Chinese goods are traded for gold and silver in Prussia. Farming tools and food are being shipped from Russia to Prussia, and Prussian army is expanding at a fast rate.

Sardinia: We request an alliance with Prussia.

Tibet: Every province in the country is expected to have six steel factories, six arms factories, eight textile mills or eight mining towns, and five fully mechanical factories. The invasion of Kazakhstan is now advancing to its end. All of the country is under Tibetan rule reducing deaths to one million added together on both sides. Industrializes major cities. Advances the technology and builds more good schools around the country to make education quality better in Tibet. The crime rate has dropped from 1.1% to 0.4% and has become one of the safest countries in the world and the unemployed rate for adults (not including old people, the handicapped, students and housewives) has dropped from 0.4% to 0.2%. Builds up the army by buying troops. Some more old and unused buildings are now being demolished and new buildings are still being built even though some have been built already. Military access is Given to China for exchange for peace and military alliance. Starts invading parts below OTL Kazakhstan from each direction but have only got half of it.

  • Poland:  An alliance offer to invade Prussia is sent to Austria, Great Brittan and preparation is made. Industrializes major cities. On the third month starts attacking from the west.
  • Austria: Alliance offer accepted and starts attacking from the south due to great preparation before, the army is advancing very quickly, industrializes major cities and builds the army.


  • Morocco: Soldiers seize the Portuguese Mozambique colonies, and the Angola colonies are formally annexed, and Morocco again demands that Portugal grant Brazil independence and that Mozambique be given to Morocco, and Portugal will receive the Angola colonies. Sufism for the most part is blended in with local customs, and in small villages the worship of fire has started up again. Gladdened that our America ally is now independent, supplies are sent to help get the nation on its feet. Glass furnaces are now being built larger than ever throughout history, standing almost 150 feet tall. The clay industry picks up, and bricks are being produced and with this, the nation undergoes a large program to repair damaged buildings. Morocco offers Spain an alliance, as Morocco wants to free the Moors from the Ottomans. All colonies expand.  (Also, I don't think Tibet could expand nearly that fast).
  • OK. I need to change what you say. Tibet only expanded to that after two years (four turns) by conquering only OTL Kazakhstan.
  • GB: Industrialization continues. A fleet is sent out to survey the African coast and find good locations for colonies.
  • Brazil: The last Portuguese officers were arrested, and celebrations start across the cities. Due to the French lack of response to the crown proposal, the Rio conference decided to offer the crown to the British Royal Family, not hoping too much. The gold looted is currently being used to incentivize industries to grow during this time of peace. The militia corps were officially incorporated to the army as regular regiments, since it seems the independence war won't be more bloody. The improvised navy keeps patrolling the coast, and protected some merchant ships heading to Morocco, to sell tropical goods. Some of the slaves that were promised freedom are buying, with loans from the government itself, lands in the interior of the country, encouraged by the government. The members of Rio Conference requested Portugal's decision over Brazil independence.
  • New Spain: The Government of New Spain continues to settle the northern lands that do not dispute with British claims in the area. Meanwhile, improvement of the infrastructure in Louisiana continues, while the Port of New Orleans is expanded to accompany vessels. The exploration for gold and silver in OTL Nevada and California continue, while development of the New Spanish Army begins, which is loyal to the Spanish government. (I'd assume Louisiana is still part of New Spain, since it was Spanish during the Revolution).
  • Sardinia: The Sardinians send a delegation to Austria and Prussia proposing peace and to be a mediator when it happens. An expedition is also sent to take the island of Sardinia, since the only territory we possess during this time is Piedmont. The concept levee en masse 'has been practiced in war games, allowing 65,000 men to be mobilized at any time. The economy and logistics is also starting to adapt to this and learning how to supply the men for prolonged periods of time. The hot air balloon is also starting to be mass produced and upgraded for military use.
  • If what you say is true, I found a loophole. The rule says I can't possess any invention 25 yrs. ahead of OTL, but as you said, hot-air balloons were only ten years ahead of OTL - not 25. Besides, the first flight with balloons was made in 1783.
  • That flight got a few inches off the ground. You can have balloons in your military, but not a year after they're invented. Also, if you don't own Sardinia, then you must be Savoy and are geographically troubled.
  • Reluctantly, I must concede again. Touche
  • Prussia : Goods are traded with Sardinia for farming tools, while the population has grown to 29,409,378Nine more mining towns are established with nine textile mills and seven farms.
  • Implausible because in 1783.5 Austria and Poland have invaded your country and have taken more than half of it so it is implausible for you to have so much population - maybe only 12,000,000 plus. Furthermore, do not copy what the Tibetan player wrote.
  • Austria: Continues to invade Prussia and has taken one-third of the country. The Capital has been changed from Vienna to Bratislava. Industrializes major cities and keeps invading Prussia. Builds up the army.
  • Poland: Continues to invade Prussia and more than two-thirds of the country is now occupied by Austria and Poland. Moreover, the capital Berlin has also been taken in the ninth month of the campaign (including last turn). Builds up the army and continues to industrialize cities. Since Berlin is now Polish, the capital has been changed to Berlin.
  • Prussian Campagine
    The red square in Poland is the landmark of the fallen Berlin.
  • Sardinia D: In keeping with our alliance with the Prussians, we offer to shelter the royal family in case Berlin falls. The military is mobilized for an offensive operation. Railways and timetables are being built to support the army. The fleet that set sail to Sardinia has been ordered to make an extra expedition the next year to Africa.
  • Austria Secret D: Asks Bavaria not to aid Prussia any longer. In exchange, Sardinia can join forces with Austria, Poland and get OTL 12 million USD.
  • Berlin has already fallen.
  • France: After the diplomatic fallout with the Americans, France does not officially support the American Revolution. (Preventing massive debt and manpower loss.)  France looks to the east. Realizing the Prussians have lost, France looks to the Netherlands. France begins to spend higher in infrastructure and technology, upgrading roads and bridges around the nation.
  • Tibet: Every province in the country is expected to have seven steel factories, seven arms factories, nine textile mills or nine mining towns, and six fully mechanical factories. Industrializes major cities. Advances the technology and builds more good schools around the country to make education quality better in Tibet. The crime rate has dropped from 0.4 to 0.05% and has become one of the safest countries in the world and the unemployed rate for adults (not including old people, the handicapped, students and housewives) has dropped from 0.2% to 0.15%. Builds up the army by buying troops. Some more old and unused buildings are now being demolished and new buildings are still being built even though some have been built already. Military access is Given to China for exchange for peace and military alliance. Continues invading parts below OTL Kazakhstan and has taken all of it in the fifth month. The population haa now reached 33 million and all residents older than 18 years of age have to have an IC which costs 40 USD OTL and a Passport which costs 40 USD OTL also. A birth certificate is now OTL 20 USD and the budget so far is 600,000,000 USD and 1/100 of the budget is given to orphanages and other public places like that.
    • OTL Kazakhstan has already fallen and that is only part below OTL Kazakhstan which took one year to get pretty plausible and OTL Kazakhstan fell after 3.5 years of hard work. Getting OTL Astana in two years.
    • It's implausible that you took any of that land so quickly.
  • Nueva Granada: Inspired by the increasing rise of revolutionary ideals and the relaxation of inquisitorial restriction on books a new wave of intellectuals slowly forming in the viceroyalty. While largely pro-monarchists, the people are beginning to want greater autonomy. A few explorers begin heading into the native lands south of the consolidated areas of the colony. A request is made by the locals to the crown to allow them to form a local militia led by Creoles instead of peninsulas. More slaves are purchased to help increase agricultural production.
  • Spain: The question arose from the Creoles at New Granada bringing doubt and fear. The Spanish government offers them greater autonomy indeed but only in basic aspects such as self-rule and military development though it will still remain tied to the Spanish government

Sorry I took a lot of time to post. I was trying and I couldn't until now.


Mod events: A rebellion starts in Prussia due to the invasion of Poland and Austria. This rebellion wants to surrender to Austria and Poland. It is known as Freedom Prussia, Its rebellion is supported by Austrians and Poles.

  • Poland: Seeing the form of Free Prussia the government decides to return all taken Prussian land to Free Prussia including the Capital Berlin and changes the capital back to Warsaw. Continues to invade Prussia.                                           
  • Free Prussia: Accepts and thanks Poland for giving Berlin back. Builds up the army and industrializes major cities. An offer is sent to Prussia about war. Joins Forces with Poland and Austria to invade Prussia and unite the country. The population have reached 13,000,000-plus (Many followers and the capital).
  • Austria: Is happy about the formation of Free Prussia and decides to supply them in invading Prussia. Builds up the army, industrializes major cities and continues to invade Prussia.
  • Austria SecretD: Asks Sardinia to break ties with Prussia and join forces with Austria, Poland and Free Prussia (The Central Alliance).
  • Free Prussia
    Map of central Europe
  • The orange is Free Prussia (Central Alliance) and the grey is Prussia. On the other hand, the brown is Poland (Central Alliance) and the pink is Austria (Central Alliance). The blue is France, the light blue is Denmark. The other orange is Holland. Lastly, the Green is Belgium the dark purple is Bavaria.
  • Tibet: Every province in the country is expected to have nine steel factories, nine arms factories, 11 textile mills or 11 mining towns, and eight fully mechanical factories. Industrializes major cities. Advances the technology and builds more good schools around the country to make education quality better in Tibet. The crime rate has dropped from 0.05 to 0.03% and has become one of the safest countries in the world and the unemployed rate for adults (not including old people, the handicapped, students and housewives) has dropped from 0.15% to 0.11%. Builds up the army by buying troops. Some more old and unused buildings are now being demolished and new buildings are still being built even though some have been built already. Military access is given to China in exchange for peace and military alliance. Continues invading parts below OTL Kazakhstan and has taken all of it in the fifth month. The population has now reached 34 million. Tibet declares neutrality.
  • Morocco: Expansion into the Sahara increases, as the vast amount of sand fuels the sand industry. In fact, and a plan to take over all of Northern Africa begins, and it is already a quarter finished (as Tibet got to do that with Kazakhstan, which is the about size of northern Africa). Quarrying of the Atlas Mountains begins, and fertilizer is imported and irrigation canals are made in attempts of primitive terraforming. With the new industry comes a population boom, and a larger importation of food, mostly bought from Brazil. A new religion forms revered to as the Cabal of the Messenger has sprung up, with the belief that the Sun is Allah, and Fire is his Messenger, and the Moon as his Wife, Ifru and the Stars are Allah's children, though this is a small cult practiced in few villages. The massive glass industry expands and the much Sahara is laid claim to, and small towns actually begin to form around glass factories which are in the Sahara. Meanwhile, the brick industry begins to take off as well, with the mass amounts of sand allowing for sandstone bricks, and fine Moroccan clay being sold into higher price bricks as well. Explorers are sent and reach the Solomon Islands. All colonies expand.
  • I'm going to say this, it is implausible for Morocco to take Portugal's colonies in Africa. One, their navy is not near the Portuguese one, at least not right now. Two, they are too far to be run by a nation without a really powerful navy such as the Dutch or Venetians'. I even say the Qing colony of Madagascar is implausible but that and Morocco's colony will be accepted because they are already a fact. Nevertheless, no more over-expansive colonization in Africa until 1820 for everyone not even the Europeans. This being said, the only thing remaining is to say, not a Tibetan Empire, and especially not in Kazakhstan. Someone once told me that it took 20 years to Russia. I think to Tibet it should take at least 25 to 30, considering they are a mountainous, non industrial nationSine dei gloriem (talk) 02:48, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • Also, neither Morocco nor Tibet can expand that size and you can't make colonies farther than Kongo or outside Africa at least until 1790. OK, at least without any European aid (Chinese help too, but IDK) Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:54, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • It's pretty plausible for Morocco to take Portuguese guns. In fact, I have no idea as to how it wouldn't be
  • Taking Portuguese guns is plausible, but defeating such a powerful nation without previous preparation is implausible, and Morocco's fleet isn't in the greatest shape if compared to the Portuguese one, and Most of the Angola and Mozambique population is Christian (or of tribal religious). They would be more likely to claim independence than let themselves be ruled by a Muslim. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 03:11, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • I have made several posts about Morocco modernizing, and an unexpected attack can be pretty effective Daxus Inferno (talk) 03:12, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • Yes, but for you being capable of actually defeating Portugal in their colonies, you need at least ten to fifteen years - not five, and an algorithm. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 03:14, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • It would take WAAY less than 15 years to defeat a colony, and if you have a problem with it, you should talk about it not two days after it was posted. There is no algorithm for this game. Daxus Inferno (talk) 03:15, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • I have a problem with several things but I chose the one that I found the most unlikely - which is someone defeating Portugal at this moment, especially by a Middle African nation. I can live with the colonies but not with Portugal's defeat in Africa. Brazil, I can see it independent. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 03:23, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • It is implausible for a nation with a higher population and equal technology to defeat a smaller nation that recently suffered from a revolution? Also on the map - at least let Brazil expand, it should be bigger now Daxus Inferno (talk) 03:38, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • I don't know about higher population, but not equal tech, and the Revolution doesn't matter. It would be likely that Brazilian Loyalists still being part of the army and they are more experienced in war, have greater transportation means and more experience with them Sine dei gloriem (talk) 03:41, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • OTL Morocco has three times the population of Portugal, and even if the Moroccans are down a tick or three technologically, they are not fighting direct battles with the Portuguese. They are seizing rather small colonies. Even with technology, have you ever heard of the Zulus? They fought with stone spears and wicker shields and won battles with early 19th Century British Forces, not to mention Morocco has been modernizing rapidly so the technology point is valid, but not so much as it would be OTL. Daxus Inferno (talk) 03:47, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • That's OTL and the population of Morocco was reduced to three million due to a plague in 1780 and the population of Portugal (not including Brazil) was three million in 1776. Times that by yearly growth and it would be larger than Morocco's. 
  • 'I suggest 'Sine dei gloriem stop caring so much since this is Alternative history let the Creator alexlee8991 deal with it Qihengng (talk) 09:02, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • New Spain Army continues to expand northward into OTL Oregon Country, facing little opposition from the British. Meanwhile, improvement of the infrastructure in the area begins, while exploration or mining of gold and silver in OTL California and Nevada continues. Democratic ideals begin to spread from the United States into New Spain, but the influence on the government is very small.
    • Spain: The Kingdom asks New Spain and New Granada into a Royal Project to reform the government in Spanish America.
    • New Spain: We agree to assist our homeland in assistance in developing a new government for Spanish America.
  • Spain: The colonies expand and the military is built up. Taking advantage of the Brazilian Independence, one settlement in the Amazons through the Amazon river called Santa Lucia de Rio Negro near OTL Manaus.
    • Morocco D: We offer a plan invade the Ottoman Empire, which ends with Morocco owning almost all of North Africa and Spain owning European or Asian (or both) currently possessed by the Turks.
  • 'Sardinia'We recognize the Free State of Prussia and accept the Alliance with Austria. We would also want to know if we could have Milan from Austria in exchange for recognizing the Free Prussia, and giving back the 6M USD that Austria gave us. We also send the navy in Sardinia back to Genoa to blockade it. A 25,000 man Sardinian army is also sent to invade Genoa. 20,000 men was to find the main Genoan Army and defeat it using the new modernized equipment and tactics. The 5,000 men was to capture the City of Genoa and the Doge.
  • AustriaD: Welcome to the Central Alliance, Sardinia. Unfortunately, we could not give you Milan but we could help you to invade Sicily or Corsica and we could supply you with money and troops.

I made a mistake. I did some research and found out that Sardinia and the Maddalena Archipelago were already part of Savoy in the 18th Century. Sorry. BTW, in OTL, Genoa was an independent state, but for some reason I can't see it on the map. But since in OTL Genoa was independent, I invaded it.


Mod events: Because of the Tibetan rule in Kazakhstan it turns Buddhist and that makes some Muslim countries angry in Tibet. 

  • Poland: Continue to invade Prussia from the only Prussian land still under Polish rule. Industrializes cities and builds up the army by buying troops and building navy. Asks Russia to join the Central Alliance.
  • Austria: Also continue to invade Prussia and almost the whole of Prussia is now defeated with only one-seventh left. Asks France to join the Central Alliance. Industrializes Budapest, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, Milan and Bratislava. Strengthens the army while in negotiation with Sardinia.
  • Free Prussia: Builds up the royal army. Industrializes major cities and continues to invade what is left of Prussia and after 8 months of hard work Prussia is finally united by defeating the rest of Prussia forming the German Reich.
  • Prussia is defeated. Supercheatah is disqualified.
  • Tibet: Every province in the country is expected to have 12 steel factories, 12 arms factories, 14 textile mills or 14 mining towns, and ten fully mechanical factories (standard for 1786). Industrializes major cities. Advances the technology and builds more good schools around the country to make education quality better in Tibet. The crime rate has dropped from 0.03 to 0.02% and has become one of the safest countries in the world and the unemployed rate for adults (not including old people, the handicapped, students and housewives) has dropped from 0.11% to 0.10%. Builds up the army by buying troops. Some more old and unused buildings are now being demolished and new buildings are still being built even though some have been built already. Military access is Given to China for exchange for peace and military alliance. Continues invading parts below OTL Kazakhstan and has taken all of it in the fifth month. The population has now reached 36 million. Gifts are bring presented to Muslim countries for peace.
  • Sardinia: At the Battle of Finale, during February, the 25,000-man army under General Pravasci defeated the Genoese Army and killed the last Doge. Meanwhile, due to the new advances in Artillery, The Sardinian Army has swiftly captured Genoa itself.
  • Prussian Reich D: Welcomes Sardinia in joining the Central Alliance and gives a little land to both Austria and Poland for helping Prussia unite. Asks France and Russia to join the Central Alliance.
  • Morocco: The Cabal of the Messenger becomes more commons and seeps into some cities, and plans for a long-distance colony of the Solomon Islands is made. Mozambique is formerly annexed and many troops return home, but enough stay to keep order and at least delay a Portuguese counterattack. Irrigation continues, but it becomes obvious that further inland it becomes narly pointless and it is only effective on the coast.


Mod events: Having the mass support from the population the German Reich is becoming a world power - only behind Britain and Spain - and is now hostile to other countries. 

  • Sardinia: The invasion of Corsica, commanded by General Pierre Pravasci, one of Sardinia's best generals, has been a great success. Meanwhile, as the economy is industrializing, and in a great coup to build morale at home and in France, we strictly, according to discipline, do not damage any infrastructure in Corsica, nor did we rape, loot or steal. The married men of Corsica were given three choices: remain in Corsica, go to France in a Sardinian-sponsored ship, or go to Sardinia. Single men were given two choices: Work with pay to rebuild Corsica and Genoa, or go back to France. The Corsicans were treated with utmost leniency, kindness and respect.
  • German Reich: With the former Holy Roman Emperor dead, the new Emperor ascends to the seat. With the power and support of the population (42 million) the new Emperor demands all former Prussian lands are given to the first Reich. Moreover, the Emperor has decided to launch an attack on Belgium, Bavaria, the Netherlands. When German armed forces march through Amsterdam and Brussels the emperor is more than happy until the news than more than 10,000 German troops have died in Bavaria and have only managed to take half of the country. An alliance offer is sent to Tibet (Asks Tibet to join Central Alliance). Military is expanded.
  • Europeans really didn't show up in the Indian Ocean and begin making contact with East Asians until the 1790s, so Germany even knowing the existence of Tibet is unlikely.
  • Poland: Industrializes major cities and builds up the army. Asks Russia to join the Central Alliance. and gives land back to the German Reich so ties between between these two nations don't break. The population is now 22 million. A Polish traveler sets out to find places to colonize. So far, only Liberia is colonized.
  • Austria: does not want to, but still gives the land taken from former Prussia back to the German Reich but in exchange wants the German Reich to support them in invading the Papal States. The population has reached 35 million. The invasion of the Papal States starts. Research on naval technology begins. Since there is no sea around the country no research has been done before.
    • Tibet D: Agrees to abandon neutrality and join the Central Alliance.
    • Tibet probably doesn't know they exist.
  • Tibet: Every province in the country is expected to have 15 steel factories, 15 arms factories, 17 textile mills or 17 mining towns, and 12 fully mechanical factories (Standard of 1790s). Industrializes major cities. Advances the technology and builds more good schools around the country to make education quality better in Tibet. The crime rate has dropped from 0.02 to 0.008% and has become one of the safest countries in the world and the unemployed rate for adults (not including old people, the handicapped, students and housewives) has dropped from 0.10% to 0.08%. Builds up the army by buying troops. Some more old and unused buildings are now being demolished and new buildings are still being built even though some have been built already. Military access is given to China in exchange for peace and military alliance. Continues invading parts below OTL Kazakhstan and has taken all of it in the fifth month. The population has now reached 40 million. Gifts are bring presented to Muslim countries for peace.
  • You can't have a .08% unemployment rate,  I shouldn't have to explain why, and "fully mechanized" means you have robots. Also to be clear, are you hiring mercenaries or hiring soldiers, or using slaves? Because you do say "buying soldiers." Again, you are not getting 40 million people in your nation. It is so implausible I think I need a thesaurus to describe it.
  • France: France continues to upgrade roads and government buildings. France begins to train recruits into the national guard. French-Netherlands borders are being argued upon, causing tension in the north. France officially joins the Central Alliance. France sends 10k troops to the German Empire in efforts to end the German-Bavarian War.
    • France Diplomacy: France accepts Austria's Alliance proposal. France also sends a proposal to Sardinia, You will annex all of Corsica on the terms of becoming a French Vassal. France also accepts Brazil's proposal in that is gains all French lands in South America, ONLY on the terms that Brazil becomes a French Commonwealth.
    • German Reich: Welcomes France in joining the Central Alliance; and thanks for the 10K soldiers
    • Brazil Diplomacy: We should accept but what exactly are the terms of the Commonwealth?
    • France Diplomacy: Brazil will have its own government. It will have a FULL alliance with France (Wars will not be forced upon but are highly suggested to join). Brazil's new official languages will become French and Portuguese. You control trade completely in that France gains a 15% discount on all goods. You may also have your own alliances but, France must approve the alliance for it to crossover. Brazil will receive an income of French troops and French Colonists. Brazil will also claim its land in the name of France but, in that Brazil owns and governs it. France will also encourage Brazil to "spread" French culture along South America.
    • Sardinia: No thanks. But if you want I could divert food to you and your government due to the fact that France is on the brink of Revolution. I could also give you $3M USD and loan you some more.
  • Morocco: Sees the power struggles in Europe with the new Central Alliance and hopes it does not spread to Africa. The invasion of the Ottomans is planned to take place next year, and any nation that help shall be rewarded. Colonists are sent to the Solomon Islands, and reach it relatively safely, and another ship is sent to give them large quantities of building supplies. The Southern portion of Madagascar has been colonized up to the quarter mark, and hopes that China does not go past the halfway mark as was agreed upon. The Cabal of the Messenger group becomes more common and is actually the majority in a few cities. A large road system is planned to be built to connect the newly expanded regions.
    • Austria D: Also agrees on invading the Ottomans and asks Morocco to let us join.
    • Spain D:  We agree on joining forces with Morocco against the Ottomans, but we ask them to leave Carthage as an Independent (Dual sided) Vassal state for Spain and Morocco.
    • Morocco: Agreed, the more the merrier.
  • United States of America: America offers an alliance to the German Reich, hoping to have a strong nation as its ally (Washington was killed a few years ago, so he couldn't make his "don't make alliances speech"), and America, now stretching from the east coast to Mississippi River, begins to organize its lands into territories. Britain is asked if trade can resume and suggests that relations be rekindled. America offers a deal giving all of British North America to the USA in return for the USA becoming a British Commonwealth.
    • German Reich D: Accepts America's alliance offer, and in return offers to admit them into the Central Alliance, and discourages admittance into a British Commonwealth.
  • GB: Continues industrialization. The government is becoming concerned about the growing hostility of Germany. The Royal Navy begins surveying Africa, looking for potential colonies. Another fleet heads south and colonizes the Falkland Islands (which, since they are not anyone's property according to the map, are uninhabited). (If what I did there is not OK, just let me know).
    • GB D: USA, we accept the alliance. We also agree to give you all of our North American possessions in exchange for America becoming a British Commonwealth.
    • As mod my advice is to not to do this. If you fall in collapse he gets all your colonies and The Falklands can be British.
      180px-Madagascar-Anadfosy Region

      Red=Morocco Brown=Spain Green=China

  • Spain: with the Approval of New Spain a new title is made as Praetor or High Consul of New Spain' a small colony is made In Western Madagascar, and another one is made in Northern New Zealand, the Colony of New Granada is again asked if they want to join the new Government Project. While this, the Captancy of Cascadia y Pacificia continue expanding through the West Coast of North America.
    • Morocco: Since China and Morocco already agreed on splitting Madagascar, could you please, either? 
    • Spain: May agree if it sees how much it would get.
    • German Reich D: Invites Spain to the Central alliance as well as Britain.
  • New Spain continues to expand northward, while improvement of the infrastructure within the new parts of the country begins. Gold and silver mining continues and the New Spanish Navy launches two sloops from New Orleans.


  • ​German Reich: Thanks to the 10K of soldiers from France, Bavaria is successfully defeated. All citizens from defeated countries by the German Reich are treated nicely for five years without tax. Since Holland is defeated, the colony in South East Asia is also captured. An invasion happens in Indochina and the empire of Java but could only get half way through Java. For Indochina great defence is shown by the natives so reinforcement is sent from mainland German Reich. Industrializes major cities (Including ones from South East Asia like Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh). Builds up the army. The population has reached 47 million (including residents from defeated countries). A colony is founded in Greenland, Iceland and Somalia
  • 'Morocco:' Begins the invasion of Ottoman Algeria, confident that Spain and Austria will aid them. Meanwhile, funding and supplies are sent to the Empire of Java, and with it the Empire manages to push most German forces out. Moroccan forces manage to push into Algeria and manage to take most the land up to Tunisia. The Cabal increases in commonality and manages to convert some important politicians, the religious movement now reaching 10% of the population. A city called Mikkem Al-Ambria manages to spring up in the middle of the Sahara near a large cluster of almost 200-foot tall glass furnaces, and now the finest quality glass goods are being exported en masse. Begins trading more with China, and sends another group of colonists to the Solomon Islands, giving the colonies now a population of 6,000.
    • Poland: Asks Morocco to also let Poland join the campaign. Builds up the army and industrializes cities. Colony in Africa expands.
    • Morocco D: More the merrier, but if there are land issues after the conquest, bring it up with Austria - but all the land to Sinai is ours. Crete and Cyprus are Sardinia's if they join, and northern Tunisia becomes a Spanish-Moroccan vassal just to be clear. Poland and Austria can divide the Balkans
    • Austria: Starts attacking the Otts from OTL Croatia. Strengthening the army. Establishes colony in South America
  • I believe you two are severely grammatically troubled.
  • Sardinia: The treasury, army, economy, logistics, and navy are being retrained, refit and re-upgraded due to the offensive campaigns. The Navy is expanding and the Army will perform the first Sardinian marine operation. After taking Corsica, the government is sending the people where they want to go. The population is becoming happier as the social rift between the common masses and nobility is gradually being changed. We also request an alliance with France since a collapse wouldn't benefit us. The defensive structures are now fully manned and modernized. We also make some camo clothes for the men.
    • Morocco: We offer trade, as you seem to need building supplies, and we are not self-sufficient food-wise. We also  propose that you aid in the invasion of the Ottomans, and in return get Crete and Cyprus.
    • Sardinia: We accept most of it except that could we get some more territory besides Cyprus and Crete, like maybe some African and Anatolian land maybe. If that's OK with you.
    • Morocco: Southern Greece sound good?.
  • 'Who edits the maps,'players or is there an official mapmaker because Corsica is still color green, same with Sardinia.
  • Qinghng and Alexlee edit, bring it up on the issue page
  • Tibet: Every province in the country is expected to have 18 steel factories, 18 arms factories, 20 textile mills or 20 mining towns. Industrializes major cities. Advances the technology and builds more good schools around the country to make education quality better in Tibet. The crime rate has dropped from 0.008 to 0.007% and has become one of the safest countries in the world and the unemployed rate for adults (not including old people older than 60, the handicapped, students and housewives) has dropped from 0.08% to 0.07%. Builds up the army by buying troops. Some more old and unused buildings are now being demolished and new buildings are still being built even though some have been built already. Military access is given to China in exchange for peace and military alliance. The population has now reached 32 million. Gifts are bring presented to Muslim countries for peace.
    • 'You are Tibet, you can't have steel factories when most European countries don't have them yet. Technologically you are far behind. A point .007 crime rate is is impo'ssible for any country to achieve in all of history. A .07% unemployment rate is ridiculous, anything below 1.5% is just about impossible.
    • Morocco D: What types of gifts?


  • I quit all tibetan land is given to China my mod place and map maker position will be given to people that would want it Qihengng (talk) 13:18, March 2, 2013 (UTC)
  • Could i have the chance to take over Yellowpenguin (talk) 13:21, March 2, 2013 (UTC)
  • Ok Qihengng (talk) 13:18, March 2, 2013 (UTC)
  • German Reich: An offer is sent to Spain to buy the Philippines and an alliance offer is sent to all nations in the world. All colonies expand. The reinforcements land in OTL west coast of Thailand. and continues to have war with the natives and only takes over the nation in seven months and continues to have war with the Java Empire and in OTL Cambodia. Industrializes major cities and builds up the army. The population has reached 49 million. More colonies are founded in Africa: Somalia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Angola, Congo and Cameroon
    • Landlocked and Portuguese
  • Sardinia: In a way to keep our pact with Morocco, The Navy, which is divided in three parts, landed 12,000 men in Sicily divided in three divisions during March. By September, they had captured Messina and are now in Taranto in Mainland Italy. The speedy advance was due to the fact that the first army to get to Messina in Sicily was given three times ration, the second two times and the last normal. This spurred the commanders on conquering. The second fleet landed 8,000 men in Tunis after declaring war on the Ottomans. They have occupied the upper part of Tunisia. The Third Fleet is in charge of delivering supplies, harassing ports and convoys, and has landed 5,000 men in Malta, beginning a siege. The Navy, now exhausted, was promised new ships as the war economy focused on finishing the six ships currently under construction.
    • France D: France accepts Sardinia's alliance. France declines Morocco's offer. We do not want heretics in our country.
    • Morocco D: Please move your troops out of Tunis.
    • Sardinia: The Sardinian Troops are withdrawn out of Tunis and plus some Tunisian volunteers and we evacuate to Sicily, planning another assault. Tunis is given to Morocco as it was supposed to be a temporary choke point, not a starting point of assault.
  • France: After years of debt and over spending, the peasants have risen. With the money saved from not supporting the American revolution, The revolts are mostly suppressed. Thousands of French Regulars and French peasants die. France is in turmoil. Parts of France become controlled by the people not the nobility.
  • A proposed map is on the Talk Page.
  • Papal States: Tax cuts are passed for all citizens, and the requirements for becoming a citizen have changed, making it easier in an attempt to attract new citizens and grow industrial power. Textiles, Steel and Ammunition factories begin production in just a few major cities. The Revolution of Rome law is passed, trying to modernize the army and its tactics. The Navy undergoes an intense redrawing, with newer and more modern ships beginning their construction off the eastern coast of the Papal States.
  • United Dominions of America: Celebrations over reunion with Britain but with home rule begins, and the UDA asks Britain to stop German expansion, as they must be stopped. America builds up military and several new provinces are formed from Canada and Quebec and the South American Guyana becomes a province.
  • Morocco: The Cabal manages to convert 15% of the population; invasion of the Ottomans continues, soldiers now pushing into Sirte. An offer is sent to France that Morocco send soldiers in its southern regions to enact martial law and aid in putting down the rebellions. Morocco makes clear to Sardinia that at the end of the war they will not receive Tunisia, as Morocco and Spain already agree to make it a vassal. Two 200 foot tall furnaces collapse in a sandstorm, and the highest ones are now planned to be only 160 feet to reduce chance of future collapses. Funding to the Empire of Java continues, giving the Empire an upper hand as they are in a jungle, on an island, and now have modern weaponry. An offer is sent to Sardinia and Spain that the three nations form an alliance called the Mediterranean Accord.
  • New Spain continues to improve its military and army, while expansion northward continues. Economy is improved.
  • Nueva Granada: Sorry, I had problems loading edit page. After years of deliberation the colonists agree to begin negotiating with Spain about working out the autonomy situation but the landed aristocracy and the creole populace demand the viceroy and military commanders be creoles. An increase in the purchase of slaves for working the land happens. More settlement of native land continues. The local aristocrats continue be influenced by certain liberal ideals but look to create an aristocratic oligarchy to maintain power instead of European despotism or American democracy. The creation of a local militia continues.
  • Sardinia: We request an alliance with the UDA/USA.
  • Brazil: The Rio Congress accepted the French offer if they send a member of the royal family to assume the throne instead of having a monarch in absentia. Celebrations over the independence started across the nation, and the army is employing most of the former slaves as soldiers, making the army with great numbers, but yet needing good training. The Parliament is being built, in the French Baroque style, proposing to make the monarch feel like in home. The monarch title is also being discussed, and Emperor will be approved as the title to reinforce the power. The monarch palace also will be built in the French Baroque style, but to avoid spending all the money on it, only the money of the trade with the French will be used. In order to enforce the Commonwealth, French is adopted as the official language and the Commonwealth Law is incorporated into the constitution. Elections are planned to be held next year while some colonialists are assigned to the Cisplatine region to claim it for Brazil. Catholicism is adopted as the official religion, while some discussions start in the congress over abolitionism.
  • The current Reich map is an implausible one. There was no algorithm for the Netherlands, and Austria is too autonomous and powerful to join the Reich, same with Bohemia. If Morocco expands this fast there would be a collapse. Also, any nation expansion in the Sahara would currently be through the coast, and I made my colony at Manaus. Also, there was no British Guayana until 1814. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 00:49, March 3, 2013 (UTC)
  • I'll input the algorithm from Vive la Revolution, do the algorithms and adjust the maps. Unless you want to do it. Enclavehunter (talk) 00:51, March 3, 2013 (UTC)
  • Yes. Viva la revolution algorithm, map adjuster and algorithm executor I'll do it Sine dei gloriem (talk) 00:52, March 3, 2013 (UTC)
  • Spain: The colonies expand (American and others). The Army lands in Naples and then enroute to aid in the taking over the Ottomans (I'll do algorithm). While this, Naples is asked to rejoin the Spanish crown to form the Kingdom of Spain-Naples and The Colony of Santa Lucia Expands. New Granada is granted the right to establish their own Democratic methods if they accept Spanish Sovereignty over them, and Creoles and Spanish may be part of leadership.
    • Granada dip: The request is granted and the local landowners begin at once the creation of a constitution with the first section declaring royalty to the crown, and accepting a peninsula viceroy but establishing that only those born in the colony amongst the upper class may assume a military command post. (I want to bring some spice to the empire in the future.)
  • Spain D: So long as you accept our sovereignty over you, and protect Spanish interests in your region you can do whatever you may need to organize your territory and Government.
  • German Reich: Interested in buying Philippines from Spain
  • Possible joiner asking a question: Could I declare independence from an empire?
  • I believe so
  • Poland: Continues to upgrade the military. Colony in Liberia expands and industrialize major cities.
  • Austria: builds up the army. A colony is founded in Nigeria and all cities in the country expands.


  • Austria: Continue to invade the Otts and build up the military and industrializes cities.

Morocco: Colonists are sent to OTL New Britain Island, but it is named Tilted Pillar Isle (translation of course). Continues to invade the Ottomans (algorithm, unless we don't have that yet, then I'm just assuming they get to Alexandria). Continues to spread into the Sahara and industrialization of major cities occur, with the first steel mill built in Rabat. Due to the continuous quarrying of the Atlas mountains, there is more rainfall this year, though barely enough for anyone to tell. The Cabal has managed to convert 23% of the population, making them a sizable majority. Continues to fund the Empire of Java's endeavours until they manage to push out most of Reich troops, leaving just a few small foot holds; Solomon Islands colonies expand.

  • German Reich: All colonies expand. Reinforcements land in South East Asia and Africa finds a land below the defeated Java empire (OTL North Australia) and a colony is set there. An offer is sent to China

to attack South East Asia - all land above Ho Chi Minh is Chinese. Citizens are now sent from mainland to Africa so there are people there for more colonization. Builds up military and industrializes all cities. All people from Germany (Asia, Africa) have to know how to speak German. The population is now 51 million. Continues to invade South East Asia and have captured the German half. An invasion of Denmark is prepared.

    1. You haven't done algorithm.
    2. They're in a jungle.
    3. They're on an island.
    4. They are given modern weapons by Morocco.
    5. This is basically Ye Olde Vietnam War.
  • Poland: Continue to invade the Otts and build up the military and industrializes cities.
  • Papal States: A new Steel factory is built in Rome itself, increasing steel production greatly, as well as helping aid in the industrialization of the Papacy. Ships continue to be built off the coast, and training continues for all volunteers in the Papal Military. In a census, the population has increased from three million, to 3.4 million, the Pope citing the new citizenship laws. An alliance offer is sent to Sardinia in an effort to help increase the power of the entire Italian Peninsula.
  • Poland: Continues to invade the Otts and build up the military and industrializes cities.
  • France: As the Revolution Continues, more have risen now occupying southern parts of France. The Declaration of the Rights of a Man and of the Citizen is published.The March on Versailles is broken up after several months of struggle. King Louis XVI is Killed by a servant while eating his dinner in late August of 1789. Thus, King Louis XVII is put into reign at five years of age, and Queen Maria becomes the acting ruler of France. Before death King Louis XVI appointed Charles X (His younger brother) to become the ruler of Brazil. Queen Maria being more "flexible" than Louis, agrees to allow several government reforms under the terms that the Generals of the revolt lay down his arms against France. Queen Maria also in attempt to resolve conflict attends the Estates-General of 1789, She addresses the issue of representation and the Third Estate is content eith her speech. After many weeks of argument over taxes, the nobles and Queen Maria come to an agreement to lower taxes on the poor and to raise taxes on the noblemen. With this, several nobles rise against France, creating the French-Nobleman's War.
  • France D: France calls Sardinia, and the Central Alliance into the French-Nobleman's War.
  • Seeing as I am able to do so, what part of OTL Canada declares independence as a federal Republic under the name of 'The Republic of Canada?'
  • Maybe and more likely Republic of Quebec - Sine
  • Spain:The Kingdom begins besieging Hadrianopolis as the Coalition troops manage to enter Thrace by sea. While this, the Siege of Jerusalem Starts as the Spanish troops enter through Syria and Alexandria. the colonies expand and the military is built up. The Colony in Northern New Zealand does as well, and a small colony is made southern in Mozambique. A Constitution is formed proclaiming the democracy for the colonies in New Spain and New Granada.
  • Empire of Brazil: Celebrations start across the nation as the Emperor is defined and is currently coming to Rio. The Imperial Palace will be a copy of the Versailles, and the parliament will be made like the Palais Bourbon. City reforms are made in Rio to make the city look like part of Europe in America. Colonials reach Cisplatine region and claim it as part of Brazil. Some regiments of troops are leaving for Europe to support France against the rebels. The generals, in name of the government, buy some ships and ships plans to help make an adequate navy for the Empire. The parliament approved the constitution and will force the emperor to sign it. The parliament also requested to become part of the Central Alliance, since its part of the French Commonwealth, and if the Central Alliance will or has invaded the Netherlands it will invade Dutch Guiana. Abolition laws are approved, allowing slaves to become part of the army, greatly increasing the numbers, but not giving freedom to most of slaves. The former nobility is receiving lands in the interior if they colonize it and make plantations. Industries are being opened by part of the nobility in Rio, to make new investments, after most of the plantations were raided by the slaves.
  • New Spain celebrates the bringing of democracy to the colony and asks the Kingdom of Spain if it could change its name to Kingdom of Mexico and take control of the expansion into North America. Meanwhile, New Spain expands northwards, and the Viceroy expects most of North America will be Spanish by the end of the 19th Century.
  • Nueva Granada: The new government declares the colony of New Granada the Commonwealth of Nueva Granada as a new state within the Spanish empire. The recent rise of Brazilian colonization of the interior comes into conflict with the ambitions of the Granadan aristocrats and more aggressive settlement and exploration of the south Amazon begins, accompanied by the commonwealth militia who build up forts around claimed areas. Native tribes are continuously exterminated by the creole upper class and their lands seized for Negro-manned plantations, though mulattoes (half black, half creole) are granted freedom so long as they aid the militia, as troops. Local manufacturing of firearms and products begins as trade in the colony is opened up to other nations allowing cheaper goods in and allowing an increase in local production.
  • Sardinia: The Kingdom of Sardinia, composed of Piedmont, Genoa, Corsica, the Island of Sardinia, Sicily, and Southern Italy, has managed to revitalize its economy by means of trade and refurbish its military with 4,000 Tunisian volunteers and 17,000 volunteers and levies from its newly conquered territories. Its navy, now efficient in performing landings, launched its largest amphibious operation. Some 40,000 men were transported into Ottoman lands. Some 4,000 men under General Fostacini landed in Cyprus, 15,000 men under General Fostacini landed in Syria, securing most of OTL Syria for the Sardinians and begins probing into the Euphrates, Tigris, and Taurus. Some 8,000 men under General Salazar landed in the Peloponnese and Crete, determined to capture the Ottoman lands in Southern Europe while 5,000 men under the veteran General Volcani landed in Albania. 8,000 men under General Cariz landed in Asia Minor, six km near Istanbul, which they shelled. The navy blockaded Istanbul from the Southern side. Some 13,000 Greeks and other nationalities from occupied territories have volunteered for service in the army due to good treatment and promise of jobs, food, and money after the war, eventually bringing the army to 100,000 men. To provide for logistics on the Greek mountains, campaign propaganda successfully urged the citizens (everyone are citizens as a show of goodwill) to work harder and provide supplies. The Navy's three raider ships also intercepted and destroyed Ottoman convoys. In its aid to France, we lend 4500 men to them to use against the noblemen.
  • Sardinian D: We send a diplomat to France to negotiate about getting the Duchy of Parma.
  • China: Continues settling Chinese Madagascar. In China, steel mills are starting to be made and universities were built in major cities. The army is preparing to attack Russia and take the entire Siberia. Sends ten million servants, slaves and criminals to Western China to "breed" away the Muslims. Tells Sardinia, Morocco and Austria that China will help in the invasion of Ottoman and starts building a fleet of ten men-of-war (I learned it in Britain), which is predicted to be finished next year. Asks New Spain does it want to sell California and Philippines in payment of ten tonnes of gold, ten years of no trade taxes, 1000 porcelain plates and 100 tonnes of tea leaves. An exploring party set sail to OTL Sydney and settled there, naming it New Nanking.
    • Chinese never had slaves.
  • ​GB: Heeding the UDA's request, Britain begins a major military buildup and establishes a colony in OTL Botany Bay to rival German expansion. The new Falklands Islands colony is expanded and a colony ship sets up a colony at OTL Cape Town, naming it Cape Town.


  • Papal States: A workers strike began in Avignon amid the French nobleman uprising, causing many industry owners to try to censor any news that comes of the strike to prevent such a thing from happening in the Italian Peninsula. The Pope gives a sermon about Israel expanding to meet the needs of its rising populace, and then ends the mass. About half of the Papal Army is mobilized soon after this sermon, bringing the number of mobilized soldiers to 7,000, plus the 4,500 Papal Zouaves.
    • Papal D: The Papal States requests that the Grand Duchy of Tuscany join the Papal States Federation by written treaty and agreement from Tuscany. The Papal States does not give threat by force, and that the mobilized soldiers are simply a nation-wide drill. Can a Mod decide what Tuscany does, as there is no player playing Tuscany?
  • Sine dei gloriem (talk) I, as history mod, propose another vote to downgrade Yellowpinguin from his Co-Headmod status to a lower state, and Propose to put Enclave as Co-Headmod, but let's allow the German Reich to keep as much as OTL Germany. Also, for now no continental colonization on Australia.
  • Agreed.
  • Spain: The Crown of Naples rejoins the Kingdom of Spain as the Recent Hostilities between the Several Italian states and Savoy - Sardinian Kingdom, the colonies expand and the Siege of Edirne continues, another Colonization Group is Sent to OTL Mato Grosso Founding the City of San Jose de Brazil and a Colony is Set in Otl Somalia, and another Colony is Set in OTL Tasmania
  • (Brazil) According to the map Mato Grosso is already colonized by Brazil.
  • Oh well, the area near OTL Bolivia.
  • Republic of Canada: (Please add me to the map) Asks whichever nation/empire owned the area previously to recognize our independence. Military development continues. Plans to expand west are brought to the government.
  • Nueva Granada: The commonwealth continues to press its claims on the Amazon and militia presence in the area increases. Local manufacturing increases and the wish to become less dependent on the crown grows but loyalty remains high. Support from the motherland is requested to help press the crown´s claim on the Amazon based on the treaty of Tordesillas and support N.G. in case of war by sea while N.G. fights by land.
  • Brazil: Troops are mobilized to the border with the Dutch Guiana and plans to invade it if is allowed by France or by the Central Alliance. The government announces the crowning of Charles I of Brazil, that is currently living in the Imperial Palace, still under construction, predicted to be finished in two years, together with the parliament and most of the urban reforms. Colonies are established across the Amazon river, and some after OTL Manaus. The government sent a letter to France, proposing that Canada could be a new member of the Commonwealth. The navy is under modernization, to adequate to the European standard. The French army instructors arrive and start instructing most of the army, which now has more than adequate training. The Cisplatine region is officially annexed, with Colonia del Sacramento as capital. Industrialization keeps growing in Rio and is now expanding to São Paulo, while tropical goods plantations are being rebuild and new ones are being formed in the interior of the nation. Some rubber trees are found close to the new amazon colonies.
    • Brazil Secret Diplomacy: We propose the UDA and France a joint invasion of Spanish America, with France blocking Spain, leaving the colonies with their primary milicia, and allowing great advance by both sides.
    • The UDA is in fully, and we amass our forces on the Spanish borders.
    • Brazil is a colony and has no power. And France is in chaos, so they will not support Brazil.
    • Brazil is not a colony, it may have become dependent of France but it is nominally independent and has its own government and an army that is being trained by the French.
    • Even so, you are a weak nation located on the Atlantic coast, and even with the support of the French, they are in chaos. They will not help you in a war until they finished domestic issues. Bottom Line is this: Until you have a strong military that can fight by itself without assistance, as well as a navy, and a strong SECURE alliance with any of the major powers, no major military operation cannot be conducted by Brazil its implausible.
    • In fact Brazil is a commonwealth of France, but France is a Spanish ally, so no French Invasion, and Manaus is under sSanish ruling, and by now there won't be any mayor annexions neither for Spain or Brazil in America, I would not say Implausible if not Suicidal.
  • United Dominions of America: We expand into Canada and establish several colonies on the Pacific caost of North America. We take part of the Louisiana Territory as we have been expanding for several years now and Canada before us. We ask Spain to settle borders to avoid conflict, with Britain's approval, of course.
    • 'Most of the Pacific Coast belongs to Spain and the Louisiana Territory has always belonged to Spain. 'Though I would suggest attempting colonies farther in OTL Alaska. 
    • I agree with enclave, Alaska is your best shoot to reach the Pacific
    • You no longer own Canada. I declared independence.
    • Then we got a good ol' fashioned civil war! ALGORITHM!
    • I declared peaceful independence...
  • New Spain: The New Spain Miltia is deployed into the Louisiana Territory to protect it from the encroaching Americans. Meanwhile, military is improved and the infrastructure is expanded. New Spain renames itself the Kingdom of Mexico, but is still loyal to the Spanish Monarch. Colonization in northern North America continues, and OTL Boise is reached. A series of forts are constructed in the region to protect it from the English.
  • France: As the peasants have put down their arms, Major government reforms are being stamped while the new constitution is signed by Queen Maria. With the Duchy of Parma being a loyal vassal, We cannot simply give it to anyone, as if we would ever. Most of the Nobles that have risen up are in the east, such as The Duke of Burgundy, The Duke of Bar, The Count of Charolais, The Count of Provence, The Duke of Valois, and several other minor counts. With the help from Sardinia most of Northern France is liberated. As the Revolution is mostly being resolved in the courts, all troups are being focused on the Noblemans. As they have declared war, when the war is over the Nobles will be forced to pay extra taxes for 50 years. Nobles that help France in the war will have to play less in ratio with the extra for 25 years. With this new deal Queen Maria has gained significant support, many loyal Nobles are now sending troop in aid of the rebellion.
    • France Diplomacy: France sends its apologies that it cannot support Brazil's requests at this time. We return Sardinia's men and, thank the men and Sardinia for their service. Morocco is denied any relations until it has accepted Christianity as its religion. (Would never happen but, still have to try)
    • Brazil Diplomacy: We understand that this is a time of need, and we have already sent men and money to support the monarch in France. We also need to know if the Netherlands were invaded by the Central Alliance so we could invade or not Dutch Guiana.
  • Morocco: Several more steel mills start up, and a few textile mills as well; colonists are sent to OTL Port-Gentil. Occupied Ottoman lands are treated fairly, and some Cabalist missionaries arrive under private guidance, and the Cabal has now converted 30% of the population, and encourages the takeover of Mecca, as they see themselves as another branch of Islam. Continues funding the Empire of Java, luckily due to the recent industrialization of nehnlogy and economy in the nation it has not gone bankrupt by undingcoonists, a war, and nation. Attempts to open relations with France are made, as they now control Brazil, and Morocco has always been friendly towards Brazil. All colonies expand.
  • Sardinia: As the newly conquered territories bring in more men and supplies, Istanbul was completely surrounded and in a state of street to street fighting. By the Army of the Peloponnese, renamed the Army of Hellenon, The Army of Asia, and the Bosphorus Fleet. New, young minds take over some parts of the government, bringing the economy to new heights due to their enthusiasm. Schools are being put in the new territories and they are allowed to be semi-autonomous but still under a fierce grip of the King. The mountains of Greece was a chaotic terrain, but was still accomplished due to special training in mountain warfare and the supplies that almost barely got in.
  • Sardinia D: We offer the Frenchmen to send the 4500 Sardinian men to the east and we'll send 6,000 more men as reinforcements.
  • I'm leaving. This game has become extremely ASB. Maybe in another round I'll join, Nkbeeching
  • China: Continues settling Chinese Madagascar. In China, universities were built in major cities. The army is preparing to attack Russia and take the entire of Siberia. Sends a million servants and criminals to Western China to unite the Arabs and Middle Eastern people into Han Chinese to have an easier control over them. The Chinese Imperial Navy sets sail for North Africa and lands in Asmara. Then the Chinese soldiers, armed with muskets received from Europe, pushes Northward and lands in Syria. The rest of the navy continues bombarding Ottoman ports. Asks New Spain does it want to sell California and Philippines in payment of ten tonnes of gold, ten years of no trade taxes, 1000 porcelain plates and 100 tonnes of tea leaves. New Nanking expands and starts breeding with the locals. With a large demand of silk in Europe, silk is now sold to Europe in exchange for silver. Begins the industrialisation and starts building universities throughout the nation. Emperor Qianglong experiences a disease, but quickly recovers. However, it has given most officials and nobles a fear that the emperor may die quickly and that they would have to do something quick to secure their power. The army is in a process of modernization and a navy consists of men-of-war, sloops and freighters now being built to secure Chinese supremacy in Far East Asia and hopefully the Middle East. Kazakhstan is still attacked with most major resistance starting to stop. 
  1. Industrial Revolution hasn't hit China yet, and at this point few Western countries had steel mills.
  2. 'Morocco, even though it is very close to Europe, is having problems keeping up.

I have already found Europe in 1780, so I will be able to learn stuff from them.

  1. Textile mills have barely been invented.
  2. You don't get 10,000,000 servents, it is ridiculous, and this is before China's massive population boom.
  3. "Breed away the Muslims" makes no sense, as it is like saying "breed away the Mormons."
  4. You copy and pasted from your last post in some parts.

I can't?Alexlee8991 (talk) 14:31, March 5, 2013 (UTC)

You can, but not when you make it so that your nation is stuck in a time trap and does the same thing continuously.

  1. At this time all universities were based on Chinese philosophy and culture.
  2. You can achieve all of this (except "breeding away Muslims"), but not in one turn.


  • Mughal Empire: Military is improved upon. With British Colonies nearby, we ask for an Economic Alliance and start to"Modernize" on our own.


  • Mod Event: Ottoman troops continue fighting the Spanish-Morocco coalition, and Tuscany accepts Joining the Papal States Fearing the Sardinian threat, Burgundy, Charolais, Bar, and Provence manage to hold on the French army and to Defeat them At the Battle of Marseille.
  • Republic of Canada: Demands that Britain and the UDA recognize our independence, or we will start a violent revolution. (I declared peaceful independence) Continues to develop military and infrastructure.
    • Spain D: We will Secretly support you as far as you swear to be an ally of the Spanish Empire.
    • Canada D: Accepts.
    • German D: Accepts
  • Poland: continue to invade the Ottomans. Industrilizes cities and upgrades the military.
  • Papal States: The Pope welcomes Tuscany into the Papal States and grants immediate citizenship to all Tuscans. Due to the uprisings in France, almost half of the population in Avignon has moved out of the Papal States entirely, or back into its Italian holdings. Papal industries begin to move in on former Tuscan territories, attempting to buy up many former Tuscan businesses and Merchants. A small group of Tuscans have protested the joining and have create a group to restore Tuscan sovereignty. The Pope does not formally recognize this group to the public. The Pope finally makes a request (Demand) of some merchants to charter a colony to enhance Catholic power in the world.
  • The Kingdom of Mexico, supporting its homeland, secretly supports Canada against the UDA and the British Empire. Meanwhile, development of the infrastructure continues, while the Port of New Orleans is expanded to be able to handle more vessels. Freedom of religion is passed by the Parliament of Mexico, mainly to appease the indigenous population. The Mexican Army is improved and a series of military bases are established from northern Mexico to southern Mexico (OTL Costa Rica). Mineral mining continues in small numbers.
    • Both as mod and Spain player, you only held sovereignty to OTL Costa Rica. Beyond that, it's Nueva Granada's ruling and Nueva Granada is Colombia.
    • Okay. No problem, although I would edit the map to show this. 
  • Spain: The Military build up continues and the Siege of Edirne finishes with a crushing success of the Coalition armies finishing the presence of the Ottomans in the Southern Balkans and Greece. Now the troops begin travelling towards Sofia to Liberate Bulgaria. While this, Judea is mostly occupied by Spanish, Sardinian and Morocco's forces, a blockade is executed on Istanbul to behead the beast. While this, another colony is made in OTL Mombasa, Kenya and religious freedom is given to every Spanish citizen within the Empire. Infrastructure continues to be built up - first within the peninsular territories and Southern Italy. Sicily becomes a separate province within the Empire.
  • Morocco: Offers to sell China the recipes for steel in return for them to allow Kazakh Muslims to live in peace. 37% of people are now Cabalists, and the Cabal has managed to also convert some important politicians. All colonies expand; soldiers continue pressing into Ottoman lands, and the Berber people in the rest of the Moors see themselves as liberated rather than reconquered. Declaration of Habeus Corpus and religious freedom is proclaimed, the title of Sultan is removed and is replaced with the traditional Berber title of Amezwar due to the death of Sultan Yazid and the more nationalist Slimane taking power. Irrigation in northern lands is improved, and with steel reinforcements a massive 260 foot tall glass furnace is created outside of Rabat. Morocco continues to keep up with the Europeans technologically.
  • German Reich: Asks France for military access. builds up military and industrializes major cities. The population has now reached 54 million and a military invasion is now happening in Holland, invading the country taking control of Amsterdam after only eight months and taking over the country in the ninth month when they surrender and hand over their country (colony counts). An invasion of Belgium is planned.
  1. You don't have 54 million.
  2. Holland isn't a country.
  3. Go to the talk page.
  • Austria: continues to invade the Ottomans. Industrializes cities and upgrades the military.
  • Sardinia: Due to the Papal Coalition, the Army of Italy is being increased and the Independent Tuscany group is being recognized. The military is being upgraded still. After three months of street fighting and artillery bombardment, Istanbul is finally captured. The citizens are treated with utmost leniency, and the Anatolian garrisons surrendered, having families in Istanbul. The Asian Province of Sardinia now covers OTL Syria, and Anatolia to the Taurus Mountains. Mobilization of Anatolian levies and volunteers is being introduced, raising the army to at most approx. 135,000 men. Sicily, which has now been fully integrated by us, is being turned to a fortress.
    • Nobody would sign up for the army that just invaded them and even if they did, 135,000 is way too large.
    • 105,000 men.
    • First of all, i doubt that Istanbul would be taken, but four years of siege is enough to put down resistance, On the other side, Syria is still Ottoman, and your troops and Spanish currently only occupy Palestine and parts of Western Anatolia and Greece. Even after the war according to the treaty between Morocco and Spain Spain gets most if not all of their Asian holdings, and the southern Balkans. While you get Crete, Cyprus and Southern Greece Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:09, March 7, 2013 (UTC)
    • Possible. A lot of competent and smart commanders plus a modernized army vs. corrupt but brave Ottomans would give me casualties, but not too much and Istanbul would still be taken in 8 months, because Mehmed took Constantinople in three months against weak Byzantines. Besides, I claim the territory because I wrecked the Ottomans in the Balkans, Greece, invaded Syria, and captured Constantinople.Limeuan (talk) 13:08, March 7, 2013 (UTC)
  • France: With the loss at Marseille, France sends a call of arms to Spain. T
    France rebellion 1792

    Blue is Royal France, Red is the United French Nobles.

    roops are still being recruited and trained in the west and north. The Battle of Orleans is won and the city is now again in French hands. Most of the battle is now in the Duchy of Provence. With the Duchy of Burgundy, we have lost Besancon. After Marseille, with our Sardinian alliance, the French Loyalist Army realizes that we must keep the coastal city of Montpelier. France moves 70,000 troops to defend the city and the surrounding area. The remaining territory of Orleans is also being liberated. As there is a northern and southern front, the city of Lyon is expected to fall next. In the courts, "The Great Compromise" is now coming about. As in matters of keeping the peasants from revolting, the new representatives of the third estate will be granted land after the Nobleman's war. This is a very popular idea for some. More rights are given to the third estate.
  • France Diplomacy: France invites Spain to the French Nobleman's War. France asks the Pope for some of his best missionaries to send to Brazil. France asks the Pope for the excommunication of the Nobles that have risen against France and, that in favor after the war, The Papal States will gain the County of Avignon. The German Reich is granted land on the terms that it joins the French Nobleman's War. (All of the third parties in the French Nobleman's War cannot receive land.)
  • According to the algorithm taking all the variables and facts, the French lost, but to avoid doing the most implausible of all things the result will be the French Revolution, and you leading it. But not recognizing this, will turn out, as the revolution being Mod controlled, OK? Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:09, March 7, 2013 (UTC)
  • That's not what I have been posting for three turns..... If the French hadn't helped the Americans then they would have had a significant amount of more money... Thus allowing them to have more manpower and less war exhaustion overall. If this was a problem then why wasn't anything said four years ago? This isn't an "Impossible" scenario? Yeah, unlikely but not impossible. IDK how this could be the revolution, I already dealt with the peasants in court. Surely the Nobles Vs Germany and France could not win. Dustin2557 03:04 March 7, 2013 (UTC)
  • The Problem is not that, it's that as in the algorithm, they've won due to being three states allied to fight against two, one of which has faced many wars, and which military would be tired. You lose. This increases some people seeing that the king is unable to fulfill his job and then the Claim that the king no longer Stands as their ruler or at least representative of the French, then you either choose a Constitutional monarchy, or the full revolution, but if you don't accept the algorithm rule ISp will be forced to take control of the revolution.
  • Queen... The king died.... Besides the correction, I feel like realistically this wouldn't be the case? It's like saying five States revolt against the USA and even though the US has much more power, they are five separate states so they get a superman bonus. I guess Im not understanding the Algorithm....
    • Sardinia D: Sardinia offers to send another roster of 5,000 men under French officers due to the fact that the 10,000 men that we sent to Sicily, Southern Italy and Anatolia are very experienced, disciplined and trained.
    • German D: Accepts.
    • Papal D: The Pope excommunicates only about half of the nobles, and sends a great number of bishops turned missionaries on French ships bound for Brazil, for the Papal States lacks ships of that caliber. The Pope also offers the use of Papal Zouaves to stop the Nobles.
  • China: Continues settling Chinese Madagascar and builds a port in OTL Sambava. Madagascar is now viewed as an outpost of China to fuel its future imperialistic ambitions. In China, universities were built in major cities. Accepts the Morocco effort to stop prosecuting the Khazak Muslims, although emigration continues. The Chinese army comes into Istanbul after the Sardinia bombardment and celebrates for the success of this campaign. New Nanking expands. An explorer by the name Heng Hua Zhou discovered kangaroos and koalas, and quickly brought them back to China. Due to Morocco's steel recipe, a steel mill is built in Beijing, named the Imperial Steel Mill. The officials and nobles hear about a European idea, named the constitutional monarchy. 25% of the entire army is modernized, with every soldier out of the 25% having a musket and a cannon between ten people. Kazakhstan is still attacked and half of the troops ambushed Karaghanda, but the army was still persistent and fighting.
    • No.
    • Even if New Spain doesn't want to sell it, you don't have to cross it out.
    • I think he crossed it out for implausibility.


  • Mod Event: The French and Germans' armies are stopped in the Battle of Luxemburg which ends up as a Noble Victory. This leads to some French beginning to question the king's ability to deal with his title tasks.
  • The Ottomans defeated from Istanbul and kicked from Eastern Anatolia establish their capital in Mecca, the Holy City. While with the taking of Constantinople the Byzantine Empire is refounded, and a Greek noble is put on its title as Romanos III of Eastern Rome.
  • The Ottomans defeat the coalition in the Battle of Aleppo assuring themselves control of The Syrian Levant
  • Papal States: The Pope blesses a chartered ship to the Americas to begin a colony. They aim to sail for the Southern part of South America, and hope to establish a Papal Colony. The Pope reaffirms a sermon on Joshua extending the Holy Land for all of God's people. The Tuscan rebel group, now known as the Idus Martias, continues to grow as local soldiers begin to notice more and more hushed meetings and await jurisdiction from local officials on how to deal with groups. The need for more ships increases the need for more wood which is lacked in the Italian region. Meanwhile, 2,500 Papal Zouaves have been place in Avignon, awaiting confirmation of their use from the French King. The Pope has also begun a slight cough that has persisted, and many wonder if he is becoming permanently ill.
    • Papal D: The Pope requests a trade from the Kingdom of Mexico. The trade consists of American timber in exchange for monetary compensation.
    • Mexican D: We agree to the Pope's request.
  • Republic of Canada: Sends a ship to Europe asking for other European nations/kingdoms to either recognize or support us against the UDA and the British Empire. Demands angrily that the UDA and Britain recognize our independence.
  • German ReichD: Recognise the form of the Republic of Canada.
    • Papal D: The Pope recognizes the legitimacy of the Canadian government, but refuses to support them against the British Empire due to the vast difference in strength between the Papal States and the British Empire, not due to the relations between the British and the Pope (Catholicism and Protestantism and all that).
    • Austria: continue to invade the Ottomans. Industrializes cities and upgrades the military.
  • Spain: The colonies expand and the invasion of the Ottomans continues. Another colony is made in Papua south territories.
  • Morocco: Seeing the Ottoman win at Aleppo and fearing a counterattack, the Sinai Peninsula is reinforced while the army pushes out the last bit of the Ottomans in Egypt. Ships are prepared to cross the Red Sea to Mecca. The Cabal has now managed to convert about 46% of the population. At this point prejudice is little since they make up nearly half the population. All colonies expand, and Morocco does not recognize the Republic of Canada. Copies of the Qur'an are now being translated into Berber.
  • German Reich: Secretly buys a lot of troops and makes propaganda. The army now has eight million people in it. The population is now 55 million. Industrializes cities. Advances tech. and continues to invade the French nobles getting states of Strasburg, Lyon. The country's emperor has decided that all churches in the country be demolished or knocked down with other religious buildings, too. The country is now atheist (with a lot of religion will weaken the country).
  • No countries were atheist at the time and even the largest army now, with its 1.4 billion population, has only two million soldiers.
  • Actually, we won't have one billion until 1804.
  • FR

    The Blue is the French Royal. The Grey is the German army, and the red is the rebellion

  • Who made this map? It is impossible? They wouldn't take all that in one year.... If so, where is the documentation? No one made a post of what happened... Also.. USE THE FULL IMAGE - NOT THE THUMBNAIL! Dustin2557 13:45, March 7, 2013
  • The Kingdom of Mexico continues to develop its infrastructure, while the first shipment of timber is sent to the Papal States. Mexico continues to secretly support Canada and a small amount of arms is shipped under the cover of night to avoid detection. Mining for gold and silver continues. While the Port of Beaumont (OTL Houston) is expanded to open up a second major port on the Gulf of Mexico. While the Ports at San Diego and Los Angeles are expanded to allow for greater shipment coming from Asia. The Mexican Army modernizes its tactics, while the navy continues to construct vessels.
  • Poland: Continue to invade the Ottomans. Industrializes cities and upgrades the military.
  • China: Starts to build ships in OTL Sambava. Begins to trade with the Spanish and Moroccan part of the island. In China, universities were built in major cities. The Chinese army, seeing that the Ottoman Empire has fallen, returns home with treasure. New Nanking expands. With the many new animals coming into China and the technology of steel, a zoo is built in Beijing, with giraffes, lions, kangaroos and many other animals. Steel mills are now built around China. The officials and nobles prepare to fake a will, turning China into a constitutional monarchy, as soon as he dies. Then the nobles and officials can be more powerful. 50% of the entire army is modernized, with every soldier out of the 50% having a musket and a cannon between ten people. The army in Kazakhstan kept pushing and took the capital of the Kazakh Khanate.
  • Sardinia: The Sardinians in Syria defeated in Aleppo, practice foraging by invading the Euphrates-Tigris into Mesapotamia, preparing to reinvade Syria. Another part is squeezed into Southern Syria to make sure that interests are observed. The Byzantine Empire is not recognized by Sardinia and re-besieges Constantinople again. Administrative provinces are being created in newly conquered territories and a very lenient rule is set up there. Some 5000 men are drafted to the army, bringing it to 110,000 men. Fortresses are being created in strategic places such as the frontiers, Sicily, Southern Italy, Rhodes, Crete, Taurus, and Greece.
  • GB: Weapons are secretly sent to the French rebels. Industrialization continues, and the Australian and Falkland Islands colonies are expanded.
  • Brazil: The Parliament and the Imperial Palace are complete, together with the urban reforms in the capital. The parliament alerted the Papal States that Brazil won't support any new colony that isn't Spanish or Brazilian. The Papal missionaries are welcomed and start increasing the Catholicism over the nation. The army is modernized, and is being trained with cannons and high quality muskets, while the government wants to increase the trade partners of Brazil. Colonization starts across the Amazon River, and some colonies are established around the Spanish colony. In order to support the French and its allies, the parliament approved the invasion of Dutch Guiana.
  • Sweden: The army is enlarged.


  • While this, the German occupation of Strasbourg is shortly afterwards expelled by the angry noblemen's army, and Luxembourg and several small cities throughout the German border are claimed by the Noble states
  • In Germany, the state of constant war, brings an opposition for the wars and the leadership within Germany, as many of the nations considered the German Empire as an Invader more than a union
  • The Ottomans begin an invasion and recovery of the Palestinian territories - defeating the coalition's army in Damascus, but losing most of Southern Syria by the end of the year.
  • Spain: Near Santa Lucia de Amazonia, three small settlements are founded mainly towards east. The military is built up and pro-liberal reforms begin to introduce Spain to a new era. The colonies on Papua and New Zealand expand, while another colony is made in OTL Eastern Borneo. All colonies expand, and Syria is taken again by the coalition now by Spanish troops. Raiding begins in the Tigris and Euphrates.
  • Denmark-Norway: Ten boats, carrying over 900 colonists, are sent to Greenland, who then set up their own little fishing community on the coast of Greenland. Meanwhile back in Denmark, several workshops are set up in Copenhagen.
  • Poland: Continues to invade the Otts.
  • German Reich: Continues to help the French army to defend their country. Now attacks the rebellion from Marseille and but have only take it after nine months and then starts attacking parts in the south. Builds up the military, advances tech. and industrializes cities. The population has reached 42 million. The economy has been very good, so the emperor decides that the tax paid will be higher. Wants France to get the State of Orleans first.
  • You are beginning to show signs of revolution. Economy is not going to be good.
  • Morocco: Colonists are sent to OTL Lae in Papua. Amezwar Slimane converts to Cabalism, and the religion reaches 53% of the population, not counting occupied Ottoman lands. Counting Ottoman lands, it is only 18%. A naval invasion of the Arabic peninsula is undertaken, with many Cabalist militia tagging along in hopes of claiming the Holy City of Mecca. The invasion is a success along the coast but it is tougher inland. A prophet named Meddur begins writing a book.
  • SardiniaConstantinople is re-captured and this time given autonomous rule but cannot be independent. The army then besieges Edrine as it is Ottoman again and a new army of 12,000 men and mercs are raced to the Danube and build fortresses there. The treasury is increasing with the influx of taxes. To promote co-operation and equality, all people in the conquered lands are given citizenship and those who want to travel to other places in the kingdom are welcomed, to bring Sardinian influence and ideas to the territories. After conquering Mesapotamia, Syria is reinvaded and finally captured in a pincer movement from Mesapotamia and Taurus. All eastern provinces are fortified with men and fortresses.
  • Sardinian D: We request the French Revolution if we could send 4,000 men to fight for them as mercenaries to gain experience and we recognize the Revolution.

In response to Sine's post about the territorial holdings, I did not join in the post-war accords.Limeuan (talk) 10:56, March 8, 2013 (UTC)

Go look on the talkpage for your algorithm, as you are no part of the coalition

  • Portugal: An alliance offer is sent to Germany and secretly builds up the army.
  • Japan: A alliance offer is sent to Germany. Asks Portugal to give a military base to Japan in south Portugal and in return, Portugal will be given seven tonnes of gold. Builds up the army.
  • Due to writing implausible stuff, uncrossing your text and deleting the Mod's words, you're banned for the next round.Alexlee8991 (talk) 11:07, March 8, 2013 (UTC)
  • German Reich D: Accepts.
  • Austria: Continues to invade the Otts.
  • China: A small fleet of ships set sail for Somalia and settles there, from OTL Sambava, now named New Guiling. Begins to trade with the Spanish and Moroccan part of the island. A second Chinese fleet is sent to the Ottoman Empire, seeing that it is regaining power. The fleet lands in Coalition held Syria and is attacking the Otts using Shinjiang desert cavalry. The zoo keeps buying animals and now has an ostrich in it. A large steel mill is built in Hangzhou, named the mill of prosper. Qianglong emperor dies and the officials and nobles fake a will, turning China into a constitutional monarchy. The population is struck, but the emperor was still the religious symbol. As the new group of nobles comes to power, it executed Heng Kung, an old corrupt official and starts a plan to eradicate poverty and corruption in order to tax more. 75% of the entire army is modernized, with every soldier out of the 75% having a musket and a cannon between ten people. The army in Kazakhstan is now fighting the major resistance left, and most people believes that the war will end quickly. Hears about the revolution in France and the whole court debates three days about should or should not China join. The result of the debate was the decision to allow China join on the side of nobleman's France and the shipyards in China start making warships. (I am not over attacking. The army in Kazakhstan will win next year, before I help nobleman's France, and my Chinese army in the coalition is just a form of mercenary.)
  • Somalia is Spanish, so be more specific than Somalia only.
  • No colony in Australia yet.
  • United Dominions of America: The UDA is reorganized as a loose Confederation, with six sub-Confederations being part of the UDA. These sub-Confederations are the Southern Confederation, the Northern Confederation, the New England Confederation, the Ohio Confederation, the Quebec Confederation, and the Canadian Confederation. Each sub-Confederation has states, and each state sends three delegates to their Sub-Confederation's Legislature, which makes wars for all states in that sub-Confederation, and then each sub-Confederation sends eight delegates to the National Legislature, which makes laws for the nation. The UDA asks Germany and Britain for troops to invade New Spain. The UDA mobilizes and places troops on red alert, and the UDA Army attacks the Canadian rebels, easily crushing their implausible rebellion and several thousand troops remain there to hold them down. The UDA still allows the Canadian sub-Confederation to send delegates to.

the National Legislature.


The new map of France

  • You might want to do something about the revolting moose and igloos (Canadians).
  • Defeated.
  • You can't just say they are defeated - not without an algorithm.

  • Papal States: The ship blessed by the Pope fails to land in Southern South America, but instead lands on a few islands near Southern South America (OTL Falklands). The Pope, now believing that the Nobles may prevail, pulls his Zouaves from Avignon, and considers taking back the noblemen's excommunications. A fire at a steel mill guts half of the factory, and kills a fourth of the workers. The Pope visits the Rome steel mill and mourns their loss. The local Papal government in Tuscany declares the Tuscan rebel group to be rebels and that all rebels shall be arrested and jailed. Questions on the cost versus the payment of industrialization begin to pop up in Rome.
  • Republic of Canada: Furious at the defeat of the rebellion, explorers are sent west to start a new nation. They should arrive by next year at OTL Calgary. A large portion of the population is told to pack up to move west. All federal-level developments have stopped. Vigilantes continue to fight the UDA soldiers. However, the government does not support them. (For the record I declared peaceful independence, not full-scale revolutionary war.)
  • Sweden: The army is enlarged.
  • Brazil: The parliament offered exile to the French Royal Family if they accept adding a clause to the Commonwealth terms that ends it if the Royal Family government is overthrown in France, definitely ending any colonialism over Brazil, but the government also requested the loyal members of the French army to be incorporated to the brazilian army. The Emperor, Charles I wrote a thanking letter to the Papal States for not settling in South America lands. The Dutch Guiana invasion continues, while more divisions of the army are mobilized, together with cannons. Rio urban reforms gave it the nickname of Little Paris over its elite citizens. Coffee and sugar plantations start returning the investments, while several nobles invest in industries in Rio, that now has over five industries and that keeps increasing. A new army organization is adopted, in the most modern European patrons, while with the tropical goods money a navy is started to be built, while we also offer to buy ships from the German Reich or Great Britain. The government proposed an Alliance with the German Reich and the Papal States.


  • Mod Event: The Ottoman Army is Defeated in Konya, beginning the withdrawal of Ottoman forces '

    Current map

    from  Anatolia.
  • The army of the Brazilians fails to Take Dutch Guiana and faces the taking over of the Northern Territories of the Brazilian kingdom at hands of the Dutch, after the Battle of Amazonas (Naval).
  • The German Reich falls into disarray as the peoples of the Several States of the Germans Revolt against the Royal Family, and for the several Years of weakening after the wars (War of Reunification, Dutch invasion, France aid.
  • In France, Human rights gain much more prominence, as the French States now unable to hold on themselves, are taken by the people, the Bastille in Paris is taken, by a furious group of Peoples of Paris, and the King and his family are Capture, the French Revolution has started.
  • Spain: Colonies expand and the Anatolian territories Now under Coalition control, the Fight continues despite the withdrawal as the Ottoman armies remain defending their lands, in a pointless campaign to reach Ankara and then Istanbul, a Colony in northern New Zealand is founded  as Nueva San Jose de Toledo, while another colony is set in Angola, King Charles III falls ill remaining at his palace in Madrid.
  • Republic of Canada: Sends a message to the Spanish Empire and New Spain regarding borders, we ask for everything North of what would be the OTL 49th parallel. Explorers and colonists arrive at OTL Calgary where a large settlement is set up where OTL Downtown would stand today. (According to the map, I look independent so I will act as if all of what-would-be OTL Canada is independent).
    • Morocco D: Since we're expanding and Brazil is going downhill, mind exporting some food to us?
  • Morocco: Invasion of the Ottomans continues, with Mecca almost ready to surrender, and more coastal landings in the Arabic peninsula, while other troops march south of Libya to take land there. 20% of the population now identifies themselves as Cabalist (counting occupied regions). The Prophet Meddur continues writing his book, calling it the "Almanac of the Soul" and he begins getting widespread attention, preaching unity and cooperation.
  • Denmark-Norway: Over ten thousand colonists arrive in Greenland at the new fishing port, and many of the local tribes are pushed out of the surrounding lands. Meanwhile, the newly constructed workshops in Copenhagen send the colonists essentials. Many Christians in the nation celebrate the defeat of the Ottomans in recent battles.
  • The Kingdom of Mexico continues to develop its infrastructure, while Parliament approves funding of a road connecting St. Louis to New Orleans. A separate road will connect New Orleans to Beaumont. The Mexican Navy begins constructing patrol boats for patrolling the rivers of the nation, including the Mississippi River and the Missouri River. The military develops defenses along the border with the UDA, while mining for gold and silver continues.
    • Papal D: The Pope, thankful for the Kingdom of Mexico's timber, upholds his side of the trade and sends a large shipment of currency to the Mexican Kingdom and again thanks the Kingdom of Mexico.
    • Mexican D: You are welcome and thank you for the currency shipment.
  • Papal States: The ships set sail from the islands they landed on and continue onwards, reaching the Southern bit of South America, establishing the first Papal Colony, Official called the Colonia Pontificiae Americae. The first reports from the colony have yet to arrive, but the Pope and all the bishops seem very anxious and excited from the expected news of riches and new land. Many Tuscan Rebels are arrested and imprisoned by Papal Soldiers in former Tuscany, but the Pope never acknowledges this group publically. Finally, the Pope, embolded by the success of the Papal Integration of  Tuscany into the Papal States, he requests that both Modea and Parma join the Kingdom of God, stressing the point that Gods people are strongest while united.
    • Papal D: The Pope, embolded by the success of the Papal Integration of Tuscany into the Papal States, he requests that both Duchies of Modea and Parma join the Kingdom of God, stressing the point that Gods people are strongest while united.
  • Sardinia: We withdraw our forces to OTL Greece and Albania plus we besiege Istanbul and march to the Hellespoint with fresh, disciplined troops with high morale and led by competent officers.

'I should have won this war. The 'algorithm was lacking. It should have morale, discipline, surprise, vigor (fresh or worn out), competence, and efficiency. Troops who are tired fight less well.

Should I do algorithm for this too?

If you want to make it as real as possible, then yes.

Do an algorithm for the Canadian rebellion which shouldn't include Quebec as part of Canada, that's still US loyal. Canada is facing the USA and Britain, too. So they're screwed.

Which comes to my question, would colonies with Commonwealth Status count as nations for the score? Brazil is the exception due to France being almost destroyed by the Civil War, but IDK about Britain. They are still in a pretty good position so IDK. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:33, March 9, 2013 (UTC)

I retire. Sometimes, politics is bad for your health. If possible, I inherit Sardinia and the whole army to the French Revolution or to whatever side Napoleon is on. Limeuan (talk) 00:12, March 10, 2013 (UTC)

Canada will keep Quebec because they got the deed of property first. Sine dei gloriem (talk). Also, Enclave, start the new turn or you do it, Daxus 02:35, March 10, 2013 (UTC)

China: A small fleet of ships set sail for Kenya and settles there, from OTL Sambava, now named New Guiling. Continues to trade with the Spanish and Moroccan part of the island. The Ottoman mercenaries begins a new plan of raiding Ottoman camps to weaken them, while the main army, finished the war in Kazakhstan will stike Ottoman by surprise. The zoo keeps buying animals and now has a rhino in it. Capitalism booms with the first textile factory built in Hangzhou. The entire army is modernized, with every soldier having a musket and a cannon between ten people. The war ends and although the Chinese army didn't gain any land, it can now settle and colonize Kazakhstan. Immediately, 10,000 government-sponsored settlers were sent to Kazakhstan. China continues making warships and is building a North Sea Navy, Eastern Sea Navy, Southern Sea navy and Expeditionary force. 

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